Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Review

Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer

Hello Girls,

Today I am going to review about Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer pencils. I was searching for a perfect eyeliner in the form of pencils or glide on and ended up in buying Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil.

lotus hypnotica eye contour definer

What Lotus Herbals Claims about the Product:
A premium quality auto mechanism, water proof eye liner which defines eyes to perfection and is enriched with botanical extracts and vitamins which relaxes eyes throughout the day.


Let’s look at their Product Features:

Lotus Herbals claims that it is 100% vegetarian & Animal Product free!


I couldn’t get their point. Below is the photograph of their product features:


Price: Rs. 199 Weight – 1.2 grams


My Experience with Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil:
This Eye definer is so sleek; it is a compact product we can even store it in our mini make up bag. It comes with a sharpener and the eye definer is a retractable one, so wastage will be reduced. We need to adjust it as per our requirement.


It is like a Kajal glides on my Eyes but it does not gives me a complete feel, whenever I tried to use Lotus Eye Contour Definer Pencil it ends in a Bad Eye Makeup. I had a very Bitter experience. It completely ruined my eye Makeup leaving a smudging effect. It is not having a super smooth feel. After buying the Eye Definer Pencil I have sharpened it thrice but still I didn’t get that butter like swipe when it is used in my eyes.

Lotus Herbals Eyeliner

Lotus Herbals Eyeliner

It doesn’t seem to be creamy; it gets struck in my eyelids whenever I tried to swipe it. They have also claimed that their product is Waterproof but within an hour the entire Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil swatches vanished.


You can find the unevenness in my eyelids; it is because they don’t have a creamy texture which is meant to glide well in the eyes. We can’t even expect thin lines because of the thick tip.

Colour is also somewhat light; I need to overdo it to get a Bright Lines.


After using the Eye definer for the Third time only I got this finish.

Even Maybelline Vivid Smooth Pencils did wonders in my eyes no matter when it is used in my eyelids as an eyeliner or in the water line of my eyes. I had a very good experience with Maybelline and other eye pencils when compared to Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil.

Positives of Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil:
1. Price is OK , but in my point of view even Rs.199 is also not that much worth.
2. Sharpener is so cute; we could even use this sharpener to sharp our Lip liners and other eyeliner pencils.
3. When it is used in waterline it gives us a perfect feel, but Remember only in Waterline!

Negatives of Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil:
• Staying power is too low, within an hour all my Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Pencil swatches vanished in my eyelids.
• Doesn’t have a smooth swipe as said before.
• Tip of the contour pencil is so thick, even after sharpening we can’t get that thin line.
• Whenever it is applied, it smudges a lot.
• All Eye definer swatches gets cornered in the edge of my eyes, leaving my under eyes so dark.

Final Verdict – This Eye Definer can be used only for a short span, that too care should be taken else , the other person might think we are in the trap of Dark circles. I will never buy them again no matter how inexpensive it is.

Thank you Girls,

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17 thoughts on “Lotus Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer Review

  1. it is also very hard. i remember the lotus SA’s swatching it on my hands and eve then it felt so harsh that i never bought it. i just remembered my chambor black retractable dazzle eye pencil whcih glides like butter and looks almost like a liquid eyeliner on my eyes…u shud try that divya :toothygrin:

  2. well its better to give this one a miss :nababana: ….divya u can try the colossal kajal by maybelline….thats one of the best i hav come across n it doesnt smudge the entire day….also it is in the same price range as this one…. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    1. Yes Dimpi.. Am planning to get Colossal kajal amd Volum Mascara from Maybellibe.. after yesteday “Ask IMBB post about mascaras” .. Thanks to Rati ji & to you… :waytogo:

  3. oh MY! doesn’t seem like a very promising product.. especially with oily lids like i better stay away!!! :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
    thanks for the review divya! 🙂

  4. I have the blue, color I like but yes its texture is not creamy, requires multiple swipes !!! Nice review !! :thumbsup:

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