L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Quad: Plum Harmony

L’Oreal Openeyespro Quad: Plum Harmony

L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Quad Plum Harmony

This is the third “Open Eyes Pro quad” I have 😀 and I hereby want to clarify that it is not my love for L’Oreal or “openeyepro” quad, but my real love for eyeshadows (after lipsticks) that I have ended up getting three quads in Green, Blue Harmony, and this one in plum harmony. You may read reviews of those on IMBB and out of the three, I have been liking Blue Harmony the most, as it suits my skin tone.

Plum Harmony

The “Plum Harmony” for me is not a very favourable one honestly. The SA really did not give me much choice and the rest of the two which I wanted to get were “Smokey Brown” and “Beige Harmony,” which I will be getting next month :P, but since, I thought we always end up buying nudes and browns, we must have some pink and plums too for eyes, well not really pink, but plums yes.

Plum Harmony

Pink and white eyeshadows look like disaster on me seriously and this one too turned out a little too white and pink for me instead of being very plumy or deeper. The quad comes with four shades, a glittery and shiny one with duochrome glitter in pink for highlight under brows or inner corner, one whiter pink which I use for the one third lid, one pink and a deeper plum. According to the quad, you may use it like a transition from using a darker near the lid and going light towards the brows (there is a term for this technique which I forgot now :headbang: ), but I have never ever used shadows in my life as per instructions owing to my “hooded” eyes. Till date, I don’t know how to use it correctly, but I always use a lighter shade near the eyes, medium in the centre of the lid and the deeper in the crease and then line to follow the shape of the eye and the shadow.

Plum Harmony

The color glittery pink has pink glitter to it and can be very shiny and loose and may fly here and there. It feels quite soft though.  The second one in white pink is a nice one and quite pigmented and soft.  It is very metallic and shiny too, but has no glitter, it has a pearly finish and feels like a pearl color too.  The medium one is a disaster, it’s a soft pink with no glitter or metallic finish, but a pearl finish to it.  I was not impressed with the pigmentation.  It really does not look nice on me and does not show up well too.  So, this pink though is a pretty shade could have been better in texture.

Plum Harmony

The last one in plum is the only plum shade which I found nice and deeper for my skin tone.  I think based on this, the quad has been named plum. Apart form this, there is nothing plummy about it.  Based on the name, we cannot pick it up.  This shade is a plum brown one with little silver shimmer to it.  I quite like it and this is the best one to show up on Indian skin tones I feel.

Apart from the badly-named plum quad, the shades don’t show up well for me.  I would need a base for this and overall, I think will not look good on warmer skin tones, go for the blue one in case you are interested. The staying power too for this one is very average, say three hours and the shadows looked like some white mess on me.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

The mirror is helpful and very sparkling and the applicator is usable too with one side with a narrow tapering end and the other regular sponge tip applicator, but I prefer using fingers to apply.  I really love the sturdy casing in shiny black and transparent lid from L’Oreal and have been liking it always.

Last Word on L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Quad:  Plum Harmony

I don’t recommend this one in pink because it may not be so good for warm skin, not so pigmented pink (the white and the glitter ones are like the others in the range); overpriced and have nothing plummy about it.  Overall, very average! I am going to use the shades individually and not with each other to avoid the whitish mess on my eyes.  I have learnt it well that pinks and whites don’t show up well on me and I learnt it the hard way out since I already bought one more gray pink combination shadow, whose review is coming up in a couple of days. This one surely could have been better with the pink and plum pigmentation for the price of 700 rupees!

IMBB Rating:

3 on 5

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  1. its gorgeous Neha…. :love: :love: bt i will nt pay so much fr eyeshadow…… :nono:
    Thanks fr sharing!! :puchhi:

      1. arey Neha when u doing review of Dil waala lipsticks frm Avon… 😆 😆 i gt 2 of them!!! :happydance: :happydance:

  2. OMG! after reading the review on the blue one the other I thought of picking up this pink 1!!!! saved by this review! thankuuuu Neha!! :))

  3. I was eyeing this quad for the Plum shade actually but thnx for reviewing Neha..now i would skip this one..am eyeing few shades from inglot though :tongue:

  4. neha, suggest me a good eyeshadow, i am new to makeup, so suggest me a good one for beginners.. and i bought maybelline chestnut based on ur review 🙂 i love it

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