Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645) For Classy Kissable Lips!

Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645)

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing a lipstick from Lotus Herbals Pure Colors range and the color is Orchid Kiss. This is my second lipstick from this range, the one I had earlier was called Caprice and it was a difficult shade to carry. This time I wanted to get a more wearable shade and so I selected Orchid Kiss.


Product Quantity: 4.2 Gms.

Price: INR 245.

Ingredients: No ingredient is mentioned on the lipstick, only Aloe Vera is mentioned on the site.

Product Description: This is a part of the Lotus Herbals Pure Colors is a range of moisturizing lip colors

  • They are enriched with natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera
  • It gives you uniform dispersion of pigments
  • Rich payoff
  • Smooth application
  • 100% vegetarian

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a shiny beige colored packaging, with a floral design printed on it. There is nothing too great about the packaging; it’s a simple rectangular shaped packaging which is a little clumsy. The last lipstick I had was a little better, but this particular one does not have a very good grip as far as the lid is concerned. (After swatching it, I accidently threw the color on the bed and the lid came off, so this is not a travel friendly packaging)


My Take on Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645):

Color: When I first saw the name I assumed it to be some sort of purple, but when I checked the color on Lotus Herbal’s site, it seemed to be a shade of pink, but when I actually received it, it was neither a purple shade nor a pink. Orchid kiss is a brown toned maroon, which is actually a very classic color that goes well with many different looks. The color is not completely free of shimmers, it does have minute sized silver shimmer particles, but they do not bother much when the lipstick is applied onto the lips.

Pigmentation: The color no doubt is highly pigmented, a simple one coat is sufficient to get completely opaque lips, but if desired, the color can be layered up to get a more intense color.


Texture: The lipstick is a treat to apply. The application of this color is effortless. It glides on easily on the lips and makes the lips moisturized even without a lip balm underneath. Though the color is moisturizing and does hide the fine lines initially, but when it starts to fade off, the fine lines become even more prominent, and the lips starts feeling really dry.

Staying Power: The color stays well for 2-3 hours after which it fades. The color cannot stand a full meal but it can easily tolerate light snacks. The color does not fade completely in one go, it actually stains the lips which makes the color visible for another hour. The silver shimmer particles are actually seen when the actual color of the lipstick goes off.

Fragrance: I am somehow unhappy with the kind of smell this lipstick has. The lipstick has a very strong artificial sort of plastic smell which is honestly intolerable for me. Unfortunately the smell does not go away after application; instead it stays for around half hour of application.


Pros of Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645):

  • Affordable
  • Beautiful everyday color (do not be fooled by the color given on the site)
  • Moisturizing
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Shimmers do not feel heavy on the lips
  • Smooth texture and easy to apply
  • Stains the lips a bit, which increases the staying power

Cons of Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645):

  • Has an artificial plastic kind of smell that stays long even after applying
  • The fine lines get prominent when the lip color starts to fade.
  • Average staying power
  • The packaging is not travel friendly


Would I buy Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645) again?

I might try another of these lipsticks and I would definitely want to explore some more lip colors from the brand.

Do I Recommend Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Orchid Kiss (645)?

Yes! This is an affordable easy to wear color, with a decent quality.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/ 5.
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