Lotus Professional Ultimo Gold Facial Experience and Giveaway :))

Before Diwali, I was invited to try the Lotus Professional Ultimo Gold Facial. I was anyway thinking of getting a clean up done before Diwali, so thought this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try. We went to the Trendz Salon, Pitampura Delhi. I personally believe that it’s the staff that makes or breaks the salon. And their staff was EXCELLENT.

I started with a gold facial. They used real gold leaves on my skin. It was an hour of undisturbed pampering and my skin felt just brilliant. Not only my skin was relaxed, it felt sooo good and rejuvenated. I was so impressed that I asked Lotus Professional people if some of my readers could also experience this facial. They gladly agreed.

I am adding the details of the gold facial, an intro video shot by the Lotus team and the contest details below. Let me know if you need any more details. Would be more than happy to share. πŸ™‚

ULTIMO – An ultra-premium range of skin care treatments based on β€˜Precious Metals’.

These revolutionary skin transforming treatments uses Real PLATINUM, 24 Karat GOLD & OYSTER PEARLS in the most natural and skin friendly format. The innovative nano-molecular action helps these precious metals to penetrate deeper into the skin to give you an instant and long-lasting results.


My pic right after the facial – no foundation or concealer. Just fresh skin. πŸ™‚

rati beauty ad

The role of Precious metals in facial:

β€’ These precious metals resonate with over enough of negative ion energy and is composed of 99.99% pure metals
β€’ The negative charge ion in metals helps balance both positive and negative ions within the body and helps purify the blood thus provides a consistent and healthy beautiful skin and helps eliminate puffiness on the face
β€’ The elimination of wrinkles and dark spots are the direct result of the combination of this incredible new semi-conductor technology and precious metals
β€’ Helps tighten and maintain elasticity of the skin
β€’ Helps trim and slim the face
β€’ Helps eliminate fatigue and droopy tiredness
β€’ Precious Metals also helps relieve muscle fatigue and tiredness

β€˜Real 24 Karat Gold’
This revolutionary skin transforming treatment penetrates 24 Karat Gold till the skin’s deepest layer that accelerates cell renewal, stimulate lymphatic drainage and promotes the clearance of stagnant melanin to brighten the skin.
The energy inherent in pure gold, eremites and revives the skin, giving it a fresh, glowing and healthy complexion.

Contest :

  • Answer this in a comment below : What do you love the most about a facial?
  • 3 Winners
  • Applicable to those residing in these cities:

1. Delhi
2. Ghaziabad
3. Gurgaon
4. Noida
5. Faridabad
6. Chandigarh
7. Amritsar
8. Ludhiana
9. Lucknow
10. Jaipur
11. Mumbai
12. Pune
13. Ahmedabad
14. Bangalore
15. Hyderabad
16. Chennai
17. Kolkata
18. Patna
19. Guwahati

Happy commenting!! πŸ™‚


191 thoughts on “Lotus Professional Ultimo Gold Facial Experience and Giveaway :))

  1. I love the fact it helps in eliminating scars and wrinkles, helps slim and trim the face also helps tightens skin which for my skin is a must

  2. First of all, you have such AWESOME skin *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* No under eye circles, no freckles, no acne spots….touchwood…..and the facial lookssssssssssss such an awesome process, all those packs and the GOLD LEAFFFFFFFFF *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* Lotus Herbals, why no hyderabad *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

  3. That fresh like a ‘rose petal’ skin post-facial is what I love about a facial. Makes me pause before a mirror more often.

  4. Ommmggg you skin looks drastically changed in the video before and after the facial… you got a glowing transformation… *woot* what i love about facials is that it gives a super deep cleansing to you skin which is not possible by using regular products and it gives you a chance to do something for yourself away from the routine tired life *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom* *jalwa* sit back, relax and get a facial done.. what could be better than this to get beautiful glowing skin *pompom* *pompom*

  5. U look fab Rati…..the facial has given u such nice glow…

    I love facial because it heals my tired and exhausted skin…with a nice facial, i get a nice, healthy glow, clean skin, well moisturized and hydrated skin, and i put my best pampered foot forward….! i do not have to worry about dead cells, dullness and I feel like a pretty princess… *jalwa* *jalwa* *preen*

  6. Really loved the glow on your face Rati πŸ™‚ . What I love about facial is it should give brightness, polished look and relaxing and calming feel.

  7. What I love most about the facial: it removes dark spots..something no cream/facial/treatment has managed to really help till date.Really Looking forward to an even skin tone.

  8. wow what clear and supple skin u have dear *woot* lovely πŸ™‚
    I love facial because I enjoy simply getting a facial clean once a month. It gives my face a break from all the makeup and clears my pores from the dirt and oils accumulated. It feels so refreshing, cool, clean to the face. *happydance* *happydance*

  9. This facial gave an amazing glow to your skin, what i love about a facial is the relaxing massage and pampering *happydance* *happydance*

  10. Rati,you have such gorgeous healthy skin! Touchwood!

    What I love about facials is not just the products being used or the final results,but the experience as a whole. While the products work their magic on the skin, the massage helps us relax and makes us feel pampered. So the final glow that we get after a good facial I believe can be attributed to a relaxed mind combined with great facial products.

  11. Your skin is glowing Rati! Thats what I love about a facial, the feeling of pampering your skin and feeling all relaxed and ending up with clean, healthy, supple and radiant skin!! *puchhi*

  12. *woot* wow the skin seem to be soft and glowing after the facial rati di..lovely glowing face you have.. *puchhi* why isn’t this contest applicable for Chandigarh residents?? *cry*

  13. Facial is the best thing which makes you feel pampered and gives you the best time in the world.. πŸ™‚ the whole feel of treating yourself luxuriously is just awesome.. that’s the time when you feel yes you are special and you deserve it! *happydance* *happydance*

  14. What I love the most about facial is that it brings out the beautiful glow and radiance which also puts a smile on my face πŸ™‚ So anything that results in happiness is the best thing!

