Lottie London Studio Star Brush Review

Hi girls,

Hope you have been reading my posts on other Lottie London brushes (Tan Time Brush, Contour Queen, Powder Power).  I went into a frenzy looking at these colorful collectible brushes and hence bought all of the face brushes. I do use powder, blush, foundation and contour at a very regular basis, so these brushes will come handy. Take a look at this lovely blue stippling brush.


INR 850
Product Description:
This duo fibre brush makes applying liquid and cream foundations easy or a beyond perfect, studio finish. Vegan Friendly. Ultra Soft Bristles. Picks up and deposits perfect amount. Chunky handle for Non-Slip grip.


My Experience with Lottie London Studio Star Brush:

This brush comes in such an eye-catching blue which makes it a collectible. This is a regular-sized stippling brush you could use for foundation dabbing for an air-brush finish or you could use a cream blush for a lighter application. Any product that you would like to disperse very finely, only using the very fine tip of this brush, can be used with this studio star brush by Lottie London.


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The handle is wood hence I suggest not keeping it damp for fear of cracking. The color does not shed at all, believe me. The bristles did not shed at all either.


The bristles have gone flat due to the pouch it comes in. Now, this is my concern for all the brushes by Lottie London. The storage pouches have squished them flat. It would be some time after washing that they would regain their usual rounded shape.


The brush is very sparse, the bristles are not dense at all. I would highly recommend using a light foundation with this one and a cream blush for a regular makeup look. Overall, it is not the best stippling brush around, but a very pretty one that functions well.

Pros of Lottie London Studio Star Brush:

  • Beautiful color.
  • The bristles do not shed.
  • The color does not shed.
  • The brush is great for lighter wear of foundation or cream blush too.

Cons of Lottie London Studio Star Brush:

  • Could have been slightly denser in terms of bristles.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Lottie London Studio Star Brush?
Yes, it is a good stippling brush to start with.
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2 thoughts on “Lottie London Studio Star Brush Review

  1. these are such fun brushes … it’s like they have a character of their own! Thank god they dont bleed. i would have been so disappointed..i dont know why. 😛 good review 🙂

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