Lotus Herbals Lip Colour Review–Rose Wood & Perky Peach


Hi girls, it’s the beginning of the month so guess what… it’s time for shopping again! Like many of us, I am also a great sucker for lippies and, throughout my life, I have tried a great range of lip colors starting from the highest to the lowest priced ones (yes the Chinese ones..).Lotus Herbals Lip Colour But recently I wanted to try one of the herbal ones because they’re supposed to be good for the lips. Moreover, reading so many pros of Lotus Herbal cosmetics on IMBB, I was very much tempted to try their lippies. I have used and have been using many products from Lotus herbals, but this is the 1st time I was all set to try their lip colors.. I actually wanted to try out the Lakme exchange offer but ended up buying this instead because it is 100% Vegetation product.

I bought it in 2 shades Rose wood #641 & Perky peach # 690. Before reviewing on the same, let me give you a brief description about LOTUS HERBALS, which I discovered from the site. Lotus Herbals Lipsticks Brand Highlight-

  • Lotus herbals products are honest herbal formulations, inspired by Ayurveda, a 5000 year old science of life. Each product contains combination extracts of different herbs to protect, heal and enhance the face, body and hair. Lotus Herbals is a reputed, trusted and valued natural products brand. Formulated in India, it has the distinction of being one of the most sought after brands in many Asian and European countries.


  • The company does not believe in synthetic or animal tested cosmetics. It is a 100% vegetarian


  • Herbal ingredients are actively used in the products unlike other chemical based skin care

Cosmetic products.

  • All the products are safe, effective and pure.

Its Price:

I bought them in stick format, 225/- each for (4.2) grams. Although I had to pay only for 1 as there was an offer going on Lotus Lippies: BUY 1 GET 1 ABSOLUTELY FREE. The offer is for a limited period of time.. So hurry…. The lipsticks come in a light golden sealed cute packaging. Lotus Herbals Lipstick Shades Rose wood #641: Lotus Herbals Rose Wood Lipstick When I opened up the lid, the appearance of the color was somewhat like like ummm.. Between brown to purple or better to be explained as red sandalwood ( lal Chandan), (like the name suggests). After swatching , it turned out to be a nice pink one, which in turn is very sweet. Oh I am simply loving it..

Perky peach # 690: Lotus Herbals perky Peach This gives a nude finish, a light pink tint on the lips which seems very natural. Its ideal for my daily office wear.

How I apply the Lip color: I apply this on completely dry & clean lips. I admit I am very lazy so I do not prefer using lip liners. But goes well when applied after drawing the outlines with a liner.. Lotus Herbals Lipstick Shades Swatches of Lotus herbal -Rose wood #641 & Perky Peach # 690. What I like about LOTUS HERBAL LIP COLOUR

  • These lipsticks are great! for the price ,only 225 /- for extremely 2 beautiful shades
  • The lipsticks belong to a reputed, trusted and valued natural products` brand for beauty products
  • They give a matte finish, which is indeed very natural.
  • The texture is smooth and manageable and  goes on smoothly on the lips .
  • The packaging is cute and could be easily carried in purses.
  • Earlier my lips used to become very dry and they used to look so bad in such dry condition. My visible fine lines used to give my lips a cracked look. But Lotus lip color is hydrating, it gives a smooth look to the lips. My lips never look cracked or dry with these lipsticks.
  • They are great for daily wear,.
  • With one coat, you have an intense color that’s opaque and intense so no need to make a thick film out of it, just 2 to 3swipeson your lips and you are done.
  • The lipsticks don’t bleed and that makes the application far less messy, and touching up lis ess of a chore.
  • The shade I bought is very wearable and it’s one of those ‘suit everyone, easy to wear shades’ that goes with pretty much everything.
  • The lasting power of Lotus lipsticks is much better than the other available lip colors in the market.
  • Contains botanical extracts of aloe vera & jojoba oil
  • Since the products are developed with active natural ingredients, they provide nourishment to lips.
  • It is a 100% vegetarian product

What I don’t like about LOTUS HERBAL LIP COLOUR

  • Does not contain SPF thus do not protect the lips from harmful UV rays

Bottom line: These lipsticks are long lasting ones. They are completely safe for my lips and also make my lip look very beautiful. The cost of these lipsticks are very reasonable, they are made from 100 % natural extracts. I feel it worthy. & am so happy I choose it. I recommend everyone to use this one, In fact i am planning to buy 2 more within this week.

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55 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Lip Colour Review–Rose Wood & Perky Peach

  1. I am running to the nearst big bazaar right after work today!!!!!! 225Rs for 2 lipsticks is a steal, I hope they have this offer there…..but I just bght a maybelline lipstick in pink so will have to explore some other colours.

