Lottie London Powder Power Brush Review

Hi girls,

You might have seen my post on the flat top contour brush from Lottie London. This post is for women who are looking for a powder brush that is big enough to sweep across your face with a face powder. I do own the Real Techniques powder brush but this brush is smaller in size when compared to the former one.


Price: Rs.850
Product Description:
This soft, round, luxurious brush is best used in sweeping strokes.
It features long soft fibres and is ideal for applying compact or loose powders to the face and body.
• Vegan-Friendly.
• Ultra Soft Bristles.
• Picks Up and Deposits Perfect Amount.
• Chunky Handle for Non-Slip Grip.


My Experience with Lottie London Powder Power Brush:


This brush is so pretty and colourful and it’s the sole reason why I have bought all the face brushes from Lottie London. I want to store them in a clear glass pot and decorate my dresser with it. These are probably the most colourful brushes in my stash. The brush is huge and when you use it for three swipes across the face with compact or loose powder, you are sorted. The bristles are undoubtedly super soft and they never feel scratchy on me. You can use it for loose powder, compact powder or for your mineral powder foundations.


The cutest part about these brushes is that the body or the wooden handle matches the tip of the bristles. I have washed it a couple of times and trust me, not a single bristle had shredded from this one. This brush feels sturdy enough but, the wooden handle could crack if you keep it damp for a long time. The bristles are synthetic and this reminds me of the Real Techniques powder brush and a few other random brushes I have purchased online. So, I am not saying this brush feels super luxurious but, it is good enough for regular usage. It feels soft, does its job well and does not shed. I don’t think we need more from a powder brush but, remember this will not feel luxurious.


I was upset about the fact that due to the flat packaging, the rounded bristle formation was squashed to a flattened shape. This happened to all of my Lottie London brushes so, I will not be storing them in this pocket. After washing, I had to put some efforts to make the bristles to come back to the original shape again. A brush guard might be needed for careful storage of this brush.


Pros of Lottie London Powder Power Brush:

  • Very soft.
  • Huge for powder applications.
  • Does not sheed at all.
  • Does not bleed.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Lottie London Powder Power Brush:

  • Not for precise powder applications.
  • The wooden handle might crack if kept damp for too long.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Lottie London Powder Power Brush?
Yes, it may not be luxurious but it is surely a lovely brush to use and own.

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