Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color Pristine Maroon

Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color Pristine Maroon

Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color Pristine Maroon 412

When I made up my mind that I needed a new lip colour, I started searching the net as to the various colour options available.  I always try to buy a new shade and end up buying shades of reds and pinks.  So, this time with intense anxiety, I told myself that I need a strong/powerful and different kind of a shade in my collection. Coming across the new launches of Lotus Floral Stay lipsticks, I got attracted to the bubbly nude, which I have never tried at all, but then bubbly nude would look good only when you have done nice attractive eye makeup (my perspective) or else it can look a little washed out, so instead I ordered Pristine Maroon online.

This one is very similar to Bubbly Nude, just that it’s more pigmented than Bubbly Nude. Pristine means clean and we generally assume the colour maroon as a variant of red (a dark reddish brown ). This is very much a classy, clean, brown-maroonish shade.

Lotus Herbals Lipstick

Product Description:
A luxurious lipstick that takes care of health of your lips, while enhancing looks & imparting intensive colour. Stays day long and protects lips from UV rays thus preventing darkening of lips.  Long lasting lip color enriched with botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Avocado. It lasts for hours with zero touch-ups. The SFP-10 formula provides complete protection from UV rays, preventing darkening of lips.

Best Buy:

Rs. 310
Directions For Use:

Fill lips with color, working from the corner of the mouth towards the middle. Use a lip liner that is closest in shade to the lipstick color. Let’s see with a closer look in the light, see, with just one swipe, it looks like the bubbly nude, isn’t it?

Lotus Herbals Pristine Maroon

What I Like about Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color – Pristine Maroon 412:

  • Non-transferable lipstick.
  • Have faint rosy, sweet floral fragrance.
  • 100% vegetarian: no animal ingredients.
  • Has SPF 10, which gives sun protection.
  • Kiss proof (it says kiss proof, but mine was transferable to the glass, but not like most of the lipsticks which just bleeds on your partner’s shirt or your white clothes!).  Highly pigmented and the color is buildable from light to a darker shade.
  • Not shimmery.
  • Pretty classy packing.
  • Staying power is good too, I applied a darker shade paired with my black outfit and it stayed for almost 2 hours without eating, then I ate and talked and when I returned from the party after 4 hours, had just a stained colour, but evenly stained.
  • Enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and Avocado (Avocado is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, D, E).

Some more swatches, during day (upper image) and at night (lower image).

Lotus Herbals

What I Don’t Like about Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color – Pristine Maroon 412:

  • Dries my lips as it’s not too moisturizing.
  • Weird taste, just like a dry chalk! (I don’t know if it is the case with all the variants or not as I have only this colour from this collection).
  • Limited shade selection. I wish Lotus introduces more of pinks, nudes and corals in this range.
  • No see-through cap, so can be a problem if you have this more than one in your handbag, but we can always look at the base of the lipstick where the colour is mentioned, so not a big deal I guess.

Do I Recommend Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color – Pristine Maroon 412?

Yes, why not, it’s a good colour with many advantages to it. The basic highlight is that we can play with the colours of this range.  On applying, it gives different shades with different swipes, so work according to your mood. Go bold with dark or light on a lazy afternoon lunch!

Will I Purchase Lotus Herbals Floral Stay Long Lasting Lip Color – Pristine Maroon 412?

I won’t be buying this colour as it will go a long way, but will definitely try other colours available in this range. I am already eyeing the Coffee Berry, Red Rover, Bubbly Nude, and Tulips Love!

Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipsticks Photos, Swatches


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        1. no point in jus gettin it..wear it n click snaps n post it here..wanna see ur full sized pic :spank: :spank: :spank: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  1. i have to try these but i donno why the packaging and the whole thing just puts me off
    i must try now shrishi after all nice revus on IMBB

    1. yeh shivani thats the whole confusion….its sort of brownish shade with tint of brick colour…..
      its definitely a shade of brown just that its not cocoa brown…like as mentioned in above comment by jomo,its not like the brown whick lakme offers which is quite dark!

  2. I have this.. but i rarely use it as its very drying and i dont find it comfortable at all to wear, could be because offlate i am using more of maybelline lipsticks which just glide perfectly..

  3. same as neha, never picked up lotus, the packaging has always put me off. but thanks to everyone’s recommendations, i sure will. Lakme does some horrid shades, but i,ve also found some of my favourites in this brand. works for my skintone i guess!

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