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1. You have listed a few supplements which help hair ( HERE ). My question is that should we take these supplement everyday for the rest of our lives? Would that be safe? Or should we give breaks in between? If we should give breaks, how long should the break period be i.e say for 3 months in a year which would be say we have these supplement everyday from Jan to Sep and then give a break from Oct to Dec and then start again the next year in Jan?

2. Secondly, would you know any sunscreen/ sunblock available in India with Zinc in it. Apparently, what I have read on the net is that sunscreens/ sunblocks with zinc are the best for skin. The ones without them are not all that good.

3. In your opinion, what is the right amount of SPF for dailywear wherein one has to go out in the sun? Should one’s sunblock have SPF of 15 or 30 or 50 or even more?

4. I read a post by IMBB some time back on Twinkle Khanna’s look at some event. So I decided to ask you something which i have trying to find out for a long time. I have attached a snap of Twinkle Khanna in this mail. She is wearing peep toes which are yellowish/ beigish in colour with some brown motifs. Would you know who are these peep toes by? Would love to buy an identical pair.

5. Lastly, I had this query which I had addressed sometime ago to you about avoiding the white cast in flash photography which tends to happen in foundations which have SPF. Now I asked this even to the MUA at the MAC store at the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon. She told me that in order to avoid the white cast (only in flash photography) which is caused by foundations with SPF, they use a darker shade of the foundation and that solves the problem. I wanted to ask you if you also agree with it? I always thought that the foundation should be the right matching shade of one’s skin colour. Wouldn’t using a darker shade of foundation make one look odd or weird?

I look forward to reading your responses to my above queries.


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  1. gal…i spf = 10 minutes and the amount of spf required will depend on the amount of time u’ll be outside without reapplying;) O:) :violinbash:

          1. Ohhh Fahee I never knew it ! Thanks a lot for the info.Can you please write an article on it???? 99 % people may not know this.It will benefit all!

  2. gal…i spf = 10 minutes and the amount of spf required will depend on the amount of time u’ll be outside without reapplying;) O:)

  3. I think the weather that we have in India, one should use sunblock above spf 30, I dont about others but Neutregena ultra sheer dry touch spf 50 sunblock that I use contains zinc and is really good one and yes if you have proper balance diet everyday I dont think you should depend on supplements regularly, yes there should be a gap of 2 to 3 months I think in between !

  4. the red bag….the red bag and nothing but the red bag….. :inlove:
    try nine west or aldo for the shoes
    nude pumps/peep toes always work

  5. the foundation tip that MUA gave is not wrong. Actually flash makes everything looks brighter and lighter so if you dont wnat to look whitish, you’d probably wear a shade darker so that after the photographs are taken you look your normal colour.

    It would actually be a waste to invest in a darker shade of foundation just for the sake pf photographs. a good thing would be to invest in a foundation without spf. or something that has low spf.

  6. I think Ranbaxy has a sunblock called Suncros Lotion which has zinc oxide as its active ingredient along with Oxybenzone. It is SPF 26 and one of my friends with a sensitive skin was recommended this lotion by her dermatologist. You can get it any pharmacist’s.

    As for the SPF, if you’re going to spend a lot of time out in the sun, even SPF 50 is fine. I spend generally 45 minutes-1 hour in the sun (including car drive) and I think SPF 30 suits me well.

  7. ok hair supplements, i would personally reccomend you keep taking breaks. so say you have been taking supplements everyday for 3 months and have noticed great results and do not want this to be a lifelong habit, start phasing out the multi vitamins. so say take only one capsule a day if you are taking more, then take one capsule twice a week. slowly slowly come to one capsule in two weeks . you can be taking different capsules each time you take one. i would not suggest a complete stopping , but would say phase it out slowly and see how it works with you. while you phase out the meds, eat healthier. and if you feel your hair is happy with your natural food, then you dont need to go take multi vites.

    spf if you are going to be out in the sun for a fair amount of time , should be 30 and more. if you are going to be out only for 15- 20 mins, then lesser spf is good too. if you want the addition of zinc oxide to ur sunblock, then just blend some lacto calamine in it. lacto calamine contains a fair amount of zinc oxide. but i dont know of sunblocks that have zinc oxide as a primary ingredient per se.

    as for the flash , and skin looking lighter , two tips – one as a photography enthusiast –
    use yellow light in the background. flash is flourescent light , ie white light. our skin is yellow toned, even if you are indeed a pink toned person, using yellow light in background will compensate the whiteness of the flash.
    two is as a makeup fanatic – i agree with rati, do not buy a darker foundation,just set your makeup with some facial mist or toner. if you have oily skin like i do , tht reflects light like it was born to reflect, then rub some ice on your skin for 2 mins. and then dust with powder. your skin will stay oil free longer.

      1. yes , was a mass communications student and worked at media related places , till i decided i wanted to do social research.

        thanks rati truly flattered.

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