Loreal Paris Studio Curl Power-Wave Defining Spray Review

Loreal Paris Studio Curl Power – Wave Defining Spray Review

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I’m here with another wavy-curly hair product review for you all. This Wave Defining Spray from the Studio Curl Power range is more of a wavy hair product (as mentioned on the bottle) than a curly hair one. Since I have wavy-curly, I’m going to review it based on both hair types.

loreal studio curl power wave defining spray

Let me start off by saying that I prefer mousse over hair sprays for adding extra curls to my hair. In this review I’m going to compare this Wave Defining Spray with the Re-curling Mousse that I had reviewed earlier here


Approx. Rs.340 for 150 ml

I use this spray on damp towel dried hair and then I scrunch my hair working each/a few curls individually at times. I do the same with a mousse. I usually let it air dry but at times I use a diffuser to add more volume to my hair. It has a beautiful fruity fragrance and even after hours my hair still smells really good. Now onto the downside of the buying this hair spray, this spray doesn’t help the curls one bit; all it does is weight the hair down. Though, just as the name suggests, it does help in defining the waves slightly. This product will work really well with slightly wavy hair but for curly hair it’s pretty much useless.

Loreal spray instructions

In the product description, it is mentioned that this hair spray ‘protects the waves from humidity with up to 24hrs anti-frizz and calming action.’ My curls went all frizzy after using this hair spray and looked horrible. On wavy hair too, it does tend to frizz hair. One of my friends tried this on her hair (she has slightly wavy hair) and it worked really well for her; no frizz, no weighing down of hair, nothing.

Overall, what I noticed was that this hair spray didn’t live up to all its anti-frizz claims, it didn’t do anything to my curls neither did it add volume to my curls. It’s suitable only for slightly wavy hair to add more volume. It is definitely not a very wavy and/or curly hair product. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, ever. Nothing compares to my Re-Curling Mousse from Loreal Paris.

Loreal Spray Bottle

Pros of Loreal Paris Studio Curl Power-Wave Defining Spray:

• Helps define the waves and give them volume slightly.
• Fruity fragrance.

Cons of Loreal Paris Studio Curl Power-Wave Defining Spray:

• Weighs the curls down and doesn’t add volume to very wavy/curly hair.
• Frizzes the hair like crazy be it curly or wavy.
• Not suitable for very wavy/curly hair one bit.
• Pricy for such a useless product.

IMBB Rating:

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  1. thanks for the review and saving us curlies from this product Preiti. Can you do a review on Re-Curling Mousse from Loreal Paris that you mentioned above.

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