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Tapaswini Asks:

Just wanted to share with you,that reading your and other IMBB reader’s honest reviews on Lotus Herbals White Glow Range,I bought Gel Cream and Microemulsion.I wanted to tell you,every morning after washing my face am witnessing some changes!Especially on my uneven skin tone.It actually works!I Wanted to ask you,can I use serum now,as of now am 23.So from your review I read, it was a bit strong for you.So is it for more matured skin?Anyways love you, take care and keep this blog as fresh as it is,always!


13 thoughts on “How to use Lotus White Glow Serum : Ask IMBB

  1. Tapaswini,

    Thank you for your sweet words. :))

    I have stopped using the serum now because I am still not used to of layering the products. I just use lotus white glow gel cream every single day. Love it. and it makes the best tinted moisturiser ever. and at night i use emulsion and then use a moisturiser to seal it.

    My skin has still been in good condition even after stopping using serum. I think toner / rose water helps the cream get absorbed in my skin. so i easily skip the serum part.

    I would however like to know how others follow the regime. 🙂

  2. an honest opinion – I dont thinks serums are a must but a routine that involves some type of toner/Rose water would be very helpful. I use the Seaweed toner from TBS and it works great. alternatively you could use rose water or a milder cucumber toner depending on your skin type.

    my night routine is oil of olay cleanser, Seaweed toner and nutranite night cream..occasionally the undereye cream from loreal.

      1. i have oily/combo Rati. i am loving it..has worked the best in all the night creams that i have used..u have dry skin na? but try it anyways if u r ok with spending abt 300 bucks just for i wish they sold us samples!!!

  3. Hey Tapaswini….I haven’t used this serum yet , but with oriflame swedish spa serum…I use it after clean-ups…. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. Tapaswini u can use the serum but it won’t make much of a difference.The gel creme and emulsion are enough I think.
    in between are you from Kolkata?? 😕 😕

      1. I use these days aroma magic turmeric cleanser, aroma magic tonor andthen emulsion and lotus gel cream and lotus herbals notranite under eye gel! I was confused, whether I should use serum or not !! Thanks !! :thanks:

  5. Rati, Please do an article on your current skin care and hair care routine, I know, you did one in the past, but believe it changed a lot now…

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