Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Eyeshadow Moon Light Review

Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Eyeshadow Moon Light

An ultra-smooth, crease & fade resistant eye shadow which promises full coverage while keeping eyelids soft and supple. Being enriched with Botanical Extracts, it is water proof as well as smudge proof.




I saw some new launches from Lotus Herbals in my local beauty center, I was super happy to see these cute little eyeshadow pans, and priced at a great price of 275.I had to pick up all and I kept asking the sales girl, if they had more shades 😛 she said these are the only new shades besides the new lipsticks I have got.


I quite liked the click lock sturdy packaging, with this small applicator and pan of shadow. I think these are pretty nice for the price, though they could be little more polished and high quality looking.

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The color is a highlight color, it looks white but it has intense gold tone to it. It blends into a gold looking white,though it looks white in the pan. This has a duochrome look, when you pat it on you see it shine to a gold at an angle, and white on another.


The texture is soft but crumbly, it is not satin soft. Since it has mild concentrated gold sheen to it this has a little chalky crumbly kind of texture. This could have been softer but it leaves a layer of texture rather than soft satin touch.It does not fall out at all, it rather sticks well.There is not powder fall out.


Like I said this has a gold sheen to it, the gold shimmer is finely milled and it is very concentrated in it, so the pigmentation can be called nice, since it really shows a nice gold white color when you pat or blend it.It works nicely as highlight when you blend it slightly.


The finish is golden shimmer but it is not chunky, it looks just like a highlighter, you can say this has a golden white highlighter finish.The highlight finish sticks to the skin, it does not fly here and there.

Lasting power:

This lasts 4 hours and then the shimmer just moves here and there and vanishes, if you do not wear a primer. Now I think it has a nice staying power, since it sticks to the skin there is not powder flying or any fall out

Price point

The pricing is excellent, it is a very versatile highlighter, honestly.


This cannot be used as a shadow, use it like brow bone highlight, and this actually looks nice on the high cheek bone too, you could use it slightly on the bridge of the nose too, it is an awesome versatile highlight.


Though the texture does not have fall out, but still it has chalky crumbly touch with concentrated gold sheen ,which looks like a highlight once you wear it. So I do wish this would be softer, but I like how it looks on the cheek highlight and brow bone highlight, mainly. I do recommend it to everyone who is looking for a sheen golden white brow bone highlight.

IMBB rating


And coming soon Gold mine and Maroon beam.
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7 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Eyeshadow Moon Light Review

  1. Really nice review!! *clap* I’m eyeing on “maroon beam” *haan ji* , have a feeling it is going to be a beautiful colour! *woot*

  2. I love this shade, Neha! It seems to be really versatile, as you say! I think it would look very pretty even all over the lid, as it would just brighten up the eye! 🙂

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