L’oreal Professional Shine and Curl Hair Masque

I like L’oreal hair masque when it comes to giving something extra to my hair. Earlier, I used to go to a salon and indulge in salon treatments, where they simply washed my hair and applied these masques to my hair. But during my last haircut at Mumbai, I was suggested this hair masque as I have unruly wave hair which needs to be toned down a lot. I took this one and have not regretted it so far. In fact, I am in love with this masque so much. It leaves my hair super soft.
loreal professional shine hair masque
Coming to my hair, I have thick mid length hair in reddish brown, which are really wavy and won’t tone down without a smoothening serum. But this masque not only tones them, it also adds the much needed shine and softness.

The masque comes in a cute 200 ml tub, priced at Rs 550, but you need to use your fingers to take it out, which makes it a bit difficult. Anyways, as suggested on the pack and by the stylist, I shampoo my hair and towel dry them. I take this masque on my palms and then, massage it through the length of my hair. I keep it for 5 min (the packaging says 3) and then rinse it off. I don’t use a conditioner when i used this. And viola!!! My hair is soft and beautiful.
loreal professional hair masque product

What I like about L’oreal Professional Shine and Curl Hair Masque

1. it comes in a cute tub which is easy to store.
2. The quantity is sufficient to be used atleast 12 times in my hair length. You need only a little bit.
3. It contains wheat protein and grapeseed oil, which are renowned strengthening and softening agents.
4. All the ingredients are given at the back of the pack.
5. Its good for wavy and curly hair. Leaves them super smooth and tangle free.

What I don’t like about L’oreal Professional Shine and Curl Hair Masque

1.You need a spatula or your own fingers to scoop the masque out, which can be unhygienic at times.
2. You need to identify how much you need. A little extra can leave your hair limp.
3. It contains parabens.
loreal professional hair masque swatch
I have got compliments for the shine and smoothness of my hair ever since I have started using this masque. I give it a 4 out of 5 and will certainly repurchase it.

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37 thoughts on “L’oreal Professional Shine and Curl Hair Masque

  1. I am currently using absolute repair. It seems to have done good to my curly hair too. Does this make your curls more defined or something. Why is it specifically for curly hair.. I use the herbal essences conditioner on curly hair, but I notice it leaves behind some slight stiffness, though I must agree it makes my curls pop.

    1. Thanx Supriya,

      :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
      I hv also used absolute repair but find this one better… This doesn’t make the hair stiff… rather, gives them a soft bounce…

      1. hey thats good to know, i am so switching to this when my absolute repair gets over. btw i have started using herbal essences mixed with loreal total repair 5 and the stiffness is not there. but its not a wonder product, it just is what i paid for, value for money product. by the way for a regular conditioner i swear by VO5, deep nourishing elixir conditioner. It is awesome. try it.. I reserve L’oreal for my hair spa sessions I do at home. because I need to give loreal absolute repair atleast 15 mins on my hair for it to have any effect.

  2. nice review tarry…………….
    me toh using oriflame wala hair mask that Jomol reviewed and liking it as well…. once thats finish i ll deff give this one a try…
    thanks for the review :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  3. loreals this range is indeed fab…i burnt my hair while straightning 2 yrs back n used absolute repair onnen n it worked grtttttt on my hair too :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. O:) Taranumm Nice Review & i Really like ur Ring :woot: …
    i also have hairs wavy hairs :headbang: which turn out Curls after a wash :headbang: .. i was using their Total Repair Conditioner but was facing a Huge hairfall.. :headbang: will you suggest me to take a Chance with this now. :struggle: :struggle: . Which Shamppo are you using by d way..?? ?:)

  5. wanna know if this masque can be used instead of a conditioner, bcoz my hair dresser suggested shine curl conditioner for my hair but didnt mention about this masque. but after reading ur review, m very very tempted to buy this one….. :drool:

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