  15. Wooww u luk beautiful rati.. *powder*

    What i luv about good facial is that it gives me confidence of having
    Clean ,clear and healthy skin that i can step out without makeup.
    Also it gives me relaxation and peace and joy of spending quality tym fr pampering my skin *powder* *preen*

  16. I love the relaxation and pampering on the skin. The feeling of softness and suppleness that my skin has after an amazing facial and the whole new feeling of being refreshed and the reduced level of tensions!! πŸ˜€ and rati you look amazing!

  17. Hi Rati,
    After watching this video, i am so much tempted to get facial done as soon as possible. Your skin is flawless .. touchwood πŸ™‚ *hifive* *hifive*

    What I like about facial is that I can relax for an hour or so without any disturbance and i literally feel inner peace during the the facial treatment.
    What I like most about it is that “the slow massage” given all over the face especially around the eye area.. It is so much soothing.. πŸ™‚ And here the Lotus Ultimo facial is definitely the winner.. I so want to try their facials.. The gold colored leaves got me tempted πŸ™‚ Thanks a ton for letting us know about Lotus PRofessionals.. I had no idea before that they had facial store also πŸ™‚

  18. What is the best I luv about a facial is the awesome massage given by the masseuse and the relaxation I feel almost to the point of going to sleep, is the best part. Also the feeling and glow after a facial makes me feel am the most beautiful lady and am worth it *powder* *preen*

  19. hellluu… u facial skin resembles to the shine of a 24kt Gold…with 99.999 purity……

    N I just llloooooovvvvveee….. d massage part of facial…. n if d movements r reaally slow i even take napss *secret* *secret* *secret* *secret* *secret* *secret* * *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  20. n find it really difficult to stay awake so as to give the masseuse d impression dt im wide awake n dt she shud do her job well… bt my snors… *headbang* *headbang* spillss d bean.

  21. Before facial : Dark, Unhealthy skin
    During facial : Pampering. *preen* *preen*
    After facial : Fresh looking and feeling skin like a fresh flower πŸ™‚

  22. Wow!!! Ur skin looking so fresh πŸ™‚

    I love the overall experience of getting a facial. It feels so relaxing, the pampering and the result. It leaves your skin super clean with a glow which is really necessary in today’s world where normal daily products are nt enough

  23. Your skin looks fabulous after the facial procedure.

    One of the most exciting highlights of facial is that the skin seems like that of a new born baby after the facial. The freshness and suppleness of the skin can be noticed after the facial and it is the main reason people go for it. *clap* Facial is like taking a dip in Ganges where all the impurities leave the skin to make it glow with full intensity. *hifive*

  24. πŸ™‚ Naice and flawless Rati…..ur skin itself is very dewy dewy *haan ji* …
    What do you love the most about a facial? and my answer is the fact that

    A facial has a lot of health benefits especially to your well being. It offers you the chance to work with a professional skin care specialist who will analyze your skin type, help you improve all the imperfections, and show you the methods on how to care for your skin properly. It gives yourself the chance to experience the treatments that cleanse, hydrate, tone, and refine your skin.
    Circulation – Regular facial treatment helps to increase the circulation in the area and stimulates the skin. Facial treatment is a great way to prevent the wrinkling appearance on your face as you age. Keeping your skin properly hydrated will prevent your skin from dehydration.

    Cleansing -Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration which can help to unclog your pores and get rid of deep seated dirt and impurities that affect the overall health and appearance of your skin.
    Understanding skin care and products -Facial can help you understand the proper products specifically suited for your skin. Many people are using the wrong products for their skin type causing their skin to become sensitized. Look for a good cosmetic doctor in your area who will work best to give you a home care regimen that will work best for the type of skin you have. Skin type is determined by pore size, tone, oil production, and texture. This is an important component of starting to create a beautiful skin.
    Rejuvenate complexion – Facial treatments guarantee to rejuvenate your complexion. It is one of the best ways to restore your skin’s natural glow. It is a cosmetic treatment of the face that includes a series of pampering methods of applying creams, lotions, masks, peels, exfoliation, steam, and massage.
    Pamper and Stress buster – It can lessen your stress. Almost all facial treatments can help you feel relaxed especially if it combined with massage. Your body releases a hormone that makes you happy called endorphin when you are in your most relaxed state

  25. For me a good facial eliminates tiredness , removes dead skin cells and relaxes you while deep cleansing your face improving good blood circulation and making you feel and look fresh and supple skin and glowy πŸ™‚

  26. What I love about a facial is the massage.. I love the glow u get on ur face post the massage.. Its like a hint of pink which makes u fall in loove with ur self again and again :).

  27. Wow another awesome contest…. I love getting facials done in parlours and I must say the result of this gold facial on your skin is looking very promising Rati… πŸ˜€ *clap*

    Thing which I love the most about facial is this that it lets me relax while my skin gets pampered and clean. The facial massage improves the blood circulation and make my skin glow and and it also makes me relax and the effect of that relaxation shows on my skin in form of the after facial radiance *haan ji*

  28. I love the fact that its an hour full of pampering of the face. Getting rid of blackheads, blemishes, tanning , darkcircles, patchy skin are the best benefits of a facial for me. I feel so relaxed, glowy and fresh after a good facial session. I am from kolkata.
    I must say you look so fresh and dewy after this facial.

  29. i love facials because they rejuvenate my skin soul, lets the tiredness melt away and the skin says thank you of taking such wonderful care, i can only promise to serve you better over the years if you continue to take such fabulous care πŸ™‚

  30. A facial should give me a new face, a face which has been rejuvenated , filled with radiance and glow. A facial should take away unwanted years from my face and give it a dream like quality πŸ™‚

  31. A facial should give me a new face, a face which has been rejuvenated , filled with radiance and glow and health. A facial should take away unwanted years from my face and give it a dream like quality πŸ™‚

  32. I love the skin relaxation one gets during facial. With the face massage the skin get rejuvenated. All the tiredness of the skin is gone. I also love the fragrances of the massage gel or creams and the ultimate is the face pack which brings the glow on the face. I love the entire process of facial -cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, face pack and moisturizing. Though my skin doesn’t need to much of facial done but i love indulging myself into a nice facial once in a while.

  33. we have a salon at walking distance here in Pune, it has lotus professionals services *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. Hey Neha, could you please let me know the area where this lotus professionals wala salon is?..i reside in pune and stay in pashan..

