Lotus Herbals Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub Review

Body Skin Type: Fair, normal-dry, sensitive

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Today’s review will be about a body scrub from Lotus Herbals. I found it in a beauty store in Mumbai, and was surprised that this wonderful product is not so easily available. The Spahhh range by Lotus consists of some more OIproducts and they are also available as a full body hamper set, and I hope more shops start stocking them up. For now, let’s get into the review of Lotus Herbals Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub.



Product Description:
The sweetest way to soft skin starts with our luxurious Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub. It leaves skin feeling soft and silky with every use. Smooth exfoliators remove dead cells and de-congest the dermis. Stimulate the cellular regeneration and rebuild skin from inside.
INR 275/-

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub:

This body scrub comes in a lovely light pink tube with a flip open cap which is sturdy and travel friendly. All the product details are mentioned on the body of the scrub tube. It looks quite attractive and is a fuss-free packaging.

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I am not a body scrub person. I prefer using homemade ubtans to clarify and detoxify my skin, but then, they are cumbersome to make, and not ideal for a lazy lass living in a hostel! Enter body scrubs! But most of them are pricey (and yes, they get over very soon). This affordable body scrub by Lotus Herbals certainly raised my expectations high. Did it live up to it? Yes!


Let’s start with the fragrance. I never knew how beautiful rose-based fragrances are till I used this scrub. The fragrance doesn’t feel artificial at all, and transports you to a garden of fresh roses.


The texture is creamy with minute pink exfoliating granules. They are of just the right kind of abrasive texture, great for exfoliating the comparatively thicker body skin. Also, the creaminess ensures your skin doesn’t feel dry immediately afterwards. It reveals a fresh layer of skin every time I use it. My skin looks brighter and even.

Within two uses, the issue of ingrown hair on my skin was considerably reduced. I use this before shaving and my shaving process yields smooth, clear, hairless skin. Once a week, I use it before oil massage, so as to let the oil penetrate more easily.


I am super happy with this scrub. It has eliminated my need to whip up DIY body scrubs on a regular basis. My smooth body skin stands testimony to its efficacy, and even in this winter there are no dry patches on my body.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub:

  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Easy on pocket.
  • Lovely fragrance of roses.
  • Creamy scrub.
  • Nice exfoliating particles.
  • Skin feels smooth and soft.
  • Removes dry patches.
  • Doesn’t cause abrasion or dryness.
  • Reduces ingrown hair.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub:

  • Availability.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Lotus Herbals Spahhh Wild Rose Body Scrub?
Definitely! Totally recommend it to all. Skip it only if you are allergic to roses.
IMBB Rating:

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