Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Growoil: Review


Hello Ladies!! I have just noticed recently that due to the rainfalls and super hot & humid weather had made my tresses fall to an alarming rate. I became so concerned that I was losing so much of my hair whenever I take a bath. It seems like I was losing about 50 strands with just 1 bath, and after I brush my wet hair about another 30 falls, I told this to my mother who calmly said that we shed about 100 strands of hair per day, but the explanation was not satisfactory. I thought I was in the middle range of becoming bald sooner or later than I expected, ok not really bald, but who wants thinning hair? I can’t really cut my hair short also.

Lotus Herbals kera Veda

So after much thinking I decided to switch to hair oil, although I am not a great fan of greasing my hair but on my mother’s recommendation I thought to give it a shot. I had recently heard about the special Kera-Veda hair care range from the Lotus Herbals. So I decided to try out their KERA-VEDA GROWOIL, hoping it will help me to get rid of my tress trouble.

Kera Veda


  • Helps stop premature falling of hair.
  • Regular use of this premium quality herbal oil makes hair strong, healthy and full of life
  • It is also helpful in headache, migraine and sleeplessness.

Its Price: Tt is priced at Rs 295/- for 220 ml.

Ingredients list (as mentioned on the pack I bought):

Composition for 10 ml :

Brahmi Extract : 2.0ml
Brahmi oil


is also useful in controlling the hair fall caused by excessive (Heat) of the scalp. Also is useful in premature whitening of hair.
Bhringraj Extract : 1.0 ml

-it treats graying and balding, makes the hair darker, and promotes deep sleep
Amla Extract : 0.5 ml

– Amla stimulates hair growth and preventing hair loss. It strengthens the hair follicles which stops the hair from falling out.
Harad Extract : 0.5 ml

-This oil used regularly gives vitality to hair.

Behra Extract : 0.5 ml

-It is used in graying of hairs as a general tonic.

Nagarmotha Extract : 0.5ml-


I-t is used in treating hair and scalp disorders. It dilates the small capillary and acts on the sebaceous glands at the hair root and stimulates them.

Padmakh Extract : 0.5 ml             –


-Constant usage relieves headache & hair loss
Til Oil : 1.0 ml-

-Applying sesame oil to the hair is said to result in darker hair. It may be used for hair and scalp massage. It is believed to reduce the heat of the body and thus helps in preventing hair loss.

Directions to use :

  • Use daily for at least 45 days. Massage vigorously on scalp at night before going to bed.
  • Leave overnight.Can be used after shower in the morning.

Advice :

  • For best results, use Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda range of active herbal shampoos and conditioners for synergistic effect.

Lotus Herbals kera Veda oil

Ultimately I landed up with the Lotus Herbal Keda Vera Hair Oil. Ok it doesn’t look much in the bottle. The bottle looks cute in my opinion, the fragrance doesn’t smell good- nothing really excites me to use it but still I had to test it out as I have to know if it was effective for my hair. As I oiled my hair more and more strands were falling off, I was so scared and angry at the same time because I thought the oil would help ! The first night was a disaster. Not only that but as I began to brush my hair, my hair was so chip chip! Strands fell out through my fingers and I had picked up some from the floor and also from my brush. As result, I thought I even lost more hair before I had used this oil!! I was so furious I didn’t even know if I should use the oil anymore..

Lotus Herbals kera Veda.hair oil
But I wasn’t the one who was about to give up easily, I said to myself that I would try this oil for a week and if it doesn’t work, then I would complain. I continued using this up until the fourth day when I noticed the hair fall seemed to have lessened compared to the first day of usage. I was very happy.


  • Regular use has reduced my hair fall to an extent.
  • It can be applied to the scalp without any hesitation and I did not find any irritation or allergy at scalp after using it.
  • It’s not that hair oil stops hair fall completely or makes the hair silky smooth but it sure gives the roots some protein.
  • It contains pure herbals extracts with excellent therapeutic properties.
  • Reasonably priced.

Lotus Herbals kera Veda.hair oil


  • The SA confirmed it is non-sticky. But I felt great stickiness on my hair.
  • Many of us as like me have a hectic schedule so washing the hair everyday is the last priority.
  • Results are visible only after a considerable period of time.
  • I did not notice any new hair growth.
  • The fragrance is not pleasant. It smells all herbal.

