L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser Review

Since I have an oily skin, no matter whichever moisturiser I apply, I have to touch-up at least twice in a day and work my makeup with powder-based products. For a year or so, I have been using Nivea Daily Essentials Day Moisturiser for oily skin and it is fetching me good results. Just to try something new and going a little up the ladder, I was checking other brands for moisturisers suiting my oily skin. Among so many brands, I found this luscious product – L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Multi Protection Day Moisturiser for Normal and Combination skin fitting my criteria. In the past, I have tried a couple of normal and combination skin products on my oily skin which worked well for me; and so I didn’t mind going ahead with this one. Anyway for the rescue, I had my old-time Nivea cream with me, so it was all fine. As far as L’Oreal Paris Triple Active ranges goes, it has 5 variants suiting every skin type – dry, very dry, sensitive, normal, combination, night cream but not particularly oily. Nonetheless, since I have had good experience with L’Oreal Paris, I wanted to try this cream as well.

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser

Product Description:
Every day, the skin is under attack from UV rays, free radicals, stress and pollution which can cause signs of skin ageing. The L’Oreal Paris laboratories created Triple Active to provide long lasting hydration to all skin types. Triple Active comes from the association of advanced active ingredients and luxurious textures to reveal more beautiful-looking skin.
£ 6.49 for 50 ml.

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser details

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser:

The L’Oreal Paris moisturiser is packaged in a 50 ml small cylindrical white tub which is wrapped in a neat white box with light teal hues. The packaging is quite sturdy and the box has good information describing the product. The consistency is quite milky and it is a gel-like cream which is neither sticky nor messy. Though it is light, it does take little more time to sink in to your skin. It has an extremely pleasant smell which hangs around for a long time.

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser packaging

Well, that’s true because of numerous glitches like environmental pollution, tension and anxiety, our skin is pushed to appear dull and gloomy which regrettably results in premature skin ageing. It is prudent to get a moisturiser which would help our skin fight all the external conflicts and that’s why this moisturiser caught my attention among others. This moisturiser is designed to hydrate skin as it is enriched with glycerin which improves the skin’s ability to retain water. To protect the skin against free radicals and harmful effects of the sun, the moisturiser is enriched with Vitamin E and UV Filter. And the last feature – illuminate; with Ceramide and Vitamin B5, the formula helps to strengthen the skin’s protective surface making it to look radiant. Overall, it is formulated to guard the skin against daily strains to hold more youthful appearance.

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser open cap

Well, it does make the skin feel fresh and keeps hydrated throughout the day. It is non-greasy and stays on without leaving the skin dry or irritated. It is pleasing, very smooth and is a great base for foundation/makeup. Thankfully, it doesn’t flake out and has a subtle cooling effect which essentially feels good on the skin. As it doesn’t have much amount of SPF even though it is designed for sun protection, a sunscreen is definitely required to wear with it.

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser open tub

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser tub

I have oily skin and I want a moisturiser which can control shine. However, this cream doesn’t regulate shine and after a few hours, I notice a thin layer of sheen appearing on the face which I don’t call “radiant!” For ladies with normal/combination skin, you will not experience this feature and actually your skin will help looking beaming, healthy and fit. It is dermatologically tested and remains soft on the skin. Therefore, in total, this product is value for money and a perfect bet for normal and combination skin beauties. (However, you will need a sunscreen in your kitty along with this cream).

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser swatch

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser:

  • Has a pleasant smell.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Gel-like consistency.
  • Feels quite light on the skin.
  • Moisturises the skin properly.
  • Vitamin E helps to support the skin’s natural protection.
  • Suits normal and combination skin.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser:

  • Doesn’t control shine.
  • You need a sunscreen along with it.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Day Multi-Protection Moisturiser?
Yes, it is recommended for daily use as it keeps the skin nourished and moisturised. I will give it a miss as it doesn’t help my skin remain oil free.

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