L’Oreal Shine Caresse Pearl Sheen Lip Tint – Flora

L’Oreal Shine Caresse Lip Gloss Flora

The next generation lip colour, that combines the texture & shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain. Delivering a lasting colour with a subtle glossy shine.The unique formula comprised of 30% water and 60% oil provides an exceptionally high level of moisture, allowing for 6hr hydration.Concentrated soluble colour pigments create a subtle wet look with a weightless feeling on lips.


INR 499


I got this new pearl sheen lip shine online, L’Oreal has 6 of them recently launched under the name pearl sheen but essentially they are very shimmery and super shiny lip glosses in the same gel technology like the creamy ones before and these last like the longest lip gloss ever!


The packaging is super duper nice, these do not come in a box packaging on the outside like the earlier creamy ones. But never mind, the packaging is still very very glam. These have the most beautiful applicator ever with the hole in the middle which kind of regulates the product. It picks up enough already so no issues with the pretty pack it comes in.

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The color flora is a very bright blue toned pink with silver shimmer to it. In the first look most of us non-shimmer lovers will dislike it for sure. the gloss is really unique in terms of texture, it is so gel based that it does not run, stays true to the color and also does not leave that irritating clear liquid like most glosses do.It shapes the lips well unlike other glosses and also once worn, it never bleeds, it just stays put like a gloss but works like a long lasting lipstick.


This lasts me for 5 plus hours on its own without a base, which is phenomenal. The gloss survives full meals and tea without a single smudge or fade which is actually unbelievable.Then again the shimmer does not get messy and it can be removed well with a wipe and it leaves a pink stain after being cleaned.


Some major trouble I had with this one is the pigmentation.When I wear it lightly in one swipe, it makes me look as if I have dark lips, somehow, which I do not. It kind of looks patchy and has to be applied again for some pink to show. When I use two coats it looks soooo shiny and shimmery that it looks very cheap. Then again the pink turns like it is some brown and my lips look dark.So in two coats it looks like it has been worn on black lips or something! Te color in the tube is very pink but on the lips it is a different story honestly. NOt a very flattering and nice pink to wear and the extreme shine and shimmer is not working for me so to say.Do you think glosses oxidize or something or what is really going on here?

Had to show you how bad it looks like I have patchy lips.

Also if you have dry lips or very very sensitive lips, then probably this would feel slightly uncomfortable.I felt some slight sensation which will be unwelcome if you have tender lips.

Two coats:


In terms of staying power and pricing etc it is an awesome product to own but this shade and the dark effect it is giving me honestly is something to think about. I wold be wearing this only on top of some lipstick on the center of the lips!

IMBB rating:

3/5 I do believe this is a brilliant product but I am trying to unravel the darkening mystery!

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  1. wooooaahh!! that’s a LOT of shimmer. 😛 gorgeous lip swatch neha ..hihih the lip color looks very shaddi kinds. *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

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