L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony

L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony


550 INR (I got 15% discount on this during the last season sale).

L'Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony

Product Description:

L’Oreal claims that it is, “Long wearing, smudge proof cream formula glides on softly and smoothly every time for a perfect line every time. Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.”

The main advantage of this pencil is that, in order to sharpen the pencil, you just have to twist it.  There is no need of a sharpener; however, the tip will be a little blunt and will not look very sharp, like how you will get when you use a sharpener, but I found it not much of a problem during application.



The colour payoff is good in the first swipe itself. The left one is single swipe and the right one is double swipe. As you can see, there is not much difference between the two.

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony:

The eyeliner texture is very creamy and easy to apply.  You can get a nice black color in a single swipe itself; however, it is nowhere near being a “smudge-proof liner.”

This was one of my birthday gifts and I was so sad that it turned out to be such a bad one. It smudges easily within an hour of application, especially if you have oily skin. The interesting thing was that it did not smudge much on the upper eyelid; however, it somehow found its way under my eyes. When I came back from my birthday dinner, I was horrified to see raccoon eyes :panda:

I do not have a picture of that day, but below is a picture that I took yesterday. The picture was taken after 3 hours of application.

Swatch 1

As you can see, it has already started smudging all around the eyes. (Sorry for the ugly picture 😛 )  However, the line that I draw above the top eyelashes will stay without fading from morning till evening.  It will not stay on the lower waterline for more than an hour.

I was using a Revlon twist eye pencil before and it was really good and totally smudge proof. I kicked myself for not buying the same thing again and getting lured by the L’Oreal brand.

However, if you apply some powder around the eyes before you apply the liner, then the smudging reduces a lot, but still, after a few hours, if you don’t touch up with the powder, it will again start to smudge.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony:

  • Smooth and creamy texture.
  • Color payoff is good in one swipe itself.
  • Very easy to use as no sharpener is required for cutting.
  • Ophthalmologically tested and does not irritate the eyes at all.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony:

  • Smudges very, very easily and quickly.
  • If you have oily skin, then it smudges more and becomes black all around the eyes.
  • Have to apply powder initially if you want to reduce the smudging.
  • For the same price, there are numerous other branded pencils which are totally smudge-proof like Revlon twist eye pencil or Bourjois pencils.

My Verdict on L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony:

2 out of 5.

Will I Repurchase L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony?

I will never repurchase.  Even though the color payoff is good and easy to apply, I will never want a liner which smudges all around my eyes.

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14 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self Advancing Eyeliner in Ebony

  1. 4 me loreal cosmetics r thumbs dwn. .hate tm. .none wrk 4 meh n dey have sky high prices in acc to their prdctz quality . M nt imprezd wd color payoff here eithr . .def . A passè frm ma syde again . Thanks 4 d review

    1. Even I am not liking them. I bought a lipstick too with it. When the lipstick faded away, the glitters were all around my mouth and lips. :sick: :sick: :sick: I do not use that also now. So much wastage of money. :waaa: :waaa:

    1. Yes. It is a good example of what all an eye liner should not do. :nonono: :spank: :spank: :spank: Actually I lost trust in all their eye products now. If this smudges, chances are more that their other eye products will also be not that good. :smug:

  2. hi jismi,
    Zeeba once mentioned that one can use a tiny amount of loose powder before applying kajals or liners which smudge… U also try that 🙂

    1. Hi Nupur…ya..i tried that also..i applied my compact powder around the eyes.. initially it did not smudge..but later when my skin became oily, it started smudging. :waaa:

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