L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash Review

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I have been trying a lot of face washes lately because all of you know about my obsession towards face washes from the day I started to write for IMBB. It was getting really difficult for me because my skin is turning dry and the face washes that I have aren’t meant for dry skin. But I tried this beauty and it suited me perfectly and hence I am using this since the time winters have approached! Read to know more about this one from L’oreal.

loreal skin perfection purifying gel wash review1

Price: Rs 550 for 100 ml

Product description:
L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfecting Cleansers Skin Perfection, designed for normal to combination skin, is proven to remove make-up and impurities and reveal a better skin texture.
The transparent gel wash, infused with purifying actives, deeply removes impurities for an intense fresh sensation. Reveals clean and fresh skin.

Beyond a clean feel, the Purifying Gel Wash reveals crystal-clear and fresh skin.
• Suitable for use on face and eyes
• Efficacy proven
• Tested under dermatological control
• Removes impurities and helps unblock pores
• Reveals clean and fresh skin
• No soap
• Normal to combination skin

How to use
Use morning and evening, massage into damp skin and rinse well with water.

My Experience with L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash:

The face wash comes in a superfat inverted tube in white with a similar white cap. The tube is loaded with green-coloured gel which adds to its beauty. It is very handy since it is small in size and the cap closes with a click so no worries of leakage. The face wash is designed for normal to combination skin and I have combination skin, so yes, this was the perfect pick. The tube has a small nozzle which lets out the needed amount of gel so I think the packaging perfect. The gel looks green but when I pour it out, it looks very much transparent. It is super gentle on my skin which is why it would be great for sensitive skin too. It lathers up brilliantly on my face without feeling soapy and gently cleanses my face.

loreal skin perfection purifying gel wash review2

It smells really refreshing with a scent of peppermint which smells exactly like the Christmas candy canes. Oh, I love them! Also due to the menthol content, it gives an amazing cooling and soothing sensation all over my face which makes me feel fresh and energised. It cleans away all the excess oil and impurities leaving my skin matte for a good time. It also cleans away the make-up from the face but they claim to remove all the make-up be it eyes or face. But when I tried on my eyes, it irritated my eyes and gave it a weird cooling sensation due to menthol. So I think it works better as a cleanse r than a make-up remover.

loreal skin perfection purifying gel wash review3

It does not rip off the moisture from face or does not give a tight stretchy feeling even during the current cold weather. But it might not work for dry skin and I won’t cut the marks because it is not meant for dry skin. The gel makes my skin super smooth, bouncy and cool. I feel that my skin looks a lot healthier with every-day cleansing. Also it imparts a subtle glow to my face which looks very sweet. Hence, overall I liked this one but if you are targeting at some skin issues like ageing or acne, then this is not for you. This is just a decent cleanser that will help to clean skin every day!

Pros of L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash:

• Inverted tube with a see-through packaging which looks very sweet filled with green liquid.
• Easy to carry as the cap closes with a click, so no issues of leakage.
• The gel is very gentle on the skin so it is suitable for all the skin types except for dry skin.
• It cleans my skin beautifully leaving it healthy, bouncy and soft.
• It gives a very subtle and a natural glow to my face.
• It has a lovely peppermint scent to it which smells like the Christmas candy canes 😛
• It gives a cooling and a refreshing sensation to my skin due to menthol presence.
• It rips off all the excess oil from my face and keeps it matte for a good time.
• Lathers up very well which cleans facial make-up and impurities too.

loreal skin perfection purifying gel wash review4

Cons of L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash:

• Average cleanser.
• It claims to remove makeup but it stings badly in the eyes due to menthol, so it fails for make-up removal although it removes the light makeup on my face.

IMBB Rating: 3.9/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash?
Yes, I do recommend it to all skin types except for dry skin since it is super gentle and a very refreshing everyday cleanser. Will not show a major difference to the current skin but will ensure that your skin looks healthy all the time by cleansing it perfectly on a daily basis.

If you are getting it from a make-up removal point of view, then call it a big skip! But if you are hunting for a decent mild face wash, then this is a perfect one!

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