Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick English Rose Review

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick English Rose

PURE COLOR™ is a 100% vegetarian range of moisturizing lip colours available in 22 rich, sophisticated shades including peaches, pinks and nutty browns.


INR 250

They have launched some amazing new shades which have really stunned me. I have reviewed the Rusty red and Spanish Crimson shade. I was sooo tempted at the store I bought all leaving out the mauve blue kind of shade.. This is available now in the beauty stores around my house so I picked them up. the pricing is sooo good I mean which stunning lipstick like this is still 250 bucks which is awesome.

This range is undoubtedly the best affordable range around, they have awesome colors too unlike what you would expect in shimmers etc.These new shades are superb, I loves rusty red and this one today is a cool toned magenta hot pink which I think is amazing in terms of pigmentation, has a creamy finish to it without looking cakey and the color is face brightening.

Having said that the color is a nice cool toned pink, very cool toned indeed, only nuetral to fair skin can carry it, warm yellow skin tone can avoid it. The color is very saturated and one swipe will give you nice color and if you wear two coats this will end up looking very blue pink, well I still like that but it has be paired with a pink blusher in cool tone.One thing I did not like is the fragrance which is very old school Lakme types and the packaging- though sturdy could feel plasticky.I like the names a lot this time.

I think the color is not at all cakey, as in even when you layer it you get a nice clean feel to lips, not matte or layered feel, it looks awesome as a light tint too but two coats makes it a hot pink shade. The color does not bleed or transfer at all and the shade stays on for 4 plus hours including stain it leaves behind.I am very impressed with the pricing, the pigmentation, the color palette and the texture too. I highly recommend this to cool pink tone lipstick lovers and this can be a party and bridal shade as well.

IMBB rating:

4.75/5 Mainly due to total value for money.

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