      Thanks in advance *pompom*

      1. aundh annexe i forget the name but it is some hair stylist lay name, the salon name i mean
        they have the entire lotus professional range

  34. Facial is an important part of skin care routine. I know when m going for a facial, that one hr belongs to me n only me. Nobody can tk it away.For me its a process of rejuvenation, pampering n love for self. Its a gift to myself for d daily tough routine I go through stuck in office work, hampering my precious eyes in front of the laptop for hours. Keeping eyes close n enjoy d treatment is an amazing way to relax. Its a thank you to my skin for tolerating n accepting my hectic daily lyf.so once in a month I definitely indulge into a relaxing facial.
    Its a token of love for my skin to.let it breath freely, feel soft,enjoy the massage n smile

    Facial skin is mirror to ur personality,if u tk care of it,u r bound to shine n make an impact.
    So ladies leave behind all the tensions,worries n other priorities. Go get a facial done n let ur skin thank u πŸ™‚

  35. Hey Neha,
    Could you please let me know the address(Pune) of Salon which provides lotus professionals services.
    I am tempted to go for Ultimo Gold Facial…… *powder*

  36. What a wonderful facial Rati and your skin looks absolutely lovely.

    What I love about facials – I spend over 12 hours in front of the computer and spend hardly any time pampering my face and neck. When I do go in for a facial, I love the way a good beauty therapist can massage away the tension and stress and how afterwards, my face looks visibly more relaxed and happier somehow. That is what I love about facials – the sense of calm and relaxation in my mind that reflects on my face. πŸ™‚

  37. facial makes my skin better looking , relax skin muscles, its brightens up the skin making it more smoother and softer and while getting facial i feel like sleeping…sound sleep……

  38. What I love the most about a facial is that it nourishes the skin along with giving it a natural glow. A facial, a good one, can do wonders for the skin and who wouldn’t want that? Simple as that πŸ™‚

  39. when it comes to style & skincare , the early 20’s are something of a haze for most. *waiting* it’s hard to pinpoint what one is comfortable with, simply because almost everything has been tried in the quest of arriving at a signature look. *specs* nudging myself in the right direction of experimentation, *nails* i did a facial at home. what i loved most about it? my skin looked less gross ! *haan ji* and well rested. next time when i got it done from a beautician , i felt much relaxed and saw drastic change in skin’s over all texture. *jalwa* ..it was glowing. so what i loved most about a facial is that, it made me happy. *happy dance*
    and i can’t compliment you enough. gold is the colour for leo’s πŸ˜€ for you , and as for me *hihi*

  40. I enjoy the pampering and relaxation when receiving a facial treatment, and the best part is that it comes with a multitude of other benefits that offer my skin health and wellness along with providing a healthy glow to the complexion !! It goes a long way to relieve stress as well as encourage peace of mind and contentment. That 1- 1.5 hours is total bliss …and takes me to another world…(and I enjoy the lovely scents and smells of the creams being use !!)..Hence a facial is a must for me once a month because it has benefits which are aesthetic as well as psychological. Not only does it improve the look of the skin, it also takes that back-breaking stress and fatigue off your shoulders !!!

  41. woowww….you are lookng just awesome…and having a facidal done removes dead skin cells,makes it glowing,removes wrinkles and acne not totaly in a one time but to a certain extent..it makes your skin feel soft and smooth

  42. O.M.G! flawless and glowing skin, you have Rati πŸ™‚
    And another awesome contest for pampering us! *woot* *jai ho*

    And what i love the most about Facials is that it is simply relaxing! There is nothing that relaxes me as much as a massage does! Definetely stimulates blood circulation, firms and cleanses my skin. And of course who doesn’t love the post facial glow! The best way to pamper my skin! πŸ™‚

  43. Hiee Rati.. πŸ™‚ U have such a glowing & amzing skin after dis facial I just love it… *whistle* *whistle* It golden leaves make me tempered to have dis facial as soon as possible *happydance*
    I love d Facial coz it moustourize My skin & rejuvinate my complextion …my skin feel relaxed hydrate & toned & skin becomes so soft supple & clean after a good facial massage..A facial massage improves d blood circulation & make my skin gloing & pinky effect… πŸ™‚ *happydance* *happydance* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  44. *woot* *woot* *woot* you truly are such a delight di….thank you so much for the giveaway and the facial looks brilliant on your flawless skin *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    i wish i was in bangalore right now πŸ™‚ may go soon and get this …can you tell me how much it costs di:)

    what i love facials *happydance* *happydance* are that they are so relaxing and one way to show all our love for our skin and take care of the most protective thing in our body *haan ji* . deep cleansing and nourishing facial is a must for a beautiful youthful skin

  45. rofl Hey!! Facial to me is to be Relaxed!:P and Pampered… *clap*

    As I am 8 months Preggi…i hardly get time to pamper myself…this can be a good opportunity *shy*



  46. i luv d fact that after thsi facial ur skin actually strts braething…no wrinkles..no dark circles or tan..i gives immense glow on d skin….:)

  47. I like the whole zen like experience. I like the me-time which I rarely get especially now with a naughty toddler around. I love feeling like a princess, luxuriously getting pampered. I love the touch of my baby soft skin and the radiant glow on my face after the facial. Most of all, I love the glow from within, which is the result of deep relaxation and content of taking care of myself. What is not to love about a good facial?

    Loved how u were looking so relaxed during the facial Rati. I loved ur lipstick too. You have beautiful skin and smile. Neatly shot video.

  48. Hi…what i like about facial is that it removes dead skin cells and other toxins and gives u a clean and clear skin, guaranteed deep cleansing, rejuvenate our complexion, stress reliever – makes u feel relaxed, and takes care of anti-aging.

