Lotus Herbals Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner Review


A Highly Innovative, ergonomically designed “Error-Proof” eyeliner gives effortless and precise application. An easy to hold grip with fine felt tip results in no skipping or over-run.
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Super innovative packaging
Excellent color pay-off
8hrs stay & shine
Smudge-proof & Waterproof
Error-proof & Effortless & Quick Dry
Paraben and Formaldehyde FREE.



I picked up the Colorkick Kajal from the Beauty Collection store near my place, and I must say, I was super impressed with the Colorkick kajal. Everyone around liked it so much on me that they asked me a couple of times what my eyeliner was. I use the Colorkick kajal as a liner too on top lash line and it is a super black, soft, smooth kajal.
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So when Lotus Herbals sent me this new Colorkick Curved eyeliner to review, I had a lot of expectations.It is kind of fun that your kajal and liner are a match made in heaven.Most of us use a kajal on the waterline and then go ahead with a liquid line on the top lashline. It looks beautiful on Indian eyes, hence this combo is an essential one.
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As for me, I am an eyeliner person for years now, I do not venture out of the house without a pencil or liquid eyeliner. Felt tip eyeliners are not my favorite so to say; but after gel liners, felt tips eyeliners are most welcome in my stash. I have quit wearing brush-on eyeliners like the Lakme Insta liner since long. Gel liners are best for intensity, pencil liners for a soft black look and then your felt tip pen liners come next for a ‘sharp as a knife’ eyeliner look. Yes, felt tip pen liners give you the thinnest line with the sharpest edges indeed.
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This is an innovative eyeliner from Lotus Herbals, you may have used a dozen eyeliners, even felt tip pen liners; but this one my dear girls, is really unique.It comes in a curved handle kind of body where you need to place it horizontally along the eyes and then start lining from the inner corner. It is super easy to use in one stroke, even for liner beginners. Initially, I had some trouble placing it,I was trying to place it at all angles, but it works best when held horizontally, with the tip parallel to lash-line.
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The color is black but it is not deep deep black in one stroke, I feel desperate to go and line again, I take three strokes to develop it to the black of my liking honestly, but this is a personal choice. As for thickness too, this liner gives me the freedom to build a thick or thin line which is why it would be a hit. Girls who like to wear a thin line and focus more on kajal, can use this for sure. If you do not like the look of dark matte bold liner, this soft glossy thin liner is for you.
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For me, this needs building up, it goes intense black in no time. I can wing it in seconds and it sets in 10-15 seconds, sounds great when running for office or college, right? It does not smudge post setting. It just gives a soft glossy finish to my eyes and the line is super sharp. You can go ahead and smoke out the lower lash line with Colorkick kajal if you need.

Yes, this is error proof, effortless and gives precise application. It does not skip or tug, it does not crack or smudge and it gives a very smooth light line.It does not feel heavy like gel liners, it does no feather soon. The tip looks long and strong.
lotus herbals colorkick curved liner look
Coming to the downside, apart from intensity of blackness lacking, what I did not like was the cap! The cap fits only at an angle, which is a pain as I nick the tip a dozen times when I need to replace it.I can see some liner smeared on the inner cap now.The consistency is not runny so it does not make a mess though. Second thing, I do not know how to place and store this liner, so as to prolong the life of the liner. I keep it horizontal but it rolls at all angles.

This is not much of a problem though.It also doesn’t have a scent and has not caused sensitivity to my eyes.Paraben and Formaldehyde free is a great thing to have.

Third trouble I had with this liner is that it does not stay for 8 hours, but it stays a brilliant 5-6 hours on my oily eyelids, after which it fades, on a normal day. It does not smudge or make your eyes a mess, but it just vanishes here and there.The intensity reduces in 5 hours, I can see it has started vanishing after 5 hours. I need to touch it up after that for sure. I truly wish it was thicker, blacker and matte-r but ….

Most of you would like a thin precise soft glossy shine to your eyes without a harsh black, then this if for you. I think it is slightly overpriced but it is unique, so we have to give them that benefit. The claims are all true but the 8 hours one. It does dry quickly and can be built up to blackest black with few strokes. It is water-resistant but not waterproof. I am happy with this liner and college and office goers who like some sharpness to the eyes can try the Colorkick kajal and curved liner combo. I do like the Opulence eyeliner too from them. 🙂 I might have tried 5-6 felt tip liners but this one has to be the nicest one from them.

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  1. I have seen similer looking liner from nyx but did not buy it that time and did not find it again in I did
    … Now this one from lotus herbal is surly a treat for us Indian makeup lovers …..
    And Neha lovely swatches 🙂

  2. Suuuuppper review neha. and your eyes look soooo beautiful. You need to do more EOTDs. :))) And the eyeliner is sooo cute. But I am with you on the storage problem. I would be so confused myself. :))

  3. This one is soo cute and i have been waiting for something like this.. i love felt tips when i am in a hurry .. and colorkick is the best kajal i have ever used .. so i am surely giving this a try.. thanks for this lovely review.. and your eotd is stunning 🙂

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