7 Ways to Make Losing Weight A Lot Easier

Losing weight can be a struggle for a few and a never-ending battle for some others, and can get overwhelming too because they might be doing everything right according to them, but when they see no results, it can get extremely frustrating. Keeping tracking of every little calorie, squeezing time to hit the gym every single day, trying to eat less as much as possible, saying no to parties and events where food is involved – losing weight can become a tedious process, but there are ways to make it a lot easier. You just have to make tiny tweaks to your diet, a few changes to your lifestyle, and adjust your food intake to get into a calorie deficit. In this post, we list down 7 ways to make losing weight a lot easier and enjoying the whole process at the same time.

7 Ways to Make Losing Weight A Lot Easier

1. Start with a Proper Plan: When you have a proper plan in place, everything becomes easy to follow  and implement. For example, the diet plans on the Rati Beauty app tell you what to eat, when to eat, and what else you can do to lose weight.  There’s an entire team to support and motivate you. Also, being on this plan takes the pressure off you, makes less overwhelming because you just have to follow the diet plan and instructions and reach  your goal weight soon.

2. Employ Simple Ways To Shave Off Calories From Main Meals: Switching to stevia instead of sugar in tea/coffee, avoiding jam and bread combo for breakfast, eating fresh fruits instead of juicing them out, skipping mayonnaise in sandwiches, avoiding creamer in coffee, all these practices help shave off significant calories without even breaking a sweat. All these practices will make it easier for you to get maintain a calorie deficit so that fat burning continues to take place at a good pace.

3. Order a Smaller Size of Everything: Since practicing portion control is necessary to cut extra calories, order medium or small size of everything while eating out.

4. Instead of Eliminating All Food, Cut Down Ultra-Processed Food: As a desperate move, people try to eat as less as possible. But this is not a sustainable plan and definitely not easy to follow day in and day out. What you can do instead is to start eliminating ultra-processed foods which have loads of empty calories, high amount of sugar, sodium, and fat. They may also have unsafe ingredients like transfat, even artificial flavours and fragrances. Any processed food with more than five ingredients is usually considered ultra processed. Such foods also lack any nutritional value and with their high calorie value, can lead to weight gain along with triggering inflammation and causing health issues. Pastries, potato chips, baked goodies, canned fruits, microwaveable popcorn,

5. Increase your Daily Step Count: If hitting the gym every single day feels like a punishment, there’s a much easier way to burn calories – just increase your daily activity level. Start counting your steps, try to add up a minimum of 10,000 steps at the end of the day. Make every step count, walk as much as you can. Workout is good, but walking is great. Research says that even 7000 steps per day may lower the risk of mortality and 8200 steps reduces the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and even heart disease. So, just grab a pair of walking shoes and just walk.

6. Tag a Like-Minded Friend and Plan Journey Together: Weight loss is a process that needs patience and with a weight loss buddy, you are most likely to succeed. Starting on a weight loss journey with a friend has many benefits – you can meal prep together, go on walks, exercise together, motivate each other, hold each other accountable. Convince your friend to become your diet buddy so that when one person thinks of quitting, the other one can persuade to not give up!

7. Stress Less, Sleep More: Studies have shown that both sleep and stress are strongly linked to increases stress and less amount of sleep. So, stress less and sleep more (for at least 7 hours) to lose weight and shed that belly fat.

Summing up, it’s through a healthy diet, exercise, and getting into a calorie deficit that will get to your desired goal weight.

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