Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color Review

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Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color

So this product belongs to Lotus’ newly launched EcoStay Lip Colors. I was very excited when I saw all the colors. They all are very pretty and girly. I was tempted to buy Orange Dream, but I knew Raeesa would review them before me. So I ruled out that option. I picked up this instead. Lets get to know how this one fares.

lotus my melon lipstick

Price: 545 INR.

Product description:

Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color

My Experience on Lotus Herbals EcoStay Lip Color in My Melon:

Packaging: This Lip Colour rather comes in a very good packaging. It comes in a pearly pink cardboard packaging which is sturdy. The lipstick comes in a similar colored silk cloth, which is quite unusual but it looks good. The lipstick comes in a pinkish silver packaging, which looks very good. The twist thing works fine. The sticker at the bottom displays shade number and shade name. Over all I really like the sturdy packaging.

Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color

Colour/Pigmentation: I love the colour! Infact all the shades are very girly and are suitable for college going girls as well as for work. I knew I was going to opt for this shade, but I purposely swatched all the shades, just to know how good they are! :p

This color truly stands by it’s name. It reminds me of fresh juicy watermelons! It’s reddish pink in color, with no shimmer in it. This one is just a wee bit on the sheer side. One swatch with a light hand is as good as a tinted lip balm, but it can be build-able to a bold opaque lip. Love the pigmentation. In the pictures, it appears a bit shimmery because I had put on some shimmery gloss and then wiped off to swatch this one. But this one does not have any shimmer and is a pure red-pink in color, which will suit all skin tones.

Texture: When I first swiped it, the texture was not too smooth, but after 2-3 swipes, the texture was smooth. It doesn’t tug or pull on the lips. It is matte but it doesn’t dry out the lips. It’s creamy enough to not emphasize little dryness on the lips. I did not need a lip balm for 5-6 hours. So it does provide moisture. The texture is very light. You can build up the intensity of the lip color and not feel the heaviness of the layers. It transfers just a bit, which is no issue.

Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color 2

Staying Power: It stays on for 8 hours with fading. It starts to fade, in about 5 hours. It fades slightly during meals. It leaves a nice tint to the lips after 6-7 hours. I applied this lipstick at 12.30 pm and it’s 8.30 pm now, and my lips have a nice red-pink tint which looks equally good! It wouldn’t have faded this much if I had washed my face. So a big thumbs up for the staying power.

Smell/taste: It has a nice smell to it, which is hardly noticeable. It doesn’t linger around much. Doesn’t have any taste to it too!

Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color 3

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color :

  • Nice sturdy, travel friendly packaging
  • Value to money
  • Good pigmentation
  • This range has some really good colors to choose from
  • Suitable to all skin tones
  • Preservative free
  • Amazing staying power
  • Good texture
  • Build-able
  • Easily available
  • No issue of taste or smell
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Vegetarian!

lotus my melon swatch

Cons of Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color :

It will emphasize very dry lips. Pior exfoliation is needed.

IMBB Rating:

5 / 5

Lotus Herbals My Melon EcoStay Lip Color  (9)

Final Verdict:

This is the best lipstick I’ve ever owned. I love everything about this lipstick- from the packaging to the staying power. The colors available are just too good and suit every skin tone. I think it’s a must have in every makeup lover’s collection. I do recommend it to everyone and I’ll definitely try different shades from this collection!

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  1. Love Lotus’s approach with this range (I can’t say anything bad about it :P) Another great shade. Thanks Priyanka 🙂

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