Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick – ‘O’ Orange

Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick – ‘O’ Orange

PURE COLOR™ is a 100% vegetarian range of moisturizing lip colours available in 22 rich, sophisticated shades including peaches, pinks and nutty browns.


INR 245

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick o orange

One of the few lippies I regret buying 🙁 I am sorry I had to start at such a note, actually I was lured by the offers running online on their site, I picked up some lippies which were long due like Rose wood, Perky peach and the like, mainly nudes and this one sounded very interesting though.I got this one but it turned out to be too sheer, oily and shimmery, unlike the oranges I love.

Lotus Herbals pure colors lipstick o orange (4)

Their is nothing wrong with the lippy for people who like some tint on their lips, but it is not out and out an orange lip color. The texture is very sheer, it has oily sheen and finish to it and it has some gold shimmer to it, which is totally not me on top of an orange lipstick.

Lotus Herbals pure colors lipstick o orange (5)

The texture is so light that you have to really swipe it on and on, the lipstick is on the sheer side and the pigmentation quite poor, its more like a tinted lip balm honestly.The color has to be built up still it does not come out favorable. It is not my kind of an orange.

The lipstick is not suited to pigmented lips as this will add nothing for you. On me it looks very light and what I dislike is the gold and oily feel to it, I wish it were more like a creamy orange.

Lotus Herbals pure colors lipstick o orange (7)

Having said the above this is a great lipstick for some one who likes just a hint of orange to them, more suited for fuller lips, it makes my lips look thin so I don’t like it but it could look really good on fair skin and full lips for that hint of orange on traditional wear.

Lotus Herbals pure colors lipstick o orange (3)

Its more of a night shade suited to some gold outfit perhaps, but I am unable to pull this shade off.The staying power is poor since it is on the sheer balmy side like you can see on my hand.

Lotus Herbals pure colors lipstick o orange swatch

Last word:


This one wasn’t a good buy for me since I like creamy oranges, this one is a gold orange and has an oily sheen to it, great for full lips and traditional wear.I love Lotus herbals lipsticks but this one is an exception.

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20 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick – ‘O’ Orange

  1. Thanks for the review Neha. I was about to buy this lip color but since it has a poor pigmentation and shimmer, I would better avoid this one 🙂

  2. carnation is way better than this one… when i read the name was expecting a lot bt disappointed… this is good fr college students…. Nevertheless ur lip swatch is still so awesome dear….

  3. Neha I checked Carnation from this range it is an awesome color.. I was planning to purchase O Orange online… good I didn’t 🙂 🙂

  4. when I came to India last time I didnt know Lotus did makeup, otherwise I would have picked some lippies up …not this colour for me though

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