L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Anti-dullness Scrub Review

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Anti-dullness Scrub

Exfoliating Beads: Washes away excess sebum at the skin’s surface and helps to remove dull dead cells to reveal a more radiant complexion.

Skin looks brighter: Reflects the light with its natural beauty.

Unclogs pores and clears them from dirt and impurities.



INR 425

I think skin care from L’Oreal is not very mild but they have good stuff. The best part I like about them is that they will last you the longest as you need very less amount of product. This scrub wash was something I picked up online as I always love delicate gentle scrubs and if they are combined with a face wash-like feel, then it is two in one. Now that Pune climate is dry, I do not need heavy scrubbing like Chennai, Hence mild scrubs right inside my facewash, that thrills me while taking care of my skin in one quick step.


You might not want to spend this much on a face wash but remember three things, this will double as a scrub and wash, it brightens skin and it will last really long like more than six months as it lathers so much. You really need very less amount of product. The wash has very minute little very less concentrated scrub granules that will melt into the lather as you rub your skin in circular motion.so what this is giving you is mild scrubbing which can be done daily rather than one heavy scrub session once a week.


It smells like most Pond’s and L’Oreal skin care stuff, little flowery soapy.YOu need a tiny drop of this thick cream wash and it lathers into like a whole-handful 😛 I usually rub it for 45 seconds till the granules dissolve and then wash it off.It feels like exactly those White beauty and those Pond’s activated carbon wash.The lather is the same and the after effect on the skin is the same.Skin goes matte and it looks brighter for a short while like an hour or so.Skin stays matte for 2-3 hours. I do not say it is drying but yes it does rip moisture off to give you that squeaky clean feel which oily skin will love.Hence dry skin can skip it.


Use very less for matte skin for few hours, yes skin looks brighter whiter for a while, hence the anti dullness claim is true. The scrub is mild to my liking.It removed oil and dirt, and light powder makeup too.But this does not give you permanent brighter skin.It will help with tan overtime in my opinion but works exactly like those Pond’s white beauty face washes. Try it if you think you like lathered-clean matte bright skin for awhile and if L’oreal works for your skin.Recommended to oily and normal to combination skin.


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  1. Paridhi i have pores but not clogged I feel it cleans well but it is too mild a scrub to uproot and unclog pores 🙂

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