L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++ Review

L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++

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L’oreal had launched a product in the early this year. It is said to be a number one bestseller sunscreen lotion at this moment. All beauty lovers, I’m going to review for you “L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++”

Even the sign of rainy season round the corner, I couldn’t avoid strong sunlight during the daytime. We cannot deny that sunscreen lotion is a need of every season. I was yet to find the best sunscreen for my skin and hence IO tried this one. I gave it a try for it is a newly launched product from L’oreal and they claimed that it is the best seller sunscreen in my country. Plus, it contained whitening agents which helps against brown spots; skin darkening and premature skin aging. Let’s see how it works on me.

Product description

L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++
Perfectly protect your skin against brown spots, skin darkening, premature skin aging.
• 12 hours long-lasting UV protector
• Instant fairness
• Contained whitening

Price: 399 THB for 30 ML.

My experience with L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++

I guess most people bought this product because it claimed to be instant white and contained whitening agents which brighten the skin. I came across this L’oreal sunscreen because of the claim about being the best seller sunscreen at the moment and the price is affordable so I thought I should give it a try and I did.

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The packaging of this L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++is simply perfect and I have no complaints about it. The texture of the sunscreen lotion is a light non-greasy and it comes in a pale pink color with a bit of shimmer and sheen. The color of the sunscreen lotion suits every type and shade of skins. It doesn’t look too white on my face; it blends into my skin and gives a feeling like I have a light base on my face. The texture of the sunscreen lotion is non-greasy and I can easily apply it on my face after my cleansing routine. The product claimed about the instant white glow and it does that, it did not make my skin dull at all. From all points of view, L’oreal has done a great job for a sunscreen lotion. I found it does work well, protecting against the sunlight effectively and the price is still affordable. I would recommend it for the girls who are looking a reasonable sunscreen lotion. In my opinion, this is a basic and fine one.

Pros of L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++

• A simply bottle with a lid at the bottom, it is easy to use.
• 12 hours long-lasting UV protector which is enough for a daily routine.
• SPF50+ PA++++ is perfect for the strong sunlight protection.
• The sunscreen also gives whitening which is not only to protect from the sunlight, but brighten your skin as well
• Give an instant glow to your face with a sheen
• The texture of the lotion is a non-greasy , it is a light soft lotion which is easy to smooth on your skin.
• Affordable price

Cons of L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++

• It’s not an oil-free sunscreen, after 3-4 hours outside it gives oily shine on my face.
• The product is not available in India yet.
• It cannot be worn udner golden or bronzed tan looking makeup, it looks very contrasting.

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