L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark Review

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I seem to be reviewing quite a few brow products of late. It’s like I am obsessed with my brows. Earlier, I couldn’t walk out of the house without a liner, then it became a lipstick obsession, and currently I’m stuck on my brows. I refuse to go out unless my brows are in place 😛 and considering that my natural brows are really crappy – unevenly placed and with sparse hair – it takes a bit of effort. So, let us discuss this drugstore option that I had picked up fairly long ago.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

Product Description:
Our first all-in-one genius kit to create any brow look. Define your brows, express yourself. Match your brows with your mood with Brow Artist Genius Kit in Medium/Dark. Achieve anything from natural to the boldest look. Build the brows you want in 3 easy steps: Shape, Set & Style.
The angled spooley brush allows a flawless powder application whilst grooming the brow into shape. The pigmented wax allows hold for up to 12HR* and the powder used allows you to build layer upon layer.
HKD 160/about INR 1280

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark shade name

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark:

This was my first-ever brow kit. In the past, I have used brow powder, brow pomade and a variety of eyebrow pencils with their various shapes and sizes, but never had I ever tried a brow kit. I happened to see this in Sasa (I think) in Hong Kong and bought it on a whim and have been using it off and on for close to a year.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

Quick update on my brows – I have dark brown hair with naturally sparse hair growth and lots of gap in between. And to add to this – my brows are naturally imbalanced. You can imagine the verbal torture that salon-aunty subjects me to every time I go for threading! What I need from my brow product is to match my hair colour because I don’t just need to fill in, I also need for it to mimic individual hair that I need to draw to look like brow hair. I do not like “solid-block” Insta type of brows. Also, towards the tapering end, I need some help with keeping the longer hair in place to maintain the shape.

Packaging: The brow kit comes in two variants. I picked “01” which is “Medium to Dark” and should suit most people in India, considering their hair color. Packaging is quite good and effective. L’Oreal generally does decent packaging and their products do not look cheap. The product comes in a good quality, hard plastic case. The top is silver, to give the impression of a metal compact. Once you open it, you see a full size (full size of the compact), good-quality mirror on one side. I have used the mirror in case of eyebrow emergency and find it big enough to be useful. The other side consists of the brow products, wax on the left side and powder on the right. The compact comes with an applicator which consists of a small, angled brush on one side and a spoolie on the other.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark outer packaging

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark packaging

Shade: The product shade is perfect for people with medium to dark hair colour. At first glance, the product may not seem dark enough for someone with really dark brown or black hair, but it works because the powder turns a shade darker applied over wax. It mimics the hair colour very well and does not seem fake.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark

Application: I use the spoolie to shape the brow hair in one direction. Once done, I apply the wax with the angled brush ensuring that I do not over apply at any one place because that can lead to product build up. If over done, it is fairly easy to clean up with the spoolie which helps in spreading the product properly. Once done, I go over the brows with the powder taken onto the angled brow brush. Application can be toned down for a natural look or built up for a sharp, defined “Insta type” brow look; both options are workable.

One can use the product – wax or powder on its own. However, I feel that they work better together – both in terms of the shade match, which is created once the two products overlap and also from the perspective of longevity. On their own, individual product gives too natural a look, which does not stay over a couple of hours, especially the powder. Used together – they stay locked in entire day.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit full

Applicator: I generally do not use applicators that come with makeup products, but with this thrown into my travel bag, I did use it and the applicator which comes with it, quite often. And honestly, I found it fairly adequate. It does serve the purpose. Yes, one can use an actual brow brush with the product and it may prove to be easier, especially in comparison to the tiny size of the applicator. However, I am fairly okay just dropping the kit in my bag and using it as is.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark applicator

Point to remember – Do ensure you keep the applicator clean. Wipe excess product on a tissue once you are through with application. Product build up on it will stiffen with time and the next time you use it, you will not get clean application. More importantly, from hygiene perspective too – keep the applicator clean, wash it at least once a week.

Texture: Both products – the wax and the brow powder are easy to work with. They are easy to pick up (as easy as a solid wax can be) and lay down. The wax does keep the straying hair in place.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark swatches

Pigmentation: Both the wax and the powder are pigmented. The powder turns a shade or two darker when used over the wax.

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius brow kit

Lasting Power: Full day, I rarely need to touch up – unless I have been sweating a lot and wiping at my forehead with a napkin. Humidity at my place is killing right now!

Loreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark makeup

To sum this product up for you:

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark:

  • Neatly packaged kit.
  • Good color match.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low learning curve.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Good wear time.
  • Wax is effective in keeping straying hair in place.
  • Will suit Indian skin tones well.
  • Good quality applicator.
  • Good quality packaging.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark:

  • Nothing at all.

IMBB Rating:
A 4.75/5 product.
Would I Recommend L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Medium to Dark?
I think it’s a pretty good product. For someone who needs to control their brow hair but also needs to fill them in – this is a better bet than buying a brow powder or a brow pencil. The packaging is excellent – over a year of usage and it’s still holding its own, maybe a handful of light scratches on the top dues to it being thrown around in the bag. Good colour match. It is an excellent drugstore option.

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