L’Oreal Super Liner Ultra Thin – Black

L’Oreal Super Liner Ultra Thin – Black

Hello Ladies,

Today’s product is a pen style eyeliner from my most loved drugstore brand – Loreal. Ever since my teens, whether I used a lippy or not, I always used a liquid liner. And over the years, I tried quite a few drugstore brands till I finally settled on Loreal Super Liner liquid liner and used up quite a few bottles over the years. Then came the trend of Gel liners for me. Took me a while to marster those. However, whenever I’d be in a hurry, I’d quickly reach for the L’Oreal  Super liner. So while on holiday, when I realized that I had forgotten to carry my liquid liner, I went to the Department store to pick it up and happen to find a new Variant of the Super Liner, a pen style option. So, I thought lets try it….


Product Details (From the Sasa website):

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Ultra Sharp is the sharpest liner ever, created for the sleekest lines and boldest flick. It has a refined 0.8mm tip for an ultra precise finish and a 24-hour smudgeproof formula for all-day wear.


Thai Baht 399 = INR 800

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The product seems to have been launched only in South East Asia –available in Thailand, hong Kong, Indonesia – but in different packaging. HongKong version comes in a cardboard casing. My Thai version had a sealed wrap around it – ensuring I wasn’t getting a used piece. I love when brands, especially drugstore brands, pay this small attention to detail. It consist of a black pen style liner with an extremely secure cap.

My Experience with L’Oreal – Super Liner – Black:

They had only 1 shade – Black. I happened to swatch this in the store along with the easily available L’Oreal Superliner Liquid liner. I felt that the Loreal Superliner Liquid liner (lets call it the bottle formula) had much more intense blackness about it and also appeared more glossy. However, this pen variant, though had a duller black could be built up. What sold me into buying this (apart from the fact that I’m always scouting for new products), was that the felt tip seemed to have more give – meaning it was more easier to bend. I thought it would make it easier to use while applying the liner.

Now coming to the actual test, the liner is a soft black but can be built into a more intense darker black. As I deduced, the felt tip has a comfortable give, making it very easy to go around the eye contour. It allows me to make a winged line so very easily – its unbelievable. Anybody who likes to wear winged liner, must definitely try this.You can make an ultra thin line or thicker one…depending on your preference. It allows for both.It dries quickly post application

The product lasts the whole day on your eyes – it does not smudge, though there is a bit of fading which can be corrected by using an eye primer below it. The lasting power is definitely better than the Bottle Formula. I remember trying to wipe off the swatches of both formulas from my hand – while the Bottle formula was easy to take off, this one kind of held its ground. Look at the hand swatches and where I have tried to wipe them off with my fingers. It surely needs a makeup remover to fully remove this.

I am glad that the formula does not sting my eyes because I have sensitive eyes.

All in all, I love the eyeliner and find it very comfortable to use. Sad, that it has not been launched in India still.

To sum this up for you –

Pros of L’Oreal Super Liner – Black:

1. Easy to use
2. Soft black shade – can be built up
3. Very easy to make winged line with
4. Does not sting the eye
5. Extremely handy packaging – easy to carry
6. Sealed packaging
7. Suits to all skin types



Cons of L’Oreal  Super Liner – Black:

1. Availability
2. There is a bit of fading
3. The formula is not the blackest black


IMBB Rating: 4 / 5

This is my new love. Rati’s review of the Givenchy eyeliner reminded me that I should review this one. This one’s fairly good and easy on the pocket. A must try. I will definitely pick up a backup of this as soon as I can.

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16 thoughts on “L’Oreal Super Liner Ultra Thin – Black

  1. KK, this one is good for the price, bot great though but good and felt tips are a compulsion for me, i can’t work with brushes and liquid/gel neatly. they need practice and i have time issues *blush* Great 🙂

    1. Its all about practise Sumera! Im sure with enough practise, you’d be comfortable with the gel liners too. Try a bent brush…it makes application of gel liners easier.

  2. Nice review KK :)..I was eyeing this. How about longevity? I have seen issues with my current Revlon gel going dry and thus making it difficult to apply.

  3. wooow you have done it sooo neatly *happy dance* *happy dance* looks amazing and eye catching *drool* *drool* me too fond of using such sketch pens *happydance*

  4. Wow kk…. This looks superb and affordable too….. Wish it was present here also… Ur eotds r superb darling… *puchhi* *puchhi*

    1. Thanks Padmashree! The wings come out neat – the only problem is that the right one doesn’t always match the left one! rofl rofl rofl

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