Lottie London Contour Queen Brush Review

Hello, beauties!

I am super excited about this review as it’s about my favourite brush. I do own something similar but that is a slant top one. I had seen the NARS contouring brush online and another similar flat-topped brush from MUA but when I saw these colourful brushes from Lottie London, I fell for them instantly. Read on to know more about this super tool 🙂


Price: Rs.850
Product Description:
• Vegan-Friendly.
• Ultra Soft Bristles.
• Picks Up & Deposits Perfect Amount.
• Chunky Handle for Non-Slip Grip.


My Experience with Lottie London Contour Queen Brush:


I remember seeing these brushes in Superdrug website but, those days I was not going gaga over makeup brushes. Recently, I bought them online and the colours are so brilliant that it feels like a collector’s item. This brush is unique as anyone who likes contouring will love this brush for sure. This comes with a wooden handle. So, be careful while cleaning them and don’t keep it wet for long as the handle might break. When I washed it twice, there was no shedding from this brush and I was impressed.

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Coming to the performance, what an amazing brush! This contours the jaw line and nose like a pro. I have a bigger forehead so, I contoured mine with this brush. It works awesome with cream products too. The brush deposits the product really well and it blends the product, providing an airbrushed finish to your face. You don’t even need to rely on another blending brush as this performs like a pro. For the nose, this works just fine.


The bristles are super soft, does not bend, is stiff enough to deposit, and it is flexible enough to blend. It has just the right amount of density! If you can buy all the brushes from this range, this would be a perfect kit to fit in your dresser.


Pros of Lottie London Contour Queen Brush:

  • Soft and dense.
  • Deposits and blends easily.
  • Works well for cream and powder products.
  • No shedding of colour or bristles.
  • Affordable brush when performance is considered.
  • Super pretty to own.

Cons of Lottie London Contour Queen Brush:

  • Could not think of anything!

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Lottie London Contour Queen Brush?
Yes to both! And, it makes contouring easier.

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