L’Oreal Super liner Black Lacquer Review

L’Oreal Super liner Black Lacquer

L’Oreal says: super liner is a liquid liner with special sponge tipped pen for creation of fine lines or thick sultry flicks. Color is applied with precision and ease.
Price: Rs 650

My experience with L’Oreal Super liner in Black Lacquer

I was always fascinated by winged liner in shiny lacquer that makes your eyes look mysterious. It was love at first sight for me when I saw L’Oreal super liner in black lacquer. When you first apply the liquid it appears like a wet paint and I am super impressed with the speed at which it dries. Even before you finish it is completely dry. It is extremely long wearing as it doesn’t smudge at all. The brush is super amazing too. It is sort of thick spongy tip and an appropriate length ensures full grip on the applicator. It is more of a felt tip pen. Full control on the brush helps even shaky hands, although I never had this problem ☺ . The color of this liner is vinyl black, which is shiny in the beginning but turns matte with the time. The texture of this liner is perfect, it’s not runny but I need to dip the brush twice for one eye only. So I am assuming that I would be finishing the tube very soon. This liner is perfect even for oily lids as it smudge proof. This unique formula peels off like glue and rubbing is not at all required. It does not sting my eyes and is perfectly safe. It comes in a black plastic body with a golden cap which is the applicator brush. It is travel friendly and strong enough.






Yays for L’Oreal Super liner in Black Lacquer

• Super cool lacquer finish black shade of liner
• Amazing felt tip applicator
• Perfect for oily lids
• No need to apply primer before application
• Stays on for long long time
• Smooth and steady application
• Does not sting my eyes
• Loved the packaging

Nays for L’Oreal Super liner in Black Lacquer

• Need to dip the applicator 2-3 times even for one eye.
• Difficult to remove
• Peels off like glue
• Will finish soon ☹

IMBB Rating: 4/5
L’Oreal super liner in Black lacquer is a must buy if you do not possess any shiny black liner, in case you don’t like the idea of shiny black liner then you might like to skip this one. 🙁

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26 thoughts on “L’Oreal Super liner Black Lacquer Review

  1. I recently bought it surabhi.. the other color and I love how nice and rich it looks but once i rub my eyes even a bit it peels of.. you are right it peels off like a glue. :(( How beautiful do your eyes look :))

  2. Maybelline HYPERGLOSSY liquid liner can beat this one with an affordable price without any con i think. it is a must try

  3. Thats a fab EOTD. I am so tempted when i see such fab reviews and evidence to show as well. I am slowly moving towards loreal makeup products myself. Love their mineral loose powder. Bought their Matte mousse today. Now if only i can find good skincare from them cos loreal is so easy to find.

    My top 3 eyeliners –

    TBS black liquid eyeliner
    Maybelline gel eyeliner
    Lakme absolute kohl Ultimate (the smudger especially)

  4. I so wanna buy it … 🙂 am too sticked insanely to loreal pdts.. :p ur gorgeous eyes are compelling me to get it asap..

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