L’Oreal Paris 133 Rosewood Nonchalant Color Riche Lipstick Review

Skin tone: Medium light with cool pink undertones
Hello Ladies,
After ages, I am glad to share another lipstick review here today and it is a beautiful shade called ‘Rosewood Nonchalant’ from L’Oreal Color Riche range. Let’s see how this shade fared for me.
Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick 133 Rosewood Nonchalant

Price: Rs 899/- for 4.7 g

Shelf life: 24 months

Product Description:
L’Oreal presents a set of luxurious shades that have a rich moisturizing formula and a creamy texture. This lipstick that is enriched with Vitamin E protects your lips from drying while offering an even semi-glossy finish.

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris 133 Rosewood Nonchalant Color Riche Lipstick:

When I purchased this lipstick, after giving it a lot of thought, I wanted keep an open mind to how this performs. I expected it to be just simple and maybe a rustic color but after continuous usage of this lipstick, I went ahead and repurchased this lipstick which is highly unusual in my case. It made me realize how this simple color was flattering in every sense. Let us see why ‘133 Rosewood Nonchalant’ in particular impressed me.

Packaging: Speaking of packaging, an elegant golden tube that looks classy and elegant. It has a color-coded label sticker in the bottom of the tube saying ‘133 Rosewood Nonchalant’. It is a close match to the actual shade and this makes it easier to locate in the stash. There is nothing too jazzy about the lipstick tube. I usually like if the lipstick bullet has the name of the brand along with the symbol or either of it imprinted on it. Each time I apply the lipstick using the hand mirror and put it back in purse, that click noise gives me confidence. I am someone who adores good packaging but I would comprise on performance. This tube carries necessary information like ingredient list, shelf life and so on but you can always discard it as it might look odd on the golden tube.

Color: This part is my favorite and I can go on about it. It is a simple pinkish-red shade that looks flattering and can be worn casually with minimal makeup. This subtle daytime summer shade is versatile enough for everyday office or to formal occasions. You can always glam up with sheer or shimmery pink glosses to suit special occasion or to compliment party makeup.

While this shade is likely to flatter medium to fair skinned beauties in the most natural way, it is a lovely color that would suit a wide range of Indian skin tones as well. Some colors can be made to suit your needs and this is one such color. For the color to beautifully show up, you can always go with a lip liner although I never do. I am more than happy with just the way it looks on me naturally. As always I just use a lip balm underneath.

Texture and Finish: The lipstick is not exactly buttery-smooth like lip butter but it is one of the creamiest lipsticks. The beauty about this lip wear is, it kind of moisturizes and definitely does not dry out your lips; although I always a lip balm underneath. It is a light weighing color on the lips, in a comfortable shade that offers a semi-glossy finish. It can be comfortably worn every other day irrespective of the season or time of the day. How awesome is that. See why I am in love in this one and I am happy my next tube is on its way.

Pigmentation and Staying Power: The color pay off the lipstick is not intense, even if you go around building up the color. From my experience, the lipstick has a non-drying formula but the level of pigmentation is quite less. The lipstick lasts for a good 2 hours after which it slowly turns to a natural pink stain lasting up to 4 hours odd depending on what you eat/drink. Just sipping on water does not affect the color much.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris 133 Rosewood Nonchalant Color Riche Lipstick:

• Classy and rich packaging.
• Although a little pricey, it is total value for money
• Travel-friendly.
• Elegant shade with a semi-shiny finish apt for office or formal occasions.
• Can be worn to casual outings and can be layered pink gloss to suit special occasions.
• Non-drying formula.
• Does not bleed, heavily transfer or smudge.
• This shade would compliment a wide variety of skin tones.
• Staying power up to 4 hours.
• Easy reapplication.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris 133 Rosewood Nonchalant Color Riche Lipstick:

• For the price, some might expect a better staying power and pigmentation.
• Not exactly a photogenic shade that would come up with.
• Pricey.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend L’Oreal Paris 133 Rosewood Nonchalant Color Riche Lipstick?
Repurchase – The second tube is on its way, which is clear green signal to repurchasing.
Recommend – This is an affordable classic and elegant pink shade to all of you out there.
Verdict: Lipstick having a close to perfection formula in a comfortable happy shade.

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    1. Valid point Sakhi but you could always reach out for a lip liner for this shade to cover the pigmented portion.

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