Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Gloss-Really Rose

Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Gloss-Really Rose

Extreme Shine.
Supreme Creaminess.
Ultra-hydrating Argan Oil & Omega 3.

Discover our richest shine indulgence for your lips. New Colour Riche® Le Gloss is infused with ultra-hydrating Omega 3, protective Vitamin E, and Argan Oil for our richest shine experience yet. Wear alone or over your favorite shade of Colour Riche® Lipcolour to customize your look.

Available in 16 sensual shades from our deepest plum to crystal clear.


Rs.550 / 12ml

Loreal Color Riche LeGloss Really Rose

Truly excited to review something that is so new on the block…I think it is time for gloss lovers to rejoice and ofcourse we lippy lovers have just been happy enough with Maybelline 14 hr super stay around..totally loving these new releases from Loreal and maybelline.My mascara is over 6 months not though I am trying to get myself the falsies one 😛 anyways..

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose (7)

These glosses are very pretty, they have a girlie appeal to them and I think will do very weel among college girls. The tube is very long and unlike you would have seen say from Maybelline Fruity jelly tubes etc. These are pretty and the colors are five as far as I know and saw them..You can check them here ..

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose (6)

I picked up three actually this one seemed to be the best, almost a MLBB gloss, and the creamy feel to it and shimmer-free feel made me pick this one up the fastest.


Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose (8)

The color is a very pretty rosy nude, its not really pink you know but it is more like a soft peachy brown. The shade does not have any shimmer to it its pure pretty cream.

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose (3)


The applicator is a simple one, nothing fancy, though some may miss the wand applicator.

The gloss does not have much of a sticky feel to it, this is less sticky than most glosses you would have used. The gloss does not leave behind that oily residue or bleed very soon, well eventually all glosses do but on lips alone, it stays out well and bleeds very little.

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose (10)

On matte lipstick  it stays very long without meals,this is the way I like to wear it, on lipsicks this is a great choice for adding that gloss to your lips without adding much color on the lipstick. Without a lipstick under, this comes out like a nude gloss for me, I have light pink lips remember,  it would look darker on pigmented lips. 🙂

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose (9)

Coming to the pigmentation, I was expecting more, I wanted the color to be true as it is in the tube, but I guess once you spread any gloss, they do loose that concentrated color to them. It becomes half the color of what it is in the tube. 🙁 The color is so pretty i wish it would look the same on the lips too.

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose swatches


See how the color looses some pigmentation when spread..


Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose swatch 1

Now some factors that are really conspicuous about this gloss and I noticed them immediately are:

  • The mild vanilla smell
  • They tingle and make my lips plumper, very soon…very effectively(it does not mention this any where though:P)
  • The gloss is very very sweet 😀 Dont quote me but you know what to wear for Valentine’s now 🙂
  • The lasting power is way better than most glosses.(3 hrs on me without  meals)
  • The color is to die for!
  • The gloss is less sticky than most glosses you would have used.
  • The gloss is very moisturizing for me, on lipsticks or alone.

worn alone:

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose alone on lips


On top of Maybelline 14 hr super stay Always plum.

Loreal Color Riche Le Glosss really Rose  on lipstick

Last word:

If it has an appeal for me being a lippy lover, then I can only imagine how much gloss lovers will love this. Now let me tell you this is nothing you wouldn’t have used before so don’t expect any magic, but the color is more of a “pick me up” than the gloss.Gloss lovers, try it!:)

IMBB Rating:



I dont know why this reminds me of Colorbar lip pot in Born with it!

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47 thoughts on “Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Gloss-Really Rose

  1. Looks like a good everyday, on the go color….. but omg neha, can you like give me your lips….. nothing ever looks bad on you!!!! 😀 😀

  2. Hi neha…. do a tutorial on how to apply lip products perfectly like you…. It never comes this perfect for me:( Gorgeous LOTD as always!!

      1. haanji! as soon as i find it online 😉 which will be followed by a shower of “why-do-u-buy-so-many-cosmetics” by mummy darling 😉 😛

  3. awesome 😀 i need this 🙂 though i am not a gloss person 😛 😀 super awesome lip swatch 🙂 please neha tutorial 🙂 🙂 and please review the maybelline lipishticks 😉

  4. every time i look at your lip swatches i drool! (in a good way ;))

    love the colour and ofcourse your review. you singlehandedly deserve the credit of turning me into a lippie person 🙂

  5. neha as you mentioned that these might not be super pigmented but ii looooved how gorgeous it looks on your lips on its own. I loved richa’s comment.it’s like ‘ neha reporting this lipstick today’ hihih and i guess all of us would so agree on this. love your lipstick reportings. 😀

  6. I have got two other shades from this range.But looking at your lips wearing this I am going to get this one too.Lovely shade on amazing lips 🙂 🙂

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