Lotus Herbals Ecostay Lip Gloss Candy Peach Review

Lotus Herbals Ecostay Lip Gloss Candy Peach

Today I have a lip gloss which will make coral and lip gloss lovers go weak in the knees. This might not be a thick pigmented like a liquid lipstick but as a coral lip gloss it is amazing.It is the right color for a neutral lip look but with a hint of coral to it, it is non-bleeding and has an amazing healthy lip look.I love this lip gloss for the color, texture, staying power and no shimmer factor. It is amazing to own.


The glosses come in a bulky packaging which I totally love. They look pretty sturdy to travel with and twist back into place.The wand applicator is very average, a simple classic doe-foot one,I really wish they would upgrade to a wider applicator which would make the application so much faster and fun.


The glosses come in pretty sturdy packaging and you get a lot of product in there.These are almost comparable to Mac prolong wear lip glass in terms of long lasting gel like texture that does not budge or bleed.These are not as sticky though they would be slightly bothersome if you do not like your hair sticking on to your lips.

The gloss is shimmer free, it is thick and sticky as this makes it last longer.It is not runny at all.When you put it, you are shaping the lips and then it stays within the lip lines.It does not run out like other glosses.It does not bleed a clear liquid like most glosses.This is really nice on its own as it adds shine, coral color and also shapes lips unlike most other lip glosses.


Yes you will face an issue with the hair streaking on the gloss, and ruining it, it could be slightly heavy and sticky too but the texture makes it unlike other glosses.It is really nice to work with and does not look sheer.It could look patchy if not worn carefully but one even coat is enough.It will last for 1-2 hours and face keeping lips softer and no tint is left behind.



Please try this amazing coral peach shade of shimmer free creamy, lasting lip gloss.It is simply amazing if you like slightly thicker, non-runny lip glosses. It has a faint fragrance, and nothing at all is bad about this gloss.


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6 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Ecostay Lip Gloss Candy Peach Review

  1. It is such a pretty shade…I wanna buy some more glosses…specially from this range..but the fact is that I got a fone from my training money and three maybelline glosses…n now m broke *headbang* *headbang*

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