  49. Facials are important because they will bring
    oxygen and nutrients to feed skin at the dermal
    level. Facials are essentially a way of removing a
    layer of dead skin cells from the skin surface
    along with other toxins that may have
    accumulated on the skin.
    Extractions are the part of the facial where an
    esthetician removes blackheads and whiteheads.
    Extractions take place after the skin has been
    thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and sometimes
    steamed, which helps soften up the plug of
    hardened sebum that makes up a blackhead. *thankyou*

  50. loved ur healthy skin rati.. *puchhi* *puchhi*

    the thing i love most about facial is the amount of relaxation it gives in such a less time , and that relieves all the stress and the massage strokes brings out the glowing skin from within.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  51. Thing that entice me in this facial. They used original gold leaf infused in your with highly professional way…. Feels that we are in the era of mugal… And princess is getting pampered πŸ™‚

  52. I loveeeee facials bcoz it brightens , tightens n lightens my skin …. and it makes me feel pampered n beautiful *preen* *preen*

  53. Facials help in flushing off the toxins and stimulate lymphatic drainage.Also, they improve blood circulation and ease out facial muscles too..All this leads to better turnovet if cells…and apart from that who does not like indulging and being pampered!! I mean what’s not to love…!! Fresh , rejuvinated,, glowing skin is thr best makeup! πŸ™‚

  54. all the best to all those who are residing in these metros….

    btw Rati, facial or no facial, you are always glowing and look so perfect πŸ™‚

  55. I love the glow I get from a facial, the relaxation I get post a facial massage & confidence I feel after getting a facial done in terms of how I appear. The cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturize the skin routine feels great!! It does for my skin what a month of exercise and good nutrition does for my body – noticeably improve its look and feel. *powder* *powder*

  56. Today pollution is so high that at the end of the day our skin loss the glow, shine, lustre, texture everything, again as we are working women we can hardly spend anytime for daily beauty regime, in such a situation a good facial, a proper massage, natural but high quality products followed with proper procedure help to revive and rejuvenate our skin. it becomes necessary for us after 30. to me the massage is the best part of the facial as it not only relax your mind, it also blend the cream properly into your skin. *preen* *preen*

  57. I absolutely love the fact that a good facial makes you forget about everything in the world. You are toally calm, relaxed and at peace. It is like meditating for an hour – away from the worries of your work, of your family. Plus you get super amazing skin afterwards. *happy dance*

    You skin look visibly freshened up and glowing, I am sure you would be feeling awesome too! *preen*

  58. Hi Rati,
    I simply love the video.. πŸ˜›
    The best part about Facials is that they make us feel sooo relaxed, Its like a spa.
    I am almost sleeping during facials, they make me feel soo relaxed and calms down my nerves.
    facial makes our skin so clean and fresh, soo soft to touch.
    overall facials are the best stress busters,and beauty boomers *preen*

  59. The thing that I love the most about a facial is that it makes my skin even-toned and I can stay off the foundation and concealer for a month. I do not have to make extra efforts to look flawless. πŸ™‚

  60. Just love to Relax and forget the world ,its a splendid experience while facial, and the after effects are awesome.

  61. first of all, you got an amazing skin, its flawless.. the thing i love the most about a facial is the glow it gives, the relaxation i experience, all my tiredness is gone and yeah.. the ‘aroma’ of the products being used.. and i always like to do something or the other to my face, whether it is trying out new products, or doing facial, clean up etc. πŸ˜›

  62. Rati you look FRESH and glowing *jalwa* . Although the pic resolution is not very great but we can still make out how rejuvinated your skin looks. Your smile justifies the rest. (pampered, overall treatment in the salon)

    What I love the MOST about facial is that it is not a short lasting but long lasting treat for the skin. When good products are used by well trained therapists, we not only get the benefits of the facial instantly as the glow and relaxed feeling but also the effects of the products lasts to give us a lustrous and supple skin, improving the skin texture *preen* for a long time. Regular Facial regime is a must in our beauty schedule.

  63. Hiee this is Amrin from Mumbai,

    I like going for facial is because one it breaks cellulite from the face due to the massage. It reduces the tan and gives instant glow and rejuvenates the look as well as the mind due to relaxation.Key towards good looks is feeling good which is why i like going for facials.

  64. The harshness and pollution in air in today’s times takes a toll on the skin..skin feels rough and lifeless and is more prone to damage plus skin looks dull and nt so pretty..:(…in our busy schedules we can’t do much for our skin..thats when treaments like a good facial comes to our rescue, the affect of a good facial on our skin can be surprisingly amazing..I can reverse all the damage done …dull skin turns into bright one…lifeless ski is healthy, glowing, smooth and radient…for me facials=life saver=beautiful skin=loads of compliments=happy me..,.:)

  65. *preen* *happy dance* *thankyou* I love d glow and charm on d face after facial….my hubby notices d change(d best reason)!!!!!!! *announce*

  66. sleep or awake..i am in peace wth myself…cant wait to go out..look into the mirror…or jst feel my face with jst my finger tips fearing tht i myt harm it….can literally feel my skin breath….feels so alive..soo smooth i wanna kiss myself.. *puchhi* ….

  67. RAti!!! you looking FAB ya!!!

    Well coming back to the contest!!!…

    I love the way facials makes my skin soft, relaxed & flawless without the right genes. It also helps to improve the look & feel of my skin. I really don’t look for any special occasions to indulge on this because – β€œ I like to feel,walk & talk with my energized face”.

    After watching your video I am damn sure like me everyone would be eager for the Lotus Professional Ultimo Gold Facial Experience. After reading the above beautiful facial experiences of beauties above…I seriously feel they are winners in themselves.

