L’Oreal True Match Blush: Golden Apricot Review

L’Oreal True Match Blush: Golden Apricot Review

L’Oreal True Match Blush Golden Apricot Review

I picked up my first L’Oreal blush last week and I don’t know why exactly I chose this color. I think there weren’t many options, but out of what I saw, I was sure I wanted a daily wear kind of soft shade. I am loving soft and matte blushes these days with plum undertones as I realized they do a lot for my face 😛 Although, this is not a plum or a matte shade, but its a pretty golden peach kind of a shade, which I think is more of a highlight for me than a blush.

Golden Apricot 1

When it comes to blush, I want some color to my face, not a shimmery highlight. Imagine using only a highlight and not a blush or contour, so using this blush is like using a highlight for my face.  I would use a highlight on the high cheek bones and the blush on the apple and the bronzer in the hollow, but for this one, I would use it on the high cheek bones only instead of the apple.

Golden Apricot 2

The shade is a soft golden-peachy-coppery shade like the name suggests.  The finish is shimmer but not chunky shimmer or glitter, rather its nice and muted shimmer which you would see in a highlight. The texture is very average, this is the part that surprised me the most.  The texture is so regular.  It doesn’t feel very soft or pigmented or anything.

Golden Apricot 8

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I can confidently say this even for the other L’Oreal blushes I saw. They were so average.  When you swipe your finger across them, you hardly get much color. The feel is a little chalky and you are not overwhelmed by any aspect like the texture, softness, or smoothness.

Golden Apricot 3

The feel on this blush is like soft shimmer, average softness and pigmentation is nothing great as well, its above average. It would look good on dusky skin tones and they can use it as a blush and not as a highlight.

Golden Apricot 4

It comes with a nice brush, which reminds me of the Bourjois blush brush, but this one is better.  I definitely say its usable and the mirror inside is very cute too.  So, the packaging with the brush and the mirror is a hit for me.  Sometimes, I really miss a mirror inside my blushes or eye shadows and so this one is just perfect.

Golden Apricot 5

Since its not so deep and pigmented, I am not impressed with the staying power on my oily skin. This brings me to another point which is that oily skin may look even oilier with this one since it’s a shimmer blush.

Golden Apricot 6

Last Word:

Fine as a highlight and average when it comes to pigmentation and smoothness.  For Rs. 650, I expect more from L’Oreal.

Golden Apricot 7

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22 thoughts on “L’Oreal True Match Blush: Golden Apricot Review

    1. Absinto by colorama maybelline 🙂 thnks 🙂
      uske upar i tried a glitter polish at the store but absinto has no glitter..pure mint

  1. I want to buy a soft shimmery golden bronze blush something that gives a gold bronze kinda glow.. still hunting for it..

    This one looks quite pretty but I try my best not to use L’Oreal for it ain’t cruelty free…

  2. Oh this looks so similar to a NYX blush that I bought sometime back…this one not worth it neither is that one. I thought it would make me all glowy n sunkissed, instead it make me look like one of those painted bronze statues 🙁

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