Lotus Herbals VANILASMOOTH Body Lotion Review

While looking for a body lotion to replace my near-HG body lotion Garnier Skin Naturals Body Cocoon, I recently picked up Lotus Herbals VANILASMOOTH body lotion. Ever a sucker for anything vanilla flavoured, I took a quick whiff of it and bought it on a whim. I had no problems with Body Cocoon, but I wanted to play the field a little and see what else was out there. I love the way Body Cocoon absorbs into my skin within seconds, leaving no trace of the moisturizer – just smooth moisturized skin that smells delicious! Since this review is not about Garnier Body Cocoon nor is it a face-off between the two body lotions, I shall stick to Lotus Herbals VANILASMOOTH body lotion (hereafter referred to as Vanilasmooth, the body lotion, the lotion etc.) for the rest of the review.

vanillasmoothI use a body lotion on my arms, hands and feet as these are the areas that tend to get a bit dry due to exposure to the elements. Since I use the body lotion at night, it is okay if the product is a bit heavier for my body skin type – normal, tending towards oily. Vanilasmooth claims to be suitable for all skin types. The lotion also claims to provide intense hydration and fast absorption within 1 minute of application, resulting in silky smooth body. The packaging describes the lotion as a vanilla and soy daily body lotion that combines the moisturising properties of avocado with vanilla essence to give your body intensive hydration along with that silky feel.

Lotus Herbals Vanilla Body Lotion

The mauve plastic bottle has a sturdy base, so it does not topple easily. I hate it when they make long, thin bottles that keep toppling over all your other stuff. The bottle has a flip-top to pour out the lotion. Although the cap fits tightly, I wouldn’t be comfortable carrying it in my handbag because it is still a flip-open kind of packaging that could burst open under pressure. Also, its size is not small enough for it to be carried around in a handbag easily.

Lotus Herbals Vanilla Body Lotion

When I opened the bottle, I expected a warm toasty vanilla smell, but this lotion smelled of vanilla essence trailed by a pungent avocado scent. A nice vanilla scent is difficult to get right, but this is the pits. Since I had shelled out 165 Rupees for 200 ml of this product, I decided to use it anyway. I have been using this lotion for 1 ½ months every night on my hands, arms and feet.

Things I liked about this body lotion:

  • It has a nice consistency, neither too runny nor too creamy.
  • It forms a good moisture barrier on my skin for hours.
  • It does get absorbed into the skin mostly within a minute as they claim.
  • There is a green leaping bunny on the pack, which I’m assuming implies a cruelty free product. There is also a ‘recyclable’ symbol on the pack.
  • I like the flip-top packaging and the ease with which the product flows out. This was a problem with Body Cocoon – I had to sometimes tap the bottle hard to get the product out.
  • It has lasted me over 1 ½ months and that’s good enough for me. I tend to get bored and discard stuff midway if it goes on and on. At least I’m not going to be feeling guilty throwing away this bottle, because it is going to be empty. 🙂

Things I didn’t like about this body lotion:

  • The pungent avocado smell mixed with vanilla is a put off for me.
  • It leaves a slightly waxy feel even after getting absorbed into the skin and not the silky smooth feel the product claims.
  • It does not spread very easily. While applying, it streaks into a whitish film which you have to rub into your skin
  • The packaging does not indicate how the soy component of this product helps your skin.
  • An airy fairy ingredient list – vanilla, soy & avocado. Yes ladies, this is really all they want to disclose of the secret sauce they’ve put into this body lotion. It helps to know exactly what is inside the goop you are applying to your body.
  • It does not contain any SPF, but this is not really a problem for me as I use it only at night.

Will I buy this again: No, just because there are so many other options out there to try out. So I guess this is adios Lotus Herbals VANILASMOOTH body lotion!

Product rating: :star: :star: :star:

Have you used Lotus Herbals VANILASMOOTH body lotion?


18 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals VANILASMOOTH Body Lotion Review

  1. Hi Sonal,

    I found the Packaging very cute, infact i adore the Packaging of all the Lotus products, the fresh orange colour. :blush:
    Would like to purchase 1 bt learning about the waxy feel turned me off :-(( .
    As coz i have oily skin this might add more oils to by source :silly:
    Any ways i liked your review :yes:

    1. Thanks sush. My main grouse is the smell. The smell is not intolerable, but it is not pure vanilla smell.

      It works well as a light moisturizer. About the waxy feel, I might not even have noticed it if it were not for testing out their claim about silky smooth after feel. 🙂

  2. i love Lotus products.. If it has waxy after feel this one is for me… I have excessively dry skin.. I mean my face drinks up even Cold creams… Might give it a try… But i am worried abt the smell.. I hate avocado smell but Vanill sounds nice…

    Palak.. I am too using the Vaseline Body white… But far too light for my skin.. I loved Body coccon though…

    1. M, you could check it out at a store and see if the smell bothers you all that much. If it doesn’t, then voila! 🙂

  3. hey sonal!
    nice review. 🙂
    i had this product since ages and one day..i dropped it…it was so runny that half of the contents spilled on my floor….ewwww gruesome effort to clean it…i feel it takes ages to absorb….but at least the quantity is good ….i am sure we agree…the smell is over the top….glad we both wont buy it again! :-((

  4. The packaging does look cute and I love anything vanilla..

    But since you have warned about the smell, I don’t think I would go for it..

    I’d rather buy St.Ives Vanilla + Oat Meal lotion..Currently using the shower cream and loving it..yummylicious..

    Very frank write up Sonal 🙂

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