L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Sunset Glow Review, Swatches

L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush

3 colour pigments give an immediate rosy, healthy glow
The blush is lightweight to wear and leaves the skin comfortable
Makes your cheeks looks fuller, more radiant and youthful.
Reflecting pigments capture and sculpt the light to give the perfect glow.


INR 850

I ordered all of them online and was very happy with the service of the site I ordered it from.When I ordered them, they were newly launched and were not on discount, now you get them on some discount too. Anyway,I mainly bought them all because I do use blushers all the time and these packaging and the colors and the strip or bar shape of the colors really appealed to me, I love these shimmer bar kind of products and hence I got all of them.


The packaging looks so high end anyone of us would go weak in the knees,I have to admit I sought them like a collectible and got them all due to the mirror finish packaging and the mirror compact and the brush,everything is great and much more than the cost of the product, superb job L’Oreal.


At first I did not find them that soft, in fact one of the shades in the center was slightly chalky as well. But when I used them with the brush, they were pretty good, one or two swipes did the job. There is some powder flying here and there no doubt but overall the blush works and shows up on the cheeks well.

I am not so impressed with the pigmentation of the matte shade-the darker one, the center one is powdery and the topmost is chalky. Of course these are build-able but not very great.A soft to medium brush will do the job of the color to show up nicely. When swiped with fingers hardly any color shows up.


There is a matte dark burnt orange, a shimmer highlight and a light peach shade. You can actually use the angle brush to pick and place the shades exactly like this, the color can be placed like highlight and blush on the cheeks. If you use a smaller brush, you can pick up the highlight shade and use it like that. The colors are light hence they may not show up on dark skin, they would look patchy, warm and neutral bright skin can use this, on me the colors look too warm.I need cool toned blushes.
Lasting power:

The blush lasted me for 3 hours and nothing more, on a primer and foundation. I would say the finish is like a highlight, there is a shimmer sheen hence the color might melt but some shimmer or sheen would be left behind after two hours.


Recommended to dry skin only! Oily and pores ridden skin can be highlighted in a bad way since this blush has a shimmery sheen.Dry skin will love the corally glow this blusher gives. The pigmentation and softness could be better.Also if you think warm blushes suit you, then give it a go, as it is a very warm coral.It is rightly named sunset glow.for me this is more of a highlight palette.

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8 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Sunset Glow Review, Swatches

  1. Packaging looks nice… I have dry skin, but more often than not these blushes leave shimmer particles behind on sweating… *cry*

  2. I too bought all three shades from this range. sunset glow, blushing kiss and duchess pink. I think all three shades which i bought looks good, ofcourse, i only use the middle and bottom brick shades on my cheeks on a daily basis. Mine is a combination skin and fair toned. These blushes give a healthy glow and lasts upto 6 hours on me (with loreal primer and true match foundation on). I am a loreal freak 🙂

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