Bottom line: This oil made me a real believer, I was a total skeptical at first.  I’m glad I didn’t stop using it and I am very happy about the results. Honestly, I will not continue using it because of the fact that I am not very idle, I cannot massage my scalp every single night & wash it the next day. Also I can’t carry this greasy look outdoor/office. But I would totally recommend this to anyone who has trouble with hair fall and would like to get some treatment. Before you consult a doctor I suggest you should try this first and be diligent in using it. You will really see results in using this and I hope the hair problems of people will lessen as they try this product.

My Rating: :-*:-* :-* .Only because of the greasiness.

Have you use Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Growoil?


35 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Growoil: Review

  1. Hey Sush…I faced some serious hairfall problem couple of months back. Tried the Loreal repair 5 shampoo but that didnt help much..thn I got Kaya Healthy Hair Gel which is for hairfall and it did work well…Infact I am even going to be doing a review soon on it..its long pending, jus not getting the time…

      1. yes i opt natural color in form of heena.. i use it every alternate weekends…the results are great. it also reduces hair fall & provide natural condition to the hair…
        c how sticky the oil is … 😮

    1. hi HD , U know i loosed around 150-200 hairs every day esp during these monsoons…i was so woried thus have to land up with hair oil…
      hey waiting for the review … do it soon… :-))

  2. The only reason I dont apply oil is coz of the greasiness 🙁 I have a oily scalp so I have to wash my hair immediately. 🙁

    1. agree aarthi. u cant carry this look outdoors na… otherwise the oil is just fine.
      whenever i used to go to office with this oil applied. my collegues used to ask me are to not wel.? he he :hypnotized:

  3. Thx Sush, I too suffer from hairfall and have been looking for a remedy.. will definitely try this out thx :).. i agree washing the hair every single day is a real pain

  4. hey renuca happy u find the post helpful… try it out it’ll definately help.. bt results will b visible only aft 45 days … so hv patience dear… :snicker:

  5. Hey Sush…..I am not having any hairfall right now…..though around 2 years back, my hair was falling like crazy. But, at that time, I brought the Brahmi plant from Kerala and used to drink one teaspoon of it mixed with honey because Brahmi is sooooooooooo bitter 🙁 . It reduced hairfall drastically. Another thing is to keep the scalp clean and reduce the use of serums, gels, and other hair products. I also use virgin coconut oil that my sister sends for me from Kerala, it smells sooooo good. My sister had great results with neelibrighandi oil, but I catch cold with that particular oil. Also, I can only apply oil for about 1 or 2 hours max, more than that, makes my head so heavy…….. 😀

    1. Jomol, seems like u miss kerala badly..virgin coconut oil s a good option..even i catch cold easily with neelibringhadi & similar herbal oils-it is bcoz they give a very cooling effect to head and will not suit all…so i dont experiment with oils now.

      1. hi even im now curious “virgin coconut oil”.. ?:-)
        u know shyna this oil is certainly good but cant be applied on every day basis na.. this is D only drawback.. 🙁

  6. hi jomol thx for the tip…oil wil not go for it any more coz cant wash my hair on daily basis but i can take the juice of brahmi plant.
    1 question jomol , ?:-) shal i need to have this at morning or any time a day…. 😯

  7. Sush, it looks like an excellent oil but would you belive no oil other than olive oil suits my hair. 🙁 You know they have this Kera Veda shampoo and conditioner range as well. i want to try that. Have you tried it?

    1. although the SA showed me this range but i haven’t tried it….if u do pls share…
      this time i’ll try out the olive lets c if it work for me as well..
      btw what is ur hair care regime :drool:

  8. Hair fall is a big problem here too, esp since the water is hard 🙁

    I generally don’t experiment with hair oils Sush. The main reason is that I get headaches with certain ingredients. So I stick to the traditional Kerala oil made from Coconut oil+Hibiscus leaves+flowers+some other herbs.

    1. You know I also get headaches with oil so I stick to just olive oil. That’s the only one that calms me down..

      You use a lovely oil , Poornima. So rich. 🙂

    2. hi poo, thank god i dont catch cold,headache or anything like that wth oil. but the chip chip feeling kills me.he he 😉
      happy u found the perfect remedy for hair fall. i m still in search.. 😮
      btw wat is this oil called..???

  9. can any one please say whether this oil can help in getting back the lost hair or not? I have already lost more than 60% of my hair & so I am really worried.

  10. in short this product is worthless. *hihi* start with the smell is too bad its sticky and my black hair turned brown colour after applying this keravada oil. try only coconut , almond oils . kind of superb packing and excellent ads makes that these product is worth . to my ratings i give 1 for these Lotus keraveda oil. it says its helps headache.. once you apply at night it feels your head is iching and burning sensation. thanks.

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