Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color- Natural Haze Review

Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color- Natural Haze

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Here is another lip product review for you. It is called Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color in the shade natural haze.
As I told you before, my mother buys cosmetics only from lotus herbals since they make 100% vegetarian products. This lipstick also comes from her vanity case. This is one shade that I sometimes borrow from her for my own use. (I don’t mind sharing things with my mommy).


So I thought of reviewing it here on imbb.

Price: INR 349

Product description:

A premium quality luxurious lip color, so creamy, gives soft silky and comfortable feel to lips while enhancing the look. This lip color also hydrates, nourishes and protects lips for hours.

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• Botanical, moisturizing and nourishing extracts.
• Intensive color.
• Dazzling shine.


It contains botanical extract of symphytum officinale and plantago oyata seed and sambacus nigra seed.

My experience with Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color- Natural Haze:

This comes in a maroon and golden packaging with the shade name at the bottom I guess the manufacturers have kept this packaging because this range offers mostly maroon shades itself. ;). The ‘lotus herbals’ brand name written on the golden background on the cap tends to fade with time. Most of the lipsticks of this range which my mom owns do not have the name print now – it has faded completely.
It is a sturdy pack and closes with a click sound making it travel friendly.


The shade is a peachy orange with a bit of maroon in it. (You will not get any shade without the hint of maroon in this range) After an hour or so the shade appears to give more of maroon look than peachy orange. It has silver shimmers in it which are not so much evident on application but still shimmers tend to bother me. I guess this shade is more for married women and less for college goers like me. I just use it on occasions when I wear ethnic outfits. Other way could be- applying this with a light hand and adding a gloss over it. This would make the shade appear lighter. Married women will love this shade as it is just like my mother does.

Special mention: This shade appears really nice in pictures. (Most of you would be smiling with this point)

Texture is smooth and easy to glide on though it is not ultra moisturising as the name suggests. Ultra moisturising for me is something like Revlon colorburst range or Chambor silk touch range. Also the shimmers in it do not let it glide that softly I feel. It has a nice sheen to it when applied freshly but tends to dry after an hour or so. It is light weight and does not feel cakey or heavy on lips.

The pigmentation is great. It would cover pigmented lips very well. It does transfer to cups etc. Staying power is for 3-4 hours without meals/drinks.



It has a different kind of smell which is although very faint but still not liked by me because I have sensitive nose.

So overall, this one does not come in the list of my personal favourites. I would have overlooked other things if the shade was “my type” but it is not the case. Married women would love this shade I think.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color- Natural Haze:

• 97% natural ingredients (that is the only reason my mom buys lotus herbals products)
• Easy to glide on.
• Has a nice sheen to it when freshly applied.
• This shade appears really nice in pictures.
• Great pigmentation
• Fairly priced
• Easily available


Cons of Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color- Natural Haze:

• I do not like shimmers in it, though they are not evident that much but I just don’t like the feeling of shimmers on my lips.
• Faint smell that would bother only sensitive noses like me.
• Starts drying after an hour or so.
• Staying power is average.
• Packaging is not attractive for me.
• Most of the shades in this range have maroon undertones or are complete maroons itself.


Imbb rating: 3.5/5


Recommend/repurchase: I would recommend this shade to all married ladies who do not have problem with shimmers or lesser staying power.

For me-I have the freedom of sneaking in my mother’s vanity and using anything I like, remember?

Otherwise also, I would not have purchased this for myself for the above mentioned reasons.

Until next time, take care.

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25 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Moist Petals Ultra Moisturising Lip Color- Natural Haze Review

  1. Oooooh super pretty shade! 🙂
    My mommie wears only lipsticks, no other makeup, so me too like sharing my mommie’s MAC and Chanel lipsticks *haan ji* hehehe! *hihi*

    Superb LOTD *puchhi*

    1. yup it is.. 🙂 it has very less shimmers which are not really visible… but i don’t actually like the texture that shimmer lipsticks have..

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