L’Oreal Paris 6 Oils Nourish Oil Review

L’Oreal Paris 6 Oils Nourish Oil

Hi Gals, Today’s pick is recently launched nourishing hair oil from L’Oreal.

L’Oreal claims the 6 oil nourish is extraordinary oil that has been scientifically created to give your hair the nourishment it truly deserves with three traditional oils and three exotic oils providing 6 specific benefits. It has no heavy feel or greasy look. Almond oil makes your hair thick, coconut oil makes your hair manageable, Argan oil gives your hair strength, Jojoba oil gives shiny hair, Olive oil makes your hair soft and Camelina oil smoothens your hair.


Price & Quantity: Rs 199 for 100 ml

My experience with L’Oreal Paris 6 Oils Nourish Oil

I was looking for nourishing oil for my hair, as massaging with plain oil olive oil seems boring now. And when I saw this new launch from L’Oreal I had no choice but to get it. Now, if you ask me about how this oil has fared for my hair, I have a mixed feeling. The golden bottle and the golden color oil in it seems super luxurious, the fragrance is amazing, the touch, the feel of L’Oreal 6 oils nourish oil is to die for. It’s super light weight and gets absorbed easily in the scalp. You don’t have to worry about leaving oily spots on pillow in case you feel like leaving it over night before washing. It seems it has soaked up all the dryness from the ends of my hair too. This oil can also be used as after wash serum, which we generally use to tame our unruly hair. Now, this is an interesting use of L’Oreal nourish oil. I have used it as heat protectant also before ironing my hair. But the amount of oil to be used is very tricky. Little extra makes my hair limpy and too much shiny. On the flip side, when I use this oil to massage before wash, the quantity required is too much. Little oil just does not satisfy my dry hair and scalp. I have to use lots of it. Now, let’s talk about after effects. I am not super excited by the results. The results are similar to what you would get after massaging your hair with any other nourishing oil. Long term regular use might bring some temporary changes in the quality of your hair, but I have my own doubts. So, I am just going to finish this bottle n then move back to my regular oil.


Yays for L’Oreal Paris 6 Oils Nourish Oil

• Has made my hair soft and tangle free
• After wash my hair seems to be more manageable
• Frizz in the hair is controlled
• Very light weight texture
• Incredibly amazing ingredients
• Can be used as a serum after wash also
• Lovely golden packaging
• Looks and feel luxurious
• Can be used as heat protectant also before ironing my hair
• Has a very refreshing floral kind of fragrance
• Can be used on all hair types



Nays for L’Oreal Paris 6 Oils Nourish Oil

• a little oily to be used as after wash serum
• glass bottle is not easy to handle
• a lot of oil is required in every application
• fragrance fades away soon
• dispensing of oil is not effortless
• will show effects in long run

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

I think I will switch back to my old olive oil after I finish this bottle, but if you gals love to try new products then you must give it a try once.

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10 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris 6 Oils Nourish Oil Review

  1. thank god its gud enough…i had purchased dis too…but will try the l’oreal professional hair spa oil after this 🙂 nice review 🙂

  2. woooowwwi was waiting to try this out *happy dance* *happy dance* glad its good *happy dance* *happy dance* *happydance* getting it soon *happydance* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  3. oh!! my kerastase serum was getting over and I thought i could replace that with this. :(( thanks for the heads up shilpi. I guess I’d skip this one. 🙂

  4. I wanted to buy it since long…but always forgot to..
    But I dont think its something that will serve my needs

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