Lotus Herbals Wheatnourish Oil & Honey Massage Cream Review


Hello ladies !

Today I am reviewing Lotus Herbals Wheatnourish Wheatgerm Oil & Honey Nourishment Cream.


I bought this product without thinking at all . I did not even read the outer carton properly so by mistake I purchased a massage crème instead of a nourishing cream oops! Well I was quite disappointed when I found that it is not the type of cream I was thinking of buying. To be very honest all the Lotus Herbals Creams packaging looks quite the same unless you read them carefully. I think that’s how I landed up with the product which I never intended to buy. When I realized what has happened I was quite annoyed but in any case I had to try this as I am a very inquisitive person.

But I was quite fascinated by the product because it claims to have all herbal components in it. I also needed a good massage cream so I thought “let’s give it a try”.

Product description: Wheat Germ facial massage cream ‘3 minutes to rejuvenation’ for all skin types (Skin care nourishers category)

An excellent massage cream that provides total nourishment to the skin. Regular use brings out a radiant glow. Contains Ashwagandha and Tulsi known for their anti-ageing properties. Suitable for women below 30 years.

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Lotus Herbals Massage cream review

Directions for use: Wash face with lukewarm water. Apply all over face and neck. Moisten hands with cold water and gently massage for 5 minutes using upward and outward strokes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and remove with damp cotton.

Net Content: 50 grams
Price: Rs. 285/-
Shelf Life: 3 years
Active Ingredients: Extracts of Ashwagandha and Tulsi. Also contains Wheat Germ Oil, Almond Oil and Honey.

Lotus Herbals Wheatgerm nourish Massage Cream

My experience: This massage ‘crème’ that I have got here has a very rich and creamy texture almost like condensed milk yummy. In fact all the ingredients mentioned are edible (what are you girls thinking? I have definitely not tasted the cream). The fragrance is also quite alluring. The cream is good for post exfoliation massage or after cleaning with face wash. I personally prefer to use it after scrubbing because this makes it easy to get adsorbed fast. Initially I was wondering why it is written on the carton to leave on the cream for 10-15 minutes . It turns out that it does not get absorbed quickly so I have to wait wait and wait. I hate to wait but I have to keep the patience right! In the beginning I tried to use it every day but I got tired of waiting extra 10 minutes to wipe it off my face. I perspire heavily whenever I apply it so I use it at night. I do not need to moisturize my face after using it. I have been using it for quite some time but I have not seen any skin rejuvenation . It is a so so product which does nothing more than moisturizing the skin.

Lotus Wheatnourish Massaging Cream


1. Intensively moisturizing.
2. Contains active herbal ingredients.
3. Does not clog pores or cause acne .
4. Excellent massage crème for normal to dry skin types.
5. Makes skin exceptionally soft .
6. Quantity is good for the price paid.
7. Easy to use.


1. Not for oily skin type .
2. Skin perspires a lot after crème application (at least I do perspire).
3. Not for daily use.
4. Complete ingredients list is absent .
5. The glass tub packaging is bulky and unhygienic.

IMBB Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase: Maybe, but I will try other massage creams first. If I do not get anything better than this then I will buy this again.

Recommendation: Certainly not for oily skin type or for hot and humid weather. It is the right product for dry skin ladies.
I hope my review was informative to you all. Thank you

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27 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Wheatnourish Oil & Honey Massage Cream Review

    1. same here..hahah..i searched and searched and hunted for that Vichy post but was shy to ask about it. glad someone brought it up.

      have never used a massage cream and as i read the article i thot maybe at sometime in the future i shud buy this one till I read your experience:) so staying away from this one.

  1. Nice review Ruchira…Even I am yet to use any massage cream.. he he..so far I use my regular moisturizing creams only as massage creams sometime!! 😛

    But this seems quite heavy..and me oily combi..so :nono: for me!! 😀

    and haan where did the Vichy review vanish????? :methinks:

  2. ruchira this i am getting pakka. I have dry skin and this looks so awesome. I love lotus :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Ruchira, U reminded me about the unused tub of this massage cream lying in my cupboard. It didn’t give any significant result when I used. So didn’t use much. Should start using it again :yawn:

  4. Hi Rati, Thanks for posting this. But i can’t see my name here. Why so? I got worried when i didn’t get your feedback email today. I’m happy though that u’d like to use it :thanks:

  5. Hav been using it every night as a massage cream n remove with a damp cloth after 10 mins…am a big fan of this…it made my skin firm. I love Lotus 🙂

    1. i like Lotus too.i use the night cream – nutranite and is one of the first products tat I am managing to finish a whole bottle.

  6. There is a not-so popular brand called Olivia….and the Olivia massage cream is just amazing. The quantity is so much that you wont finish in 1 year and the price is just 75 rs. Availability is the only problem with this. If anyone is interested, I can do a review. Oops looks like I have already done a mini-review… 😉 Btw, I m Ankita and I m reading this amazing blog from past 2 months but I have been a silent reader so far…Congratulations to Rati for this truly amazing blog!!! 🙂

  7. Olivia’s pancake!!! I don know if I m sounding illiterate here but i thought pancake was a edible product…lol..clarify plz… 🙂

  8. y u using a massage creme as a night cream ruchira??? 😐 😐 n yes a massage cream is not supposed to be used everyday too. i think u shud use it once or twice a week depending on how much ur skin gets exposed to pollution n all :specs: :specs: . well i think this wud b another nice product frm Lotus as i luv lotus creams… u shud try it again as a proper massage cream itself few times n then rate it again .. i am sure it wud get rated high.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  9. i got this but it is called wheatjuvenate… ?:) I didnt try it yet but the smell is quite overpowering.. I think massage creams work well when used on a biweekly or once weekly basis as part of a cleansing, massage, face pack routine…Everyday usage might be quite heavy and lead to breakouts.. 😉

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