    May the best person wins!!!!….and whoever does plz share ur experience as well…(not to make others jealous but ya..just like that) *thankyou*

  68. I love facials for a lot of reasons…
    the most important is the fact that facials are a way to pamper ourselves for 30min to 1hr. The face massage done by professional beauticians is so so relaxing and i enjoy it a lot. We all know massages are a good way to improve blood circulation, remove toxins from our body and give us healthy beautiful skin.
    And finally dont we all LOVE the glow a facial gives to our skin. *preen* *preen* *preen*

    And Rati di you look absolutely glowing after the facial. Hope i win this wonderful chance! *drool* *drool* *drool* *woot* *woot* *woot*

  69. Relaxes the body and soul. A good facial is not what it does to your face, but help release out stress out of the body πŸ™‚

  70. I love facial coz it deep cleanses, relaxes tired skin, tightens nd gives trim look, remove tan nd blemishes pamper my skin nd finally gives a healthy glow *pompom*

  71. Wow you were literally glowing after the facial!! *happydance* *happydance* *happy dance* *happy dance* you have amazing skin Rati and this facial looks too good to be true *woot* *woot*

  72. Wow Rati..you look so fresh….and that smile …you are a cutiepie…

    The thing that I like about facial is it gives that much needed pampering to your skin.You can just sit and relax for that duration ..no stress and you see a fresh face of yourself..It does give that happiness..Doesnt it? πŸ™‚ It helps in getting rid of blackheads,whiteheads….removes dead skin…makes it bright, soft,supple and radiant..and above all it gives you that confidence.When you look good, you feel good…

  73. Wow Rati you looked great on Diwali!!! *puchhi* After watching the video even i wanna try gold facial! πŸ˜› *pompom*

    A facial is improves the look, feel and health of your skin.*preen*
    Facial gives a beautiful glow, clean very deeply, diminish your pore size, prevent breakouts, relax you, increase the blood flow,which I love it!!! *pompom* *waaa* πŸ˜›
    It also provided confidence in myself!!!!! *shy*

  74. “PAMPERING”… this is what i love about facials..and everything related to spa..
    with pure gold *happydance* *happydance* as one of the things in this facial..this is has to be exclusive..superb concept.. *clap* *clap*
    πŸ™‚ RATI…U LUKING…like a goddess.. *jai ho* *jai ho* hehe..

  75. the video is awesome and your skin is glowing like a pearl Rati di!
    I love the softness and suppleness that facials give! *powder*

  76. Facials for me is the time machine which makes me feel as if i just traveled back to my past as they make me feel young n fresh again

  77. Rati u look gorgeous…and I love getting facials done because they give a nice squeaky clean skin with glow that stays for a while and is complemented with silky smooth skin free of any spots/blemishes/rough patches….

  78. Facial helps open up the pores so that the products can penetrate the skin more easily. It also improves circulation and makes extraction easier which means less trauma on the skin.

    Peels exfoliate the skin better than any scrub can on it’s best day. And, when you exfoliate, you remove all of the dead skin that is covering the glow!

  79. we live in such polluted surroundings…and now a days we dont have time to take proper care of our skin and look after it…so we neglect it…n skip steps in skin care…
    this takes a toll on our skin…n it feels dull and tired…
    the fact that i like about getting facials done is because it is once a week ritual involving various steps and pampering massage on face…which helps to rejuvenate the skin and bring back the glow, life fullness and health back into it…also facials brings back life to our skin and removes all the toxins that get fused into it in a week and gives our skin the glow n health to go through one more week of our negligence and torture..

  80. My skin is too dry and dull. Daily exposure to sun and pollution, working at computer for longer periods, improper beauty and diet regime, stress, lack of sleep also takes a toll on my skin. A facial improves my skin’s health and appearance. It also refreshes and rejuvenates my skin from all the makeup I wear every other day and gives me a fresh and clean feeling. Due to the fast-paced life these days, at times I feel I never have a minute for myself. Booking an appointment for a facial guarantees me an hour of uninterrupted pampering which makes me feel happier πŸ˜€

  81. your skin is absolutely glowing!! *woot*
    even before the facial it you have clear complexion….but seriously it looks even more wonderful *preen*
    what I loved about this facial:
    1.Absolute Luxury ..i mean real gold leaf *drool*
    2.I could see a visible difference in your already clear skin…that counts!!!
    Me Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanttt!!1 *waaa*

  82. I love facials because while I’m getting my facial done, I can enjoy my ‘ME’ time away from the regular hustle bustle and stress. I can relax and let all my stress subside. Stress buster which gives you clean, glowy skin: couldn’t have asked for anything better than a facial *powder*

  83. 1. A facial makes not only my skin to glow but boosts up my confidence
    2. Being a mother of a 11 month old sweetheart, i hava little to no time for myself, so going for a facial once in a month gives me lots of relaxation, and i feel energetic at the end of the facial
    3. As a woman i really think that feeling beautiful and having positive thoughts about ones own physical features always makes a woman shine in everything she does… And facial really makes a woman to take wings and fly high with its instant effects…
    4. I love facials, because it makes my husband whisper in my ears that i look lovely, when i am dead tired after finishing all my biwi and mommy duties….
    5. Thanks imbb and sanjeev ji for making us a part of this giveaway…

  84. Wow Rati, your facial really makes you glow even more, am loving how relaxing it looks. Well, I hardly ever do facials, haven’t done so in years, but there is nothing more I would love than to just unwind myself for that time period, enjoy being pampered (which women doesn’t), apart from the physical glow that the facial would bring to my skin, it would also encompass a certain peace of mind that would emanate from the relaxful time allowing yourself to be spoilt and pampered. That’s how you look, and I would love to try this, and wake up with clean, fresh, glowing, dewy skin and a calm and relaxed state of mind.

  85. I am really tempted to get lotus ultimo gold facial done now.. *clap* *clap* well ur skin is looking flawless even before facial and after facial you are refreshed and rejoiced like a rose petal.. *haan ji* *haan ji* *shy* *shy*
    I am never eligible for any give aways.. *cry* *cry*
    I love facial for it gives us an hour of relaxation and pampered me time apart from rejuvenating and refreshing our tortured skin from pollution, stress and unhealthy life style as well! It helps us in getting rid from dirt and dead skin to nurture clear soft skin beneth those debris. Facial along with massage is a heavenly experience and a must try for all beauties in todays polluted, stressed and exhaustive environment. However i also feel facial alone cannot give us flawless skin as long as we are not following a religious healthy eating and work out routine. it could temporary make you look flawless and young but in long run we need a strong, strict and disciplined routine for our healthy mind, body and skin as well!!

