L’Oreal Paris 210 Disco Ball Dazzle Infallible Mega Gloss Review

Skin-tone: Fair to medium
Hello girlies,
So L’Oreal is rocking with their new Infallible Mega Glosses which they launched during the Cannes Film Festival! I have already reviewed 2 variants from the creamy finish and today’s pick is a gloss called “Disco ball” from their “Dazzle” finish range. This seemed like a versatile colour to me, so grabbed it to try it. Scroll down to see how this super sparkly gloss worked for me.
loreal infallible gloss

Price: Rs 850 for 8 ml
Finish range: Dazzle
Product Description by L’Oreal Paris: Our No Compromise gloss is here. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shine colour pigments, leaving lips hydrated with a high level of shine. Enjoy a glossy look, without stickiness. The lip shaper applicator contours and hugs lips for a perfect glossy pout, all day.
infallible mega gloss

• Fill – Fill the applicator with the Mega Gloss Infallible Texture.
• Apply – Apply the lip gloss firstly onto the lower lip, from the centre to the corners. Repeat this on your upper lip, paying extra attention to your cupids bow. This way you will achieve a perfectly shaded effect, leaving the middle of your lips looking more intense and shinier in colour.
• Layer – For an even glossier effect, apply Infallible Lip Top Coat.
loreal infallible mega gloss

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris 210 Disco Ball Dazzle Infallible Mega Gloss:

Packaging: The Infallible Mega Gloss packaging looks very classy and luxurious. It totally “screams” L’Oreal as it looks really glamorous with those beautiful shades peeking through. The tubes of the lip glosses are transparent which lets us see the colour if we own a few of them. The glosses are handy hence can be easily carried around in clutch/handbag. The applicator has a tilt shape which ensures proper application giving my lips a proper shape. So no issues with the packaging!
loreal infalliable mega gloss dazzle disco ball

Shade: The shade “Disco ball” actually looks like a disco ball on the lips. This shade has beautiful gold shimmers added to the clear gloss. The shimmers don’t look chunky or cheap; in fact they add glamour to the make-up. The gold just looks beautiful on the lips but only if you have flawless skin. If you have some major imperfections like big pimples and acne then this shade might look a bit of a turn-off. It will suit fair and medium skinned beauties and it will complement the very fair skin the most. This shade can be a perfect one for festive season, wedding, evening parties and so on. But I personally did not like this shade a lot on me because my skin has tanned badly recently. The shimmers altogether give a metallic sheen which might look a bit over the top, so smudge the shade properly on the lips.

Consistency and finish: The consistency is thick yet buttery and creamy. It stays true to its claims. A thick layer gets applied to my lips smoothly revealing the beautiful finish and the colour. It is a bit thick so you need to keep your hair away from it. And I did not find these glosses with cream finish this thick, but this is more of a thick gel so it got really uncomfortable for a while. The creamy texture makes my lips appear fuller and thicker. But the thickness does not heal my chapped lips completely although it does give a lot of hydration till the time it stays. It might settle a bit in fine lines.

Staying power: The gloss stays for a really average time probably just 2-3 hours. I had expected it to stay longer since the price is higher than the glosses of other brands. But after a meal, it gets ripped off partially displaying the chapped portions of my lips. So a little disappointing when it comes to the staying power, but then at end of the day they are just glosses.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris 210 Disco Ball Dazzle Infallible Mega Gloss:

• Attractive and handy packaging.
• Different finishes available.
• Wide shade range, with and without shimmer.
• Applicator is very convenient to use.
• Beautiful gold shimmery shade with which looks very glam.
• A great shade for weddings, festive season and evening parties.
• The shimmers don’t look cheap at all.
• My lips look fuller and plump.
• Has a nice fragrance.
• Super glossy.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris 210 Disco Ball Dazzle Infallible Mega Gloss:

• Expensive.
• Average staying power of 2-3 hours.
• Comes off after a meal.
• Very sticky and heavy.
• Might not suit all the complexions.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend L’Oreal Paris 210 Disco Ball Dazzle Infallible Mega Gloss?
I liked the cream variants more than this. If you like shimmery shades, then give it a try at the counter.

Conclusion: Good quality glosses, stunning finish but over-priced!

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