Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion

Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion

By Sonia B.

Hi Beauties,

I have a passing phase of using a particular brand for some time and my current love is Lotus Herbals.  I was checking out products on their site and came across this sunscreen, actually Sandalscreen as it is called. The very thought of an all-natural sun protection product made me purchase this one.

Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen

Product Description:

Protects skin from harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays of sun. The unique formula of sandalwood, cuscus grass, sweet basil and honey shields the skin from atmospheric pollution besides revitalising and nourishing.  It also claims to be for all skin types.


195 INR for 80 ml.



Sandalwood Extract- Skin rejuvenating, anti blemish, soothing & antiseptic. Cuscus Grass- Cooling and soothing effect. Sweet Basil- Skin toner and anti blemish. Aloe Vera- Excellent Moisturizing & skin healing properties, anti-inflammatory and soothing.  Also, contains light liquid paraffin, glyceral monostearate, glycerine, honey, cetyl alcohol and parabens.


My Experience with Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion:

It is light in consistency but I feel it is heavy but not greasy once applied on the face. Thankfully, it did not dry me out as I have combination skin and my face did not feel stretchy after using this, I skipped my facial moisturizer.  It does not take too long to get absorbed and I noticed a little dewy effect after some time.  I mostly prefer using this as an after bath facial lotion.



Swatch 2

As you can see in the above pictures, this Sandalscreen gets absorbed quickly, leaving no oily sheen behind.  As for sun protection, I did not feel the blistering noon time heat as I walked out wearing this and the effect lasted for 2 hours, but I did get a little tanned.  I am still confused as to what ingredient acts as the sun protection factor in this. Anyway, I am just loving the good mattifying moisturising effect that this Sandalscreen imparts.

What I Like about Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion:

  • It does not leave a whitish cast like old-school sunscreens.
  • I don’t need to use a separate moisturizer as it lives up to its claim of being a moisturizing lotion with added sandalwood protection against sun.
  • This comes in a top dispenser bottle unlike sunscreens which come in tubes, therefore much easier to use.
  • Gives a matte effect on application and doesn’t feel oily on my combination to oily skin type.
  • Good quantity for reasonable price, another reason to love Lotus Herbals.
  • The cap on top of the dispenser fits tightly, so no worrying about spillage while travelling.

What I Do Not Like about Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion:

  • The fragrance is that of Boroplus Antiseptic Cream and I am quite in disfavour of it.
  • Although it claims to protect from UVA and UVB rays , it does not contain any SPF and sandalwood alone is believed to have properties to prevent sunburns.
  • It contains parabens, but every other product does these days.

Would I Repurchase Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion?

I might because I like the moisturising property and the active natural ingredients of this product.

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