  86. I love facial for 3 reasons:
    1) Soft supple and clean skin post facials
    2)Pampering during facials
    3) If the staff is good I can fetch myself an hour of extra sleep.This stealing an extra hour out of a hectic schedule makes it all worthwhile πŸ™‚

  87. for me there is nothing not to like in a facial sitting back relaxed ,getting your skin rejuvenated and getting a lot of compliments . *hihi*

  88. Firstly thank you rati di, sanjeev sir n all the team members of IMBB for giving everyone such a nice and exciting opportunity. Love you all. What i like about facial is:
    It brings the dying skin of the face due to the attack of daily life pollutants and stress to life. After the facial skin starts bouncing and dancing adding glory to the face.
    Secondly the happiness we get after all the pampering at the salon adds a double glow to our skin.
    And lastly it is a must have in skin care regimen as there is a lot of difference in what we do for our skin at home and what the professionals do at salon. So once in a while we should definitely go for basic clean ups and facials.. *haan ji*

  89. Facials are the ultimate answer to your stressful week and it just falls at the right place when you have a brand new party your way..
    I love facials because I JUST LOVE THEM πŸ˜›
    There can’t be nothing in the world,that can be as soothing and pampering like a facial would πŸ˜€ <3

  90. FACIAL whenever i hear this word ,my mind picks up a fresh smell atleast for a moment.and i feel somewhat enthusiastic about the feeling that im going to have a facial done.my mind starts to imagine the after effects of facial even before its done.during the massage session in the facial,i could feel the chubbyness of the skin,especially when the cheekbones are massaged.and after the facial is done,when the salonist says that word”oh did u notice that radiance in ur face”,actually it would be a negligible amount but at that moment i will feel i was the miss world. who doesnt love facials? is there anyone(may be except for the black head removing part)

  91. I have never got a facial done *secret* till date as i m little scared bout side effects which i had head long back wen i was kid LOL!!!! but i always want to get it done for Dday!!! :):) after seeing ur video ur skin looks damm cleansed ,fresh n glowing wow !!!!!

  92. Is isn’t just about beauty , it is about relaxing the part that is exposed the most exposed to weather and pollution. A facial is a MUST for everyone ! Relaxed and Content. This is what I love the most about facials. *announce* *announce* *announce* *happy dance* *preen*

  93. o wow , Chennai is in .. So i AM in πŸ˜€ .. I love facial, For it is the biggest treat you can give your skin .. Facial is so rejuvanating, you feel so o clean and fresh your body and soul .. It removes all impurities from your face and the most amazing part is you can look stunning even with No makeup or lesser makeup πŸ˜€

  94. Wow.. Rati di. U look so pretty. U dnt need to wear makeup.

    I love the fact facial coz it gives glowing,smoothing skin. It minimizes scars, wrinkles.and I love pampering in luxurious way once a month.. It refreshes ur mind also..

  95. What I love the most about facial is… that during that 1- 1.5 hour, I again transcend into my little princess world and there I am no different from the barbies I used to play with.
    Moreover after the facial I look even closer to those barbies..
    I feel so relaxed, so pampered after the facial that I can go back to being me without a shred of doubt in my head as I am confident I look great.. and for a couple of days after the treatment it feels as if Life has sent you its choicest blessings πŸ™‚

  96. Facial gives me calming , soothing and gorgeous effect to
    my tired face and make me more confident and feel better
    about my looks. I love facials.

  97. Glad that u added hyderabad to the list *thankyou*

    Ur skin is really glowing like a gold.. We ladies are always passionate abt gold, be it ornaments or facials.. I love doing facials to get relaxed, pampered and also glowing skin… But normal facials at parlors can give only relaxation most of the times, but that glow doesn’t last long… But this lotus facial seems to give long lasting effect and apart from glow, its coming with extra benefits.. Love it a lot..
    Please tell me where can i do this in hyd???

  98. I love Facial Because it Rejuvenate skin, Gives Relaxation, improves Blood Circulation, With Lotas Harbs we can clean skin by using natural ingradiants, It Moisturises skin which looks pure and helathy.

  99. Facial is simply the best REJUVENATION. Not just for you skin but even your mind. The most needed break from routine resulting into a healthy glowing you in front of the mirror and freshened up brains. Just love the calmness that comes with a facial. Just Perfect!

  100. Facials are a way to improve skins health and appearance. They help you cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturize the skin. Facials are not just a way to feel relaxed and pampered, but also a means for making our skin healthier. So this makes it an all-important monthly beauty ritual!

  101. *pompom* Wat I love about a facial is the after effects of it. The soft baby like skin, the suppleness, the warm peachy glow from within,pampered for an hour by professionals who know how to with utmost care and the feeling: let’s rock my world!!!…. with the confidence of soft glowing beautiful skin one gets, nothing can beat that!

  102. According to me facial is the coolest way of pampering ourselves. As a new mom of 10 months baby i do not get time to do all the rituals for a good and glowing skin. So i think if i can do facial atleast once in a month then i can compensate for the missing skin care. By doing facial we can reduce fine lines of ageing an d wrinkles. And also 1 hour of ultimate relaxation..

  103. I love the fact that facial gives you an immediate glow and is like a mini getaway from daily chores without breaking the bank. Its every women’s sure shot way of getting pampered and getting out of the salon rejuvenated, ready to face the world.
    And yeah , breaking some hearts too. Blame the glow, not the bearer πŸ˜‰

  104. every lady deserves to be pampered and look beautiful and i believe that facial is a sweet gesture towards making lady feel pampered and beautiful. *preen* *preen* *happydance*

  105. I realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to win this giveaway as i want to gift this to my mom on her birthday .Her birthday is in november.Rati di plich plich plich muje ye mummy ko as a gift dena hain .and i bet she l b happy after this superb facial .
    A facial is a great way to treat your skin.Getting facials will help you achieve a clear complexion and a nice glow and i can the results on your face.A facial can give you a deep cleansing, deeper than the cleansing you will get at home. A facial includes cleansing as well as exfoliation which can help to unclog your pores. Extracting open comedones will also help rid the skin of acne. Your skin care specialist will help soften the skin with steam, hot moist towels, and enzymes or other exfoliants.A facial helps increase circulation and stimulates the skin. It can also help slow down premature aging ,and thats want i feel about facial… πŸ™‚ *thankyou* for this awesome giveaway *hifive*

  106. after one month of working, studying and partying out like crazy….a facial is the perfect excuse to actually sit at one place for an hour without moving πŸ˜› and just letting your body relax. after all the skin should get something in return for supporting me 24*7*30. and the best part about a facial..it actually makes me doze off in between *hihi*

  107. What i love most about a facial is that the feeling of having someone hold my face in their hands and make me feel loved for an hour…..and i getto sleep undisturbed for atleast that moment.

