Lotus Herbals AlmondNourish Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20 Review

Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish Body Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20

Cost: 225 for 300ml

What Lotus says: AlmondNourish Daily Nourishing Body Lotion with SPF 20, is a nourishing moisturizer enriched with the goodness of Almond oil that moisturises and nourishes your skin. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E that helps in delaying the ageing process, it also aids in improving the overall complexion and skin tone.

Lotus Herbals almondnourish body lotion Review

Skin type: Normal to combination


Lotus Herbals almondnourish body lotion ingredients

My take: I picked this up because I wanted something nourishing and nice smelling. Almonds are known to improve skin texture. This is one humongous bottle, and I like its pump style dispenser. The packaging is so-so, but then I’ve never liked Lotus’ packaging much. It never looked classy to me, which is one reason why I stayed away from Lotus, thinking it cheap. It is only the reviews on IMBB and other sites that have made me reconsider . 🙂

Fragrance: This has a nice, inoffensive fragrance, kinda nutty and ‘almondy’ (but of course) but it has faintly artificial overtones too. Not overpowering enough to be a problem though. It doesn’t linger very long, which I don’t mind, as strong scents give me a headache. The Aloe Vera moisturizer from the same range has a stronger, more lasting scent (also pleasant).

Consistency: It is very thick. I could cut it with a knife, almost. And it takes ages blending into skin. Since I am nearly always in a hurry, this is a drawback for me. Also, it is a bit difficult to work with, which means you have to apply the product generously to cover all the areas you wish to. And for all the thickness, it is not as moisturizing as it ought to be.

lotus almond body lotion

Thick consistency

lotus almond body lotion

This is after rubbing in some 10 times!

Performance: This is crux of my problem with this moisturizer. It is so thick that you would expect superb moisturizing pay-off. Nope. It performs very ordinarily, I would even say, less than ordinarily. It is sticky without any softening effect whatsoever. It prevents my skin from drying up – just about. But the moisture is not retained very long, and there is no discernable difference in my skin post application, even many days on. My basic no-frills Nivea moisturizer works better than this.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish Body Nourishing Body Lotion – SPF 20

• Mild, likeable fragrance
• Hygienic pump dispenser
• Reasonable cost
• Sizeable quantity

Cons of Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish Body Nourishing Body Lotion – SPF 20

• Very inferior in terms of moisturizing effect
• No visible changes
• Sticky
• Takes ages to work into skin

Rating: 2/5

Would I buy this again: I am in love with the concept of an almond nourishing product, but no. Would rather shell out the extra bucks and buy myself the Neutrogena lotion, which I adore!

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23 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals AlmondNourish Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20 Review

  1. errrr… that’s not god. I had my eyes on it considering all the goodness of almonds and all. i mean i can still bear the thickness coz I am quite used of using body butters. but sticky and less moisturizing . Not done :nababana: :nababana:

  2. I dont like such moisturiser at all which donot get absorbed easily!!I was tempted to buy on from this range, thanks a lot 2 save me! :thanks:

  3. Nice review! 🙂 I’ve tried the Cocoa one from this range..its very moisturizing!! Do give it a try..! the smell is a little agarbatti artificial kind..though not unpleasant. I picked it up in the winter and it turned out a little too moisturizing for me since I don’t have very dry skin!

    1. I don’t need a lot of moisturisation either, but this wasnt too good although it had a nice fragrance! Will try the cocoa one when I’ve finished this and the aloe one (that one is good)

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