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Lotus Herbals Teatreewash – Tea Tree Absolute Oil Control Face Wash

Lotus is one of my ever favorite brands – one among the few brands whose products I keep on re-purchasing, especially their sunscreens and lip balms. No matter how much ever I experiment similar products from other brands, I somehow come back to lotus every time and am happy being a loyal customer of Lotus. Of late I realized I have not reviewed any Lotus products on IMBB and thus thought of sharing my experience with my latest buy from this brand – Lotus TeaTreeWash. This is the first time am using their face wash and I quite liked it too.

Lotus TEa Tree facewash

What the product claims:

Specially formulated for oily skin, this absolute oil control face wash contains Tea Tree Oil, Cinnamon and Oak Bark extracts which remove excessive oil while regulating the Sebum (Oil) production in the skin. These special ingredients in this premium face wash decrease acne type lesions and combat free radicals leaving the skin fresh, clean and clearer.

Lotus TEa Tree facewash

Squeeze a small quantity on wet palm of your hand. Apply on wet face with circular motions. Wash off. Use regularly mornings and evenings and follow with Lotus AcneGel for best results.

Active Ingredients:
Tea Tree oil, Cinnamon and Oak Bark Extracts.

Tea Tree Oak Bark Cinnamon

Price: Rs 145 for 120 gm.

What I like the most in Lotus Tea tree Wash:

  • Cleanses thoroughly without drying out the skin.
  • Imparts a cooling sensation and face feels refreshed.
  • Doesn’t sting eyes though you feel kind of menthol like effect if it gets inside eyes.
  • No oily cast on face immediately after washing unlike some other face washes.
  • Contains Tea tree oil, Cinnamon & Oak bark extracts which are excellent for controlling oiliness and acne.
  • Packaging is decent enough – transparent tube with flip open cap.
  • This face wash comes in colorless gel form with very minuscule granules which are not at all abrasive and perfect for daily use.
  • Aroma is mild enough and I like the herbal smell.
  • Lather is just fine and since this is soap free we cannot expect it to lather too much.

Lotus TEa Tree facewash

What I dint like about Lotus Tea tree Wash:

  • The full list of ingredients is not mentioned, though this I don’t feel is a major downside since it smells purely herbal and doesn’t dry out skin nor does it lather a lot like soaps. Am skeptical about those products which claim to be herbal but delivers exactly like its chemical counterpart and lotus is somewhat an exception in this regard.

In short, I feel Lotus delivers what it promises; I would definitely recommend this face wash to those with oily skin since it helps to control oiliness to a great extent, and does the cleansing job quite well. Presence of herbal ingredients is an added bonus and I love this product, my rating would be  :-* :-* :-* :-* + 0.5
So you can go ahead and pick this face wash if you:

  • Have oily or acne prone skin
  • Want a face wash which cleanses without drying out skin
  • Don’t mind if it doesn’t lather much, this being soap-free
  • Like products with herbal ingredients

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19 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Teatreewash Review

  1. I Love Lotus Stuff. They are like Santa in our life. Make good good things at good good price. :-*

    Nice review, Shyna. I am sure it would be helpful for a lot of girls with oily skin. 🙂

  2. i LOVE LOTUS :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
    AND I LOVE THE BALLOONS THAT ARE FALLING :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    Thanks for the review shyna 😀
    I am going to try it :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  3. yeah lotus stuff is good…just got myself the marine youth face pack and the apricot scrub…ive used the marineyouth face pack like twice b4 and i really like it…

  4. Thanx Shyna for the review. :thanks:
    Its really very helpful for me. My skin is oily and I reviewed almost all brand products for oily face. I tried Ponds, AVON, Clean & Clear, Himalaya, Oriflame from which I like Ponds the most but I dont get it easily (its always out of stock 🙁 )….so after ur review on this I decided to buy this one now.. :yes:

  5. ohhh this is great facewash for oily skin… i tried most of the facewashes amway, himalaya,nomarks,but this is the best 1….and even this facewash prevent acne also n heal acne easily…

  6. I m a teenager… had lots of pimples on my face… went to buy a face wash which would cure my these horrible pimples…. got the best face wash LOTUS TEA TREE WASH…. it is best for the oily skin… i will always recommend to use it to everyone !!!

  7. Hii there!!
    i have a negative feedback of this facewash 🙁
    it suited me for first few days n later broke me out
    dries skin vryy much and so dries out pimples temporarily *nonono*

  8. This product has done wonders for my skin..It particles act as a scrub 2 hence my face is cleansed.After that I use rosewater as a toner and lacto calamine as moisturizer.I have got smooth skin which I wished for long time.:)

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