  108. I love facials because of below reasons…..
    Pampering feeling I get during the facial.
    It helps to eliminate all those dead skins,torturing effect my skin would have undergone during pollution,stress -So facial is a luxurious-pampered-feeling.
    And who does not like to get treated with other specialized folks than doing ourself.
    Facial always helped to keep my sensitive skin under control

  109. Thanks so much for this giveaway Rati! A facial is not only about the glow it gives to my face, it’s about the ultimate pampering experience. No matter how diligently I take care of my skin at home, none of that compares to the time spent in a salon, where I can relax, while my skin gets pampered! πŸ™‚ The result is a beautiful, happy and confident me! πŸ™‚

  110. facials gimme time to relax and that is one thing anyone craves for.. time for yourself.. free from all the responsibilities apart from the added benefits that my skin glows post facial and i feel rejuvenated to face my life again.. as they say i have put on my mask and i am ready to face the world again πŸ™‚

  111. i love everything about facial…wow! it just makes ur dull skin glow…i just admire my skin after getting facial…u k nw i feel unique,i feel really confident to face the world wht bare skin…and its a dream come true for everyon to have smooth ,supple and brighter skin…aur kisi chiz ka to pta nahi magar jab bhi main facial krti hun ya karwati hun to bssss mirror hi dekhti rehti hun..i feel top of the world lolz,, *preen*.. some of the benefits i experince while facial:-
    * Better looking skin.
    * U take time for yourelf to rejuvenate your skin.
    * Feeling more relaxed.
    * Improved confidence.
    And rati mam ..u r fabulous,seriously u have such a stunning personality…god bless u

  112. Hey Rati,
    we all have tiresome job and at the end of the day we are all like so exhausted and our skin feels dead n so is our morale. *ghost*
    after facial it is an instant awakening effect where we get our confidence back to go on. *happydance*
    our skin gets so better that it gives us confidence n life to us. *happy dance*
    i watched you video n wow *woot* you are skin looks so soft after the facial. and i’m tempted to take this facial πŸ˜€
    thank you for giving everyone this opportunity, you are an awesome person indeed *puchhi*

  113. I love the relaxation feeling it gives me, we can do facial even in our home by our-self, but that professional way we cant do in that manner and plus the good feel of relaxation.

  114. The best thing about getting a facial done are the compliments *thankyou* that come my way for the glow on my skin *oye balle* or how soft my skin becomes *puchhi*
    The entire feeling of getting pampered right from the amazingly awesome massage to the sleep inducing and relaxing feeling that u get during the process *haan ji* just adds to the benefits of getting beautiful skin *preen*

  115. Facial makes my skin looks well hydrated at same time it cleans my face without over drying, and the best part is after facial my skin glows *preen*
    That is what i love about facial

  116. We love pampering our loved ones but we usually neglect ourself. Facial is one of the ways you can pamper yourself and make yourself feel special. What I like about facial is when people tell me ‘wow..you are glowing. your skin looks amazing!’ It gives me a boost of confidence and I carry myself out to events much better. I love getting myself pampered. Good skin makes me feel better about myself to some extent. Facial includes cleansing, scrubbing, pack and massage.. which helps to clear our my skin, gst rid of dead skin and gives soft skin.

    P.S. Rati, you have an amazing skin and after facial it looks even more beautiful. As if youre shining from within. Soo pretty.

  117. FACIAL…I feel ,Its a beauty treatment any gender can do.Facial is a great way to take care of your skin n also a way to pamper yourself. *preen*

  118. The thing I love about a facial is that it makes my skin baby soft, makes me fall in love with myself Everytime I look into the mirror.
    And I blush Everytime he touches my soft cheeks πŸ™‚

  119. hi:) thanx for adding hyderabad. coming to the answer i love the fact that i am so away from all the work and even if i am stressed i am forced to relax as i can’t move for about an hour according to my own will πŸ˜› plus the benifits the facial is going to provide to my skin are an added advantage *happydance*

  120. Gorgeous perfect and healthy skin..I enjoy the massage during facial which helps me stress out my face from cosmetics ingredients.. I love the clean and supply skin which facial delivers..

  121. In a facial I love the feeling of ”getting pampered” that I get when its done really well. I feel every woman deserves a dose of pampering now and then.

  122. I am sooooo happy that hyderabad is also added. Thank u sanjeevji and rati di. *happydance* *happydance* *jai ho*

    The best part of facials for me is the pampering *drool* . I feel that it is d only place where we feel like queens (Queen Panchali and Cleopatra especially πŸ˜› ). This pampering deals with my stress and I m good to fight on with work and stress next day *jogging* . Thats why I get my facials done every 2 weeks.

  123. Facials give a much needed pampering to our faces that are exposed to so much facets of the cruel nature. Helps remove fatigue and make it as good as new πŸ™‚

  124. Wow! Rati you are glowing like gold! this stuff looks awesome!!! didn’t know Lotus herbals had facials too! I have tried their face packs, toners and teatree gel and now i am really keen on giving their facials a try! A facial for me is like a gift from me to myself!! The second best thing for rejuvenation, first shall always be Retail Therapy!!! :p

  125. Wat I love about a facial is that it cleans my skin, helps remove blackheads & if done right gives a nice fresh glow to the skin. But since I have a combination & a very sensitive skin I cannot indulge in this pampering ever so often. If this gold facial is really that great, I would definitely want to try it *preen*

  126. Hi, first and foremost, I love the picture. I have tried Lotus facewash and it was good. I think I will give this a try. πŸ™‚

    I use facial because I am a college going girl. I deal with pollution on a regular basis. If I wear trendy clothes for fashion, I guess my skin deserves some extra attention too. To remove the stress, detoxify the skin, and get a clean and clear face, I opt for facials.

