Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Lip Glosses-Iced Pink,Pink Hypnotic,Peach Pink

Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Lip Glosses-Iced Pink,Pink Hypnotic,Peach Pink

Price:  Rs.395/8gms

Again,something fro everyone to drool on, one for everyone kind of glosses, I am reviewing three more glosses from PURESTAY range today. These glosses have tempted me so much in spite of being a lipstick lover, God be with lip gloss lovers 😛 If you haven’t got either one of these yet, then refresh your memory by reading this post on three other colors.
Lotus PURESTAY Niourishing lip gloss

The packaging of the glosses is to die for,they are huge, sturdy, bright, classy, nice regular wand/applicator. These are the highlight of PURESTAY I feel, and again the foundation, not to forget is unbeatable.

Let me get to the glosses. I am reviewing all three today in the peachy pink and shimmer category. These three will be a big hit with our younger readers and gloss lovers, and also these are best for topping up your matte lip color with.
Iced pink:

A  nice soft shimmer gloss towards the maroon pink and silver shimmer hint to it.The color is almost a light nude shade for girls who love to use a light non-tinted gloss. This is a great gloss for topping up you pink lipsticks. In the picture, I have used ICED PINK over the Fuchsia Smile lipstick I had reviewed last Sunday.
iced pink on top

Peach pink:

This is a great peachy nude with soft pearl/shimmer gloss to it. Again, it wont add color but great for all your peachy nude lippies. Younger women will love this.
peach pink

Pink Hypnotic:

This is clearly my favroite so far. I love the carrot-red hint to it, and it brightens the face up a lot. If you love corals,this is for you, great on top of your coral lippies too. The shimmer in this is almost nil! This shade is an absolute must-have, I would pair this up with Chambor powder matte lipstick “coral reef”  for instance. Love this gloss!

pink hynotic

The tiny issue with this gloss is that it is so thick that it might feel a little sticky on you.When your hair touch your lips, it will mess it up . The range of glosses of course has all colors to it, plum, lavender, peaches,nudes, something for everyone and so i feel the glosses will be a huge hit from PURESTAY range. These stay on well for three to four hours easily and fade into something lighter which I love even more than the gloss.

If you apply them over the PURESTAY lippies(which last till when ever you want them to be on your lips) , these will last really really long.(Swatches:left to right-Pink Hypnotic, Iced Pink, Peach Pink)

Last word:

Vintage Rose and Pink Hypnotic are must-haves. But you can get more than three after your read my posts on some more shades. :)There is something very tempting about these glosses, the whole package, the long bottle and loads of pretty gloss and the array of shades on offer, I’m loving it! I’m proud that an Indian brand has come up with top-of-the-line range of makeup for us, make the most of it ladies.

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25 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Lip Glosses-Iced Pink,Pink Hypnotic,Peach Pink

  1. i got vintage rose after reading your last review. now i want pink hypnotic 😛 your reviews have always made me buy things, i seriously can not count how many eyeshadows i have bought after reading your reviews 😛
    and yeah i got lotus purestay foundation. i just loved it. it is awesome 🙂

  2. Neha….wow…wolf seetis…..I definitely getting the Iced Pink…its such a gorgeous shade of pink….I love it on your lips….:* :*

  3. I have Fuchsia Smile and Pink Hypnotic….going to combine these two this evening! Ravishing lip swatches as usual. “)

  4. awesome lip swatches, tried vintage rose in store after reading your review but sadly thats looking too stark on me, will try peach pink or iced pink next visit….

  5. Pink Hypnotic for me! Neha did you know that weke on week on spen about 100 bucks just after reading your reviews ?????????????? Hubby darling is not going to be much happy with this once he sees tha bank statements!!!!!!! He he he!

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