    1. Hi HD , U know my reaction was just like yours…….
      We just love freebies & discounts..right!!!! 😀 u cn check the other shades too there are so many to select from..u’ll love it 4 sure..
      Here,The offer is only on these range…..
      Im nt sure abt d perticular name of these lippies nor did i find anything on the tube itself. bt u can make out form the packing… light golden… :-))

  2. Hey Sush – good review buddy 🙂 just thinking what’s there on my list to review. It’s none other than Lotus Moistpetals lipsticks/lipgloss…. Now you reviewed on their PURE COLOR lipsticks.

    Im :inlove: with the lipstick & gloss.

    I think marketing for Lotus are increasing a lot 🙂 credit goes to IMBB 🙂

    Minimum, Im reading atleast one review about lotus in a week :yes:

    1. oh thks vidya, so these are from the pure color range.. i was so excited i didnt even bother to know d name .now i get it..
      i too m loving their lippies.. looking forward to try the other variants too.. 🙂

      Yes credit goes to IMBB. sO EK TREAT TO BANTA HAI. wat say rati…

  3. HD – there s another offer in lotus…if you buy 500 rs worth products…you will get an lipstick free.

    1. oh really i m rushing to get the sunblock spray & the nail polishes too.. & will get a lip color free. wow… Im desparately waiting for my off to get over 😀

    1. ki rati had already provided complete list of outlets for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc… u can check these outlets..

      Rati pls provide the link..

      Or u can also call this no. 0120-3101351(Lotus care)
      email# care@lotusherbals.com

    2. Ki, I think the cutomers still associate Lotus with sunscreen even though their makeup range is quite good. Atleast much better than *cough **cough*Lakme*cough **cough*. 😀 Also they need to make their stuff available at every single counter. I mean the tiny shop wala near my house was telling me a few days back,”madam, I stock all makeup products. ” When I asked him about the brands, his started with his list of Lakme products . The only impressive thing about Lakme is that it’s easily available. I think Lotus would take time to make it’s mark in makeup but I know they will do fine. They are good. That’s it.

  4. Girls if you wan to see the swatches of the complete pure colors range.. someone just convey this offer to Neha.. voila..!! the lipstick fanatic will buy the whole range at this price… :rotfl: :rotfl:

    1. Priyanka agreed… Neha r u listening lotus lippies 2@225/- go grab them all & show us the complete range :evilgrin:

      1. 😐
        i heard that!
        now i am losing sleep over where to find lotus herbals products !
        plz where can i buy lotus herbals in pune?
        i have never ever seen lotus herbals make up here!

          1. wow thanks a ton!
            i really really wanna buy lotus make up
            i just have their skin care stuff
            and eye liner and lip balms

  5. @ Vidhya – Whr is the scheme “Buy for Rs 500 and get lip colour free” running in Delhi..I mean the store??

  6. Pooja – I live in Bangalore.I get to know this offer 2 weeks back. This offer can be availed in all lotus makeup stores.

    I got a lipstick from moistpetals range free 🙂

    Rati has already swatched the floralstay lipsticks – pls find the link


    I got the bubbly nude from this collection….its really good….It keeps lips moisturised for long time… 🙂

  7. hi jomol,yes its v sweet im wearing it today itself..
    at my place its only for a limited period of time, you might as well hurry. :giggle:

    As Vidhya said there r other offers too…. so rush now he he… :laugh:

  8. Hi Rati…
    i wasn’t able to view our website bcoz of sum server issue..i was sooo missing IMBB..it has become my daily thing you know.. :giggle: finally today i cud check this site :struggle: …thank god.. i m planning to buy new lippies for myself.after reading this post, i m definitely gonna check out the lotus stuff..who can miss gud shaded of a gud brand with such a gud offer..
    again wanna mention that i really missed IMBB a lot :weep: ..love ya.. :inlove:

    1. Anshu,

      Thank you so much. Means a lot. 🙂

      It is obviously “Our” website. I have stopped writing ” welcome to my website”, I just write “Welcome to IMBB” because honestly I also feel the same way. IMBB would have been so incomplete without you guys and I am so proud that all of us are here together. :hugleft:

      Yeah, thanks to Sush who wrote this post right in time when we could still avail the offer.

      *Love you loads* :-* :-* :-*

      1. Yes rati I too faced the same prom yesterday. u know.bt now it s perfectly gd…. We all badly miss ur blog.

        & THX A LOT DEAR. :kissing: LUV U :inlove:

  9. C Rati..i m so much in love with u and IMBB..that i have written our website in the very first line…my best wishes for u for such a gr8 job…bless ya..

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