    With God’s grace, except the horrid acne, my skin is fine. So, whatever product I use, my friends happen to opt for that too. I hope this one suits me. By the way, I am from Lucknow πŸ™‚

  127. The thing I love the most about a facial is that it makes me feel special…..Post-facial, when I look at my face, I invariably feel good about myself…makes me realize my true worth….

    Thank you for the question Rati Ma’am and Sanjeev Sir… Ma’am, you’re getting ‘cuter’ day by day…you inspire me to keep fit…. πŸ™‚

  128. Facial for me- is pampering the skin and telling it, baby see iam pampering you with all the good things for troubling you with all the threading,waxing thinggy πŸ˜› i feel its basically give & take situation where in you pamper(give) nice massages and get(take) all glowing supple soft skin.
    Am i sounding l’l stupid? πŸ˜› *hihi*

  129. Few minutes into the facial massage and the moment i feel “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” *pompom* . The moment when i the heavenly feeling that my skin is drinking the juices of beauty elixirs and the coming back to life, the blood gushing in and eating up all the toxins and cleaning up inside while the creams do it outside. ahhh. the inside out feel wins !!! *oye balle*

  130. I love the way facial helps in deep cleansing the skin eliminating the impurities on the layers of skin and the way it helps to impart the glow from deep inside the skin.. *happy dance* Facials always help keeping the skin at pink of health, be it at parlor or at-home.. *haan ji* *haan ji*
    And i would love to try this facial after seeing your skin’s transformation Rati di.. its really really amazing and i must say you have the best skin (touchwood) *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

  131. rati u are looking great πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and thanks to lotus for this πŸ™‚ i think facial gives that groomed and polished skin and when its gold facial the glow is also there. πŸ™‚ i love facials because it not only pampers my skin but also helps relaxing us also helps in getting back all our lost positive energies. πŸ™‚ this facials, and other little pampering to our skin and body keeps us going πŸ™‚ *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  132. What I love most about facials, apart from the obvious post facial glow and freshness, is the pampering during the process and the relaxation it brings. Oh the bliss!

  133. the best part of the facial done is the relaxed u n ur skin,mind feel n the glow that compliments ur skin.. i am using lotus professional products n luv it n the results r awesum..

  134. Looks like a fabulous facial!! I think they can use you as a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ example for their facial adverts Rati!!

    I love facials. And I hardly get time to get them regularly (I am a mom facing ‘Terrible Twos’ of her son!) Yes, a facial gives you great , rejuvenated skin. Its a chance to relax and pamper your skin. It also increases the blood circulation in your facial muscles so that you keep ‘baddies’ like wrinkles, dead skin, black & white heads, dull complexion etc, at bay. BUT.. To most people like me its a luxury, a get-away.. From the hustle bustle of normal life.. The ‘ME’ time… A respite from the household chores… Something which freshens you and makes you ready once again to face the hectic life of a housewife.. Giving you a much needed boost to your confidence in the form of great skin! Confident enough to maybe rekindle some sparks in my married life

  135. *drool* *drool*
    Facials πŸ™‚
    They are amazing, you see pampering you face with such potions πŸ™‚
    I love it when my skin drinks all the creams and potions and i feel so so soft! And moreover the massage it is so important!!! *powder*
    And its a bliss, and moreover i love going to sleep while having a facial *hihi*
    What more to say, just a beginner hence im far from technicalities πŸ˜›
    Wish all the guys all the luck πŸ˜€

  136. Hi πŸ™‚
    i am a resident of Faridabad.

    I love facials for the fact that it gives my skin a complete relaxation session.
    The massages are so pampering and at the same time, very very effective to cleanse , tone and clear my skin. it removes the dead skin while treating pores appropriately and restoring the glow to my skin which is what i love the most. I am just so amazed with gold facial concepts and it’s some thing which i have heard and read about. It’s an ancient beauty solution and wish to try it myself.


  137. The best thing i love about facial is they target ageing skin, loss of elasticity and jowling.
    Keeping your skin hydrated will help keep the skin moist and a facial will relax you and help your skin breathe.
    Most importantly I love the look after facial. It makes me feel super confident *preen* and my make up suits me more than before since i will not be having any patchy or unevenness.

  138. The most lovable experience of facial for me is that it leaves your skin flawlessly smooth.Feels like you are again back to your teenage.And my skin after facial makes my husband go round n round around me…just touching my skin all the time. *happydance*

  139. the best part about the facial is the fact that it:-
    1. removes the dead cells and rejuvenates the skin.
    2.enhances blood circulation due to the massage.
    3. hydrates the skin as he creams penetrates deep into the skin when massaged properly.
    4.body feels relaxed after the message.

  140. What I love most about facial is :-
    1.it makes skin si soft n velvety that you want to touch your face all the time.@-}– πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
    2.it cleans up all the dead skin, blackheads n whiteheads πŸ˜€
    3.it makes skin glow. <3
    Love the facial B-)

  141. The best thing i love about facials is the glow it gives me and the pampering… *preen*
    I stay in ahmedabad & would love to win this giveaway glad to see my city in the list…

  142. The best things I love about facial are 1) Relax 2) Rejuvenate 3) Refresh.

    I have never done a gold facial and I am really excited about using a real gold leaf on face

  143. I have a 13 month old super active kid *happy dance* a facial and that too a gold one *oye balle* *pompom* *pompom* oye balle balle …..I demand some pampering guys *waaa* mujhe acha dikhna hai fresh and relaxed *preen*

  144. the bestest thing I love the most about Facial is the RELAXATION it does *haan ji* ………..
    Just imagine, since early morning till late night we are so busy in our life, hushing here and there *duel* all day round and we get so much exhausted that our skin turned out to be a real disaster.*cry* And after spending an hour on spa table, followed with the exfoliation and soothing massage, it starts to breathe again… *preen*
    and I just can’t stop praising *announce* my skin after Facial, it feels relaxed and cleeeeeeeean and flawless. *happy dance* *pompom*

  145. Rati.. Your skin looks so fresh n glowing… loved it..
    I m too late to comment for this contest… *cry* Now i just wanna to know that where in Ahmedabad this facial can be done, in which salon… pls reply.

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