L’Oreal Shine Caresse Pearl Sheen Lip Tint – Grace

L’Oreal Shine Caresse Pearl Sheen Lip Tint – Grace

The next generation lip colour, that combines the texture & shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain. Delivering a lasting colour with a subtle glossy shine.The unique formula comprised of 30% water and 60% oil provides an exceptionally high level of moisture, allowing for 6hr hydration.Concentrated soluble colour pigments create a subtle wet look with a weightless feeling on lips.


INR 499

Remember how Flora gave me dark looking lips despite being a pink! This one is a mauve brown but ends up looking brown on me :/ Why do these shine caresse glosses darken, I am still find out.Anyway, this one too is highly glossy and shimmery but much better than the Flora shade. I had to review it, so here I am.


When I comes to delivering what it claims, it is impressive. It has the shine of a gloss, the stain of a tint after it fades and lasting power of long last last color. This is the longest lasting lip gloss ever and this will not bleed, run or leave a clear liquid, it survives a full meal and lasts for 6 hours, I mean that is close to insane for a lip gloss.This gloss has the most glam packaging ever a gloss at this price tag had! The applicator is fab too.


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But then what is the issue.The issue with this one of course for me is the silver shimmer. Well I knew about it while I bought it. The shine is too much too handle.It is some serious chamku thing happeneing here. For those who like to highlight lips with shine keeping makeup minimal, this is for you.The silver shimmer even twinkles 😛


Then the second major issue is the darkening of color.The color shows up mauve and then turns brown.It looks patchy and could give a major impression of having dark pigmented patchy lips, who would want that *ghost* For me I have lighter than I would want them to. It this color looks patchy and I have to use two coats. then the shine makes it too much to handle.so it is best used on top of a lipstick on the centre of the lips.



The color really survives the day, does not bleed at all.So unlike a gloss. But the shimmer could get messy in some time or while removal.Apart from that if you like the mauve brown it turns into, are okay with the shimmer and shine, then try it.But what with the darkening ya!


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7 thoughts on “L’Oreal Shine Caresse Pearl Sheen Lip Tint – Grace

  1. Ye kya ho gaya hai L’oreal ko??? Nazar lag gayi kya?? *shock* *shock* With the previous shine caresse being so good..these r baaaaad..shimmery and they cling to the dry patches..n the worst thing darkeniing and changing of shades.. *headbang* *headbang* na baba..i am very happy wid my maybelline lip polish babies..wont repurchase *nababana* *nababana* waise this shade looks better than iris on u 🙂

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