Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral Review

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral Review

Hello Everyone,

I was looking for a lip colour for the past many days.  After exploring through many shops, I thought of trying Lotus Herbals lip colors. I bought a coral shade lipstick from its “Pure Colors” range.  What fascinated me to buy it was its beautiful colour and its creamy texture.



245 INR for 4.2 gm.

Product Description:

It is just like any other lotus lipstick, with that golden coloured inscription of the company name. The moment you open it, you can easily sniff the fragrance of the lip color.  The bullet size is the normal size.  As you can see, there is a little shine in it which definitely shows up on the lips too.

Coral Lipstick 2

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral:

This is a very girly colour which can be carried off easily, its not a dull shade and not so bold too.  During application, the creamy texture allows you to swipe it easily on the lips without much effort; however, you cannot get the right colour in just one coat.  You need to swipe more than once to actually see the right colour on the lips. Also, like I said, the shine element seen in the bullet can also be seen on the lips when applied, it does not vanish.

Coral Lipstick 3

Moreover, after you remove the lip colour, there’s no sudden dryness on the lips. So, maybe it has moisturizing property too. Working people or young teenagers would definitely like this a lot because of two reasons. Firstly because of its peach orange colour and secondly because it is pocket friendly.  However, what I did not like about it is the fact that the moment you eat something, it will start fading.  So, you cannot expect it to stay for long on your pretty lips. You have to re-apply it frequently.

Coral Lipstick 4

It would stay on the lips for a maximum of 2 hours, and that too if you are not munching something or drinking water or any other liquid. Secondly, by chance if your hands go on the lips, it would immediately stick to your hands and disappear from that particular place creating a void on the lips.

Coral Lips

Pros of Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral:

  • 100% vegetarian, so all those who doubt the other brands for their purity, can try this.
  • There are many shades available in this range.
  • Inexpensive, not heavy on the pocket.
  • Creamy in texture.
  • Fragrance is just awesome, you would definitely love it.
  • Will suit fair skin beauties better and enhance their look.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral:

  • Doesn’t stay on the lips for long.
  • Overall, the product is of average quality.

Would I Recommend Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral?

Girls, if you want a lip colour just because you want to add a new one in your beauty essential kit, you may go and buy it, but please do not keep your hopes very high. Also, do not compare it with the other brands as you may feel a bit disappointed. If I were to rate it overall, I would say it is an average product.

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