L’Oreal Paris Hydra Perfect Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent

Loreal Paris Hydra Perfecte Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent

Hello my beautiful friends..

How are you all doing today? I had been slightly busy and off from IMBB for a while as my baby was not feeling well since 2-3 days fearing mild attack of pneumonia but thankfully her Doctor says she will recover within 2-3 weeks! While she is resting under the influence of her medications I took a break from my crazy schedule as we can only wait for bad times to pass over soon though, still a long way to go before I take a sigh of relief.

Anyways, let me get back to my latest obsession in makeup which is currently tending towards loose powders. Off late I discovered significance of loose powders for oily skin and since then I am beginning love loose powders over pressed powders somehow. I already own another loose powder cum foundation from Smashbox and; after my good experience with the former I decided to try a decent setting powder which sweeps away excess oil and dullness off my face without leaving any cast or made up feel. And I found that this Loreal Hydra Perfecte satisfies my skin concerns quite well though I don’t feel it is one of best loose powders for oily skin beauties in the market. So, please read on further to know more About Loreal Hydra perfecte Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent..




Price: $8-$12 for 0.5 Oz (14.1 g), price may vary store to store

Product Description: Hydra Perfecte Powder is a light-diffusing loose powder that minimizes pores and enhances skin’s texture. It’s formulated with special moisturizers that nourish and protect your skin.

Packaging: This off white light weight loose powder comes in jar packaging with sieve cap and safety cap along with fluffy sponge applicator. It does have a mild smell which is not overpowering and I like it. It seems user friendly and travel friendly.

Hydra Perfecte powder is available in 4 universal shades: Deep, Light, medium and translucent. Considering my Asian fair skin tone requirements I opted for translucent shade which is best match for my skin tone.



My Experience with Loreal Hydra Perfecte Translucent Loose Powder:

This hydra perfecte powder can be easily blended with sponge applicator and/or powder brush. I often use its sponge applicator for slight sheer and even tone coverage while Sephora mineral powder brush helps me with regular touch ups. Its sponge applicator is not very soft but I dab it gently on skin and it does not bother me that way though it might feel rough upon sweeping on sensitive skin. Moreover, it effectively sweeps away shine off my face without drying or exaggerating my oily skin issues. It does not leave any chalky or ashy cast on my face and I can observe visibly bright and matte skin for good 2-3 hours on my bare skin without using primer and foundation which could have been better though. Whereas when topped over primer and/or foundation it gives me shine free, luminous skin for good 5+ hours.


I am also impressed to notice that it gives me naturally healthy, soft and bright skin texture without leaving any cast over my face. I can feel that it is way mild and gentle on my oily/acne prone skin as I use it more often on my bare skin these days to get rid of shine and oil though I need frequent touch ups but it never dried my skin nor accentuated my open pores. In fact it tones my open pores and makes them appear smaller up to a good extent apart from controlling excess oil.
I believe it might be great for slight dry to combination skin though it works great on my oily, acne prone skin as well except the fact that its staying power on bare skin could have been better.

Over all I feel it works great as setting powder over make up on any type of skin as it seamlessly blends onto skin leaving it bright and oil free for few hours plus it is talc-free which makes it a keeper.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Hydra Perfecte Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent

 A talc free light weight loose powder which effectively sweeps away excess shine and dullness off face
 It does not rip moisture off skin nor accentuate any dry skin issues
 It works well on oily, acne prone skin without irritating sensitive skin
 When lightly brushed on skin it effectively blends over foundation or primer as setting powder and stays put for good 5+ hours
 It never accentuated my acne prone skin nor dried my sensitive skin at the same time
 It works great as setting powder as it does not leave any ashy or chalky cast on face
 This particular shade translucent can be used on any skin tone or any skin type as it gives “barely there” feel yet effectively controls shine and dullness
 It enhances natural skin tone while imparting healthy glow and even skin tone as it tones open pores up to good extent
 Affordable and travel friendly packaging


Cons of L’Oreal Paris Hydra Perfecte Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent

• When used on bare skin followed by moisturizer it hardly controls oil for 2-3 hours and might need frequent touch ups
• Oily skin beauties might feel slight oily T zone after 6-8 hours of using it over their face make up however staying power also depends on type of primer and foundation used on the skin
• Its sponge applicator might feel rough
• Its sieve packaging seems messy while application

Over all I don’t have any major issues with this loose powder apart from these minor cons which can be easily ignored except its staying power on oily skin. However considering its price I feel it works great as setting powder. It definitely does what it claims to do up to a good extent. I would definitely like to get it again & again for its soft, luminous and barely there feel. I would give it 4/5 for overall performance including its packaging, universal utility as well!

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41 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Hydra Perfect Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent

    1. *thankyou* gowthami,, yes it is indeed promising for every skin type preferably slight dry to slight oily skin type I feel.. *haan ji*

  1. aww i hope your little girl is okay, you got her pneumonia vaccine?
    pneumonia is my jaani dushman, had a fatal attack when I delivered *scared* *scared* *scared*

          1. You should watch Jani Dushman , you will get to see snake dancing rofl and many more physics defying scenes 😛 😛

    1. omg.. u also suffered pneumonia.. *scared* hope all is fine nw.. *puchhi*
      Are yaar her dr didnt prescribed any vaccine for her.. *nababana* he is just giving her Azithromycin since 2-3 days need to continue 3 more days n then fever reducer acetaminophen n ibuprofen.. poor soul need to gulp all these daily n I feel helpless.. *cry*
      I ws stunned when she was diagnosed wid walking pneumonia.. *cry* though they say its mild bt still its bothering me badly.. *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

  2. I have one from Lakme .. want to try higher end ones 😛
    Wishing your little one a speedy recovery *puchhi* Missing her photus

    1. hw is lakme one sowmya? I nvr tried lakme loose powder though i love its 9 to 5 compact, used it for few years before i actually discovered wts diff between these compacts n pressed n all.. 😛
      *thankyou* sowmya.. oh yeah we need wishes n blessings for her speedy recovery still 2 weeks to go before she gets back track.. *cry*

  3. i pray for the cutie pie to get well soon and recover fashtest fasht! ameen…
    the product looks decent and promising but somehow i feel loose powders difficult to apply as compared to pressed powders

    1. yeah actually even i thought initially same sumera.. *hifive* bt imbb anyways plays its magic wand n i finally started lovin them.. *haan ji* try it wid ur fav powder brush or simple applicator sumera am sure u will love it more than presed thereafter especially if u r blessed wid oily, combination skin.. *preen*
      n *thankyou* for ur wishes, hope so aadya recovers fastest fast i really wanna get rid of those heavy medications n anxiety.. *cry*

      1. Just have faith Neetu she will be fine soon, i shall pray and recite the protection verse for her after my prayer 🙂 she is close to my heart don’t know why, but fact is….she is!! May ALLAH bless her Ameen

        1. if you got a little spare time, google about Pneumonia, you shall be relieved as it’s not an uncommon thing now-a-days and i can feel what you must be feeling….nothing cheers you up when your Asset of Life is in suffering!

          1. yeah her pedo gave me hand outs including brief info of this diseases bt somehw I cant stay calm unless she shows sum sign of improvements.. *cry*
            dats really true we cannot feel joy in life wen our heart is in pain, she is my only asset of life n i just cant afford to see her in pain..
            heartly thanx for ur wishes n good thoughts sumera.. I can see u will make a great mother for ur kids.. stay blessed!!

  4. Ohhh dear… May ur kiddo recover soon… I realise its a very bad phase when a child falls ill… But keep faith in God… Everything will be fine soon…. Lovely review dear….

  5. So sorry to hear that your kiddo is unwell. I hope little Aadya recovers soon *puchhi*
    And great review, Neetu. I love loose powders for my oily skin. This one looks good! 🙂

    1. *hifive* yeah am also loving them slowly slolwly.. *thankyou* dear.. hope so she recovers soon n we all get to see her smiling face once again!!

  6. Oh it’s such a great product for oily skin *drool* *drool* but y not long lasting?? I would love to give this a try wen its available in India *haan ji* nice review *puchhi*

    1. Its good for oily skin wen used over make up kadambari *haan ji* though i believe oily skin gals hv other loose powders in mkt bt (still its nt that bad on our oily skin) u knw wt i mean.. *woot* on my oily skin it lasts 2-3 hours over bare skin while over primer foundation it gives me good 6-8 hrs of shine free soft matte skin which is satisfactory bt not great… *haan ji*

  7. I wish her a speedy recovery…azithromycin is antibiotic as far as I know…doctors in india give them for cold n fever too..she will become normal by the end of this week dont worry neetu…even I am in search of a setting powder just for a change

    1. oh yes she is on antibiotic medications for may be to deal wid cough congestion n infections in her bronchitis.. *cry* bt I feel she is too small n tender to go thru painful appointment sessions n then tests knw.. *cry*

        1. Dont worry neetu…she will get back to her normal state and will start playing with your makeup stuff…I can understand your pain..be strong and take care of her. *puchhi* to lil kiddo from my side..I will pray God for her speedy recovery

  8. Ohhhhh I am so sorry for aadya. Will surely pray for her. By the way a good review. Mine also oily skin like u.

    1. oh u also blessed wid oily skin.. then it might be decent on ur skin.. *haan ji* n thanx srividya appreciate ur thoughts for my daughter..

  9. It seems good. I was looking for the eyeliner you reviewed recently but got confused.

    I’m so sorry to learn that Aadya is unwell. I hope and pray she gets well soon. I can’t imagine what you must be going though. *puchhi* *puchhi* Poor little angel! :((

    1. u got confused kyu? that loreal infallible naa? its good rene am using it currently *haan ji*
      thanx for ur kind conderns rene, i really wish my daughter to recover soon, even am also misiing her activities n gigglings..

      1. Aww.. I’m sorry. *puchhi* How is she feeling today?

        Yes, the L’Oreal infallible one – they have two black eyeliners and strangely both are priced differently.

        1. I opted its carbon black n pretty impressd wid same. though i found out that its black noir is also great! If you are looking for intense black liner go for carbon black its superbly intense.. *haan ji*
          n thanx for asking abt my daughter rene.. *puchhi* wid god grace she is improving fast and we all are hopeful to see her fit n fine within week or so. prayers and wishes are working for my gal.. thank you all … *happydance* *happydance*

          1. Thanks for the clarification!

            I’m glad that Aadya is feeling better. She’ll be up and running in no time, you’ll see. *puchhi*

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