LOreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Lip Gloss Photos and Swatches

As promised , here are the new shades from the L’oreal Paris Glam shine 6H Lip glosses. They are super shimmery and high shine lip glosses.

Price : Rs 750 Loreal 6 HR Glam Shine lip glosses

They have the same heart shaped wand as the Lancome L’Absolu Creme De Brillance . May be because both Lancome are L’oreal are a part of L’oreal group.

Loreal 6H Glam Shine Lip Gloss

Keep The Sweet (112): It is a baby pink colour with multi-colour shimmer to it.

Keep the Sweet

Perpetual Paraline (308) : It’s a caramel brown colour with multi colour shimmer.

rati beauty ad

Perpetual paraline

Perennial Rose ( 113) – It’s a rose colour gloss with mauvish undertone. Has multi-color shimmer.

Perennial rose

Immortal Pearl (004) It’ a clear gloss with purple shimmer to it.

Immortal Pearl

Irresistible Grapes ( 209): Wine colour with purple shimmer.

Irresitible Grapes

Infinite Desert (307): Soft brown gloss with multi colour shimmer.

Infinite desert

Tempting Pink (114) : It’s a peachy pink gloss with multi colour shimmer to it.

Tempting Pink

And here are the swatches of all 6 LOreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Lip Glosses:

Loreal 6 Hr Glam Shine Swatches

Which L’oreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Lip Gloss would you pick ? 🙂

For reference, Loreal 6H Glam Shine Lip glosses ar available at the Common Wealth Stores, M-18 GK-1 New Delhi. Ph : 011- 29236049

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58 thoughts on “LOreal Paris Glam Shine 6H Lip Gloss Photos and Swatches

      1. i like its color..but gotta say it is too sticky for ,my taste…but that is what makes it that long lasting…but after a while using..mine has glitter particles and the glossiness fades and makes it kinda matte….. :no: :no: i dont like dat..but i am so in love with the color that nothing else matters to me!
        .-= fathima´s last blog ..July Giveaways I Know bout =-.

    1. These kind of wands are excellent. They just fit in so well according to the shape of your lips. 🙂

      How was the “Trip to a Mall”? 😛

  1. Lancome smells so goooooooooooooooood….everything has this faint smell of something good. Loved it and I did get a teeny meeny genefique ritual kind..and the guy did my makeup for me..I had fun 😀

    1. oh wow!! That smell is of white french rose (I remember vaguely) , the same symbol that is embedded on every single Lancome product. 🙂

      Didn’t click piccys?this tells me that I have never seen you. Damn!!

      You must mail me your picture. Suddenly I feel like I talk to the pink avatar every day. :X-P:

  2. Hehehehe…yaaa..i should put a pic up some time…some day when I look at least half decent. You know I was preening so much in the mirror after that guy did the makeup…I should get a mirror like that installed at home 😛 I was looking supergorgeous according to me!!!! Hehehheee..so anyways…was floating and asked hubby to click a pic for me. Gosh..the pic was soooo horrible..was quite a crash to earth for me! The lighting and the foundation clashed into a horrrrrrible photo 🙁

    1. Btw if you think that they have perfect mirrors than I guess it’s high time you visit the official ahem ahem boutiques. You’ll go crazy and would want to buy those even if they cost you a bomb. they have these lights that show your makeup according to the time/ occasion of the day.

      Btw I think if we ask “hubbies” to take our pictures, we would look like women from a different planet. 😛 Never make this mistake. :rotfl:

      A little opinion is to edit that picture according to your standards and then you can preen again. Geeeee!!

      1. Oh I love the ahemm mirror..its there in the outlet. Its supergood na..we both tho will like even the garbage bin there 😛 I immediately deleted that photo Rati..it was so horrible..I was looking like I have been made up to play the role of Shiva in one of these TV serials..it was awful. I wanted to go wash my face…that bad…but I checked in the mirror and it was just fine..goodness knows what these hubbies do!!!!!!!!!! Probably it was a reflection from my t-shirt it was a purplish one..still 😮 And the poor guy had done lovely makeup actually, I didnt to wash off once I got home!!

  3. And my stupid camera cellphone just stopped working while at the counter…can you believe that!!!!! I need to get a sleek regular camera for my pic clickings…our trusty old Nikon would feel bad 🙁

        1. Btw i forgot to mention this. I went to the market wearing two different earrings . 🙁 thankfully both were black and both were round. 😛

          Not that I am embarrassed about it because I use to wear different earrings quite a number of time during my college days. My only guilt is that i wanted to do that intentionally and enjoy it. :rotfl:

          1. Hehehhehee…your reasoning is just wowww 😛

            You must have the quirkiest one in college, but really, the kind of things we did in college to seem different and cool!!!

            1. I know. I once even purchased a pair of earring just because both the earrings in a pair were different. he he…

              It kind of feels crazy now. 🙂

  4. Wow……lovely!! I would pick all the pinks & peaches. I already have abt 8 of these glosses in different shades, and recently received the plumping 6H ones from abroad. Thanks Rati, for this review, and I am heading out on Monday to look for these & get them.

    1. Oh wow!! Let mw know which ones do you pick. 🙂 These looked really nice especially for those glam evenings. 🙂

      How long do they stay? It’s claims a 6 hr stay….

      1. I’ll surely let you know what I get, Rati. They stay on at least 4 hrs, maximum 4 and a half hrs, but the colour fades out and they look much lighter than when they are just applied. You know me by now, I have all the sparkly ones, my fav one is Purple Obsession, which is nothing purple, but more berry, with LOADS of shimmer. And I luuuv the ones I got sent from abroad, they are the plumping ones in 6H.

  5. Irresistable grapes looks so good 🙂
    But for a gloss its a little too steep 😛
    I’ll pick 2 maybelline lip colors instead of this anyday :silly:

    Just saw your message on my blog .. yeah its been long .. Busy with stupid things and it reminds me I wont be blogging for sometime 🙁
    Btw I’m doing Law from IP university:D
    Pretty happy now .. atleast I’m off from Physics and chem for the rest of my life :chic:
    .-= Palak´s last blog ..Make up in monsoons =-.

    1. oh wow! Congratulations Palak. Good to know that you have started up with your graduation. 🙂

      Did you see the new color sensational lipsticks? Girl!! you must pick a few of them.

      Yeah, Loreal prices are steep. Again a confusing range category- neither drugstore nor high end.

      Enjoy your college. These are going to be the most cherished days of your life.

      Good Luck! :-*

    1. get it soon or i’m gonna go crazy reading the same line again and again :silly:
      i got my mahogany from the colorsensational range today. he he he. imzohappie!! :dance:
      i would never pay 75o for a maybelline gloss, NO WAY!
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

          1. :laugh: You see somebody bought a Maybelline Color Sensational- My Mahogany today and is not able to get over with it. The world is moving around Maybelline only. :X-P:

  6. tempting colors rati ….
    i m sucker for pinks aahhh but the price is quite or say very high for a loreal gloss …

  7. Would you believe that I don’t have a single loreal product? 😛

    Mainly because of the price. Their pricing just doesn’t sink in me. i’d rather buy MAC glosses instead.

    1. i agree with u sweetheart … u are right i wanted to write this but thought it would not be appreciated
      but yeah me too with u on this …. :highfive:

  8. I would cough up 750 rupees these lovelies….if I was asked to pick, I would pick up Perennial rose and irrestible grapes without even blinking…….BTW, Ricinus Rads, you are back and so am I, and I have sharpened my claws today…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf:

  9. hi,

    i too have one of these…but bought these 1 year ago…the shades now are new ones i guess

    i have purple obsession which is closer to perennial rose…wonder why?
    the staying power is too good…may be 4 hrs…even if u eat and drink….

    i liked it…its all shiny shiny and very good for a night party look….

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