What NOT to Do When You are Trying to Lose Weight


What NOT to Do When You are Trying to Lose Weight

The main intention behind writing this article is, people advise a lot on what to do during the time when you realllyyyyy realllyyy want to lose weight.

You go through painful diets, undying cravings and loads and loads of workouts, but ultimately the final result just simply doesn’t feel worth the effort you had put in.

If that is the case which looks familiar to you, I do have something for you in this article.
I have done a lot of research on this matter and have also added at tingle of personal experience wherein you will know that not doing certain things can actually accelerate your dream goal!!

To Start With:
Do not ever ever lose hope! Only you can keep yourself motivated..
So, now here is the thing.. we human beings were made to survive not to look good. Specially the female part of the race, who are supposed to bear children, take care of them , look after the house were made in such a way that they tend to store fat in their body.. there are many biological facts to support that .. but let’s talk about it sometime later.

• You need to stop drinking regular & diet cold drinks. Be it diet ..or whatever .. diet soda is just an excuse made to make the companies earn more money by selling 2 bottles instead of 1 for the so called “ health conscious “ people. So let’s make them run for their money.. 😉

Quick fact: If you replace a 200ml bottle of soda with water daily… You would easily lose up to 12 kg in one year so if you’re addicted to it… SIMPLY STOP DRINKING IT.!!

• Do not wear the corsets and tummy tucker stuff which gives you the easy figure you always wanted. Strive for it, then only you will know what worth it is… and only then will you take good care of your body

Quick fact: If you use tummy tucker or corset your body tissues are clinged together for many hours which is not expected by the body. Also when you have meals wearing this stuff, they are not properly digested.

So ultimately it will make your skin and muscles lose and saggy and can possibly damage to a certain level your intestinal system if used for longer period of times.

Please keep it as an ultimate solution for a very special night once in a year.. may be new year or prom or anything of that sort.

• Do not go for those easy breakfast fads … cornflakes, museli,..and those….replace meals with this and that.

You must have always come across those ladies, who eat whatever they want but never put on weight. You always wonder why.. so here is a spoiler alert!! It’s just that they happen to have a very good metabolism

Avoid processed foods as much as possible because the processing of these foods removes all the stuff that helps you lose weight and replaces it with stuff like sugar, corn syrup and hydrogenated oils to make you fatter

Instead eat a wholesome breakfast.. be it as simple as a roti and dal for “breakfast” as well.. but make it a point to eat only that breakfast which you cook yourself or at home. This way you won’t get addicted to those easy solutions which ultimately make you put on weight

Don’t be fooled by the term “Multigrain” since it’s just a fancy word for processed carbs and choose “Whole Grain” products only.

• Do not do the grocery store snack aisle – Stop eating potato chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, ice cream, cakes, French fries etc. The ingredients in these foods make you want to eat more and the companies who make these snack foods know you’ll stay addicted to them

Quick fact: You are craving for that fast food meal at McD. Let me tell you something… Go have it.!!!
But.. if you eat 2 packs of medium fries every month on an average you gain 4-5 kg by it.. and now remember what you have to go through to shed it off. And do I need to say anything about the cold drink that comes along. But they are so tempting and yummy.!! Isn’t it.

You can instead have a small burger once in a while (read 2 months). That won’t be that harmful.

• Do not eat those low sugar ice creams, sugar alternatives unless you are a diabetic. Sugar is harmful for weight loss.. but replacing it with the processed sugar is even making it worse and also taking a toll on yout body. You simply cannot estimate the amount of damage your body will have after regular use of the artificial sweetner.

You don’t want to eat sugar – SIMPLY DON’T EAT IT!

Don’t go for some sloppy alternatives if you do not have the will power.

• Do not go empty stomach whenever you are going out…maybe it is a late night movie or a stroll around the mall.

Because however full you feel when you are leaving from home.. you make excuses to yourself to splurge into the temptation of those fancy stuff they display at malls and theaters.

And believe me its 100 times better to overstuff yourself at home rather than having a plate of junk which is gonna make you cry later. So always fill your tummy up when you leave home. So that you can at least sustain your urge for some stuff in worst case and save some calories.

So these are few points.. . “ you don’t have to do” for the sexy figure you always wanted.

Keep a check on them.. and believe me you are gonna thank yourself for reading this.

Will be coming up with more…so stay tuned!


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12 thoughts on “What NOT to Do When You are Trying to Lose Weight

  1. very thoughtful post avanti. nice name by the way. i agree whenever i go out empty stomach, i ended up eating junk food. each point mentioned by you is 100% correct and the pic is hillarious..

  2. Elaborate & Informative Article..Loved it 🙂 Nuthing gives us women more pleasure than An Hourglass Figure wuld do.. 😉 I myself have lost & still losing pounds & inches without making any drastic changes in my lifestyle..Juss by sum cut down here & sum sweat out there..!! And believe me..Nobody believes that I am 44 yrs old & still not only maintaining..but losing too. I always believe..”Moderation is the Key Word”. Drastic steps have limited tenure..whereas moderation takes you through.. 🙂

  3. Yeah! I might as well go live in a forest and eat ghas-pus! Its very easy to say “dont eat this and dont eat that” But a better way would be to provide alternatives. Like for example if you feel like eating something sweet, go have a fruit, an apple or grapes or whatever. The sugar content in the apples satisfies your body’s urge to eat something. Also a lot of people I know drink tang, gatorade, fruit juice whatever to stop their cold drink habits. The point is not to lose weight, the point is to have a healthier lifestyle. So instead of having two cups of rice, have one and one portion of fruit. Losing weight will be much better.

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