L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque Review

L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque

Hey Beautiful ones,

No one would have missed pretty Sonam Kapoor advertising this new range of products from L’Oreal. Even though this product was launched a year back they are back again with its re-run. Read on to know whether this masque is effective enough to fight against hair fall.


Product Description:

The L’oreal Paris new fall repair 3x anti hair fall masque forms a protective layer over the hair. This has three times the strength of normal hair protection masques and makes the hair strong, thick and lustrous. It also has the benefits of three products as it packs the power of protecting the hair from split ends, making them shine and leaves them bouncy and radiant.

Features and Benefits:

• It protects the hair from dust and pollution.
• It prevents hair loss.
• It prevents split end in the hair.
• It provides a glossy sheen to the hair.

Directions for use:

After shampoo, squeeze out excess moisture and apply generously on lengths. Leave for 1 minute and rinse.


Price and Quantity: Rs. 340/- for 200g

My experience with L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque:

L’oreal shampoos have never disappointed me. I loved using their elvive smooth intense anti-frizz shampoo. Now, this product comes in a black tub like packaging with an attractive pink lid. The mouth of the tub is wide enough to dip your fingers to get most of the product out. The masque has a strong fragrance but is pleasing to my nose; might be extra strong to some. The texture of the masque is smooth and creamy. Everything is fine but their tall claim that it gives 3 times protection to hair is what I could not digest. Well, I have thick, wavy hair; kind of beach waves. My hair is fine at the top but goes a bit dry towards the ends. Since I suffered hair loss only after my delivery and moreover my hair is kind of dry I wanted to try this masque.


Another reason was it promised to be a 1 minute treatment masque which would be ideal for a busy mom like me. It imparts shine to the hair which sadly lasts just the day I have washed my hair and also I guess it falsely claims about hair loss. Naturally my hair tangles with each other since it is wavy which in turn lead to hair loss while washing my hair. This masque was effective in ruling out the tangles in my hair so yeah no hair loss in that sense but what about the hair we lose after we normally shampoo and conditioner our hair. There is definite hair loss. A conditioner like masque has to be applied along the lengths of the hair; so how come it can control the hair loss from the scalp. This is such a fake promise. I just use this masque maybe every fortnightly just to empty the product and nothing more than that. I have used conditioner but this is my first time using a masque which has given me a nightmare.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque:

• 1 minute is enough for the treatment.
• Rules out tangles in wavy hair.
• Gives a glossy look which lasts one day but doesn’t control frizz.


Cons of L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque:

• Does not help in hair loss.
• Fragrance might give headache to sensitive noses.
• Does not help with split ends.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Will I Recommend L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque?

It wouldn’t be smart if you invest in this. It has hugely disappointed me with its tall claims. Guess this masque only works if used with this same line of shampoo. But a masque which claims to prevent hair loss is what makes me to complain.

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18 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris New Fall Repair 3X 1 Minute Treatment Masque Review

  1. sighs…summers take such a toll on my hair ans skin – skin is tanned , and hair is fried up by the sun…I`ll try the absolut repair one…

    1. Yeah Arja…. trying out different products to see which suits us also takes a toll on our hair.
      L’oreal absolute repair line of products??? Maybe i need to rethink about investing again in L’oreal Arja *specs* *haan ji* *puchhi*

  2. me too suffering from hairloss post delivery… i really dont have anytime for applying hairmask or to visit a salon *jogging* ….. This masque is such a dud *hunterwali* …. *thankyou* for the review

    1. Yeah True Sharon… everywhere i see only hair around me after i comb my hair. And getting time for oneself itself one big thing.
      So sweet